Team NEO Capabilities


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See how Team NEO has helped companies expand and invest in the Cleveland Plus region.

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Team NEO Capabilities

  2. 2. CLeveLand akron Medina Canton Lorain asHtabuLa Youngstown ONE COllABORATivE TEAm ONE miSSiON TEAm NEO ATTRACTS BuSiNESSES wORldwidE TO ThE 16 -COuNTy ClEvElANd PluS REgiON Visit
  3. 3. ThE PluS REgiON CREATiNg OPPORTuNiTy FOR BuSiNESSES. CREATiNg NEw JOBS NOw. Working to diversify the economic landscape of Northeast Ohio, Team NEO assists companies in biomedical, advanced energy, manufacturing and other industries to expand and invest in the cleveland Plus region. This creates long-term vibrancy for companies, residents and the region. We do this by: generating high-quality, targeted business attraction opportunities successfully managing leads with state and local partners Promoting regional teamwork Visit
  4. 4. BROAd SCAlE SERviCES Add vAluE FOR busINEssEs lOOkINg TO ExPANd OR RElOcATE INTO NORThEAsT OhIO, TEAM NEO PROvIdEs AccEss TO succEss. WE OFFER: OuR sERvIcEs INcludE: MARkET ENTRy cONFIdENTIAlITy Team NEO takes a private sector approach to the TAxEs, INcENTIvEs & FINANcINg location selection process. We understand and respect sITE sEARch the need to remain confidential. TAlENT ANd dEMOgRAPhIcs busINEss cAsE Team NEO helps companies answer the critical questions OuR OPERATINg PRINcIPAls: associated with why they should establish an operation We advocate on behalf of the full region in our region versus another. location decisions are and all of our assets fact-based and the location selected is intended to drive We deliver confidential and no-fee revenue, mitigate risk and improve shareholder return. representation to our clients To this end, Team NEO employs a full-service Phd-led econometric research staff that provides business insights that Every regional partner is given an equal aid the selection process. We also employ and partner with opportunity for each lead inquiry industry and business location experts to ensure ease We operate in an open and transparent of doing business in the entire Plus region. manner with our regional partners cOllAbORATION We serve as a neutral 3rd party throughout As a collaboration of the region’s economic development discussions between our clients and our organizations, we harness the combined strengths partners and their communities of the major city chambers and bring together the groups that will help clients succeed. cONNEcTIONs Northeast Ohio provides unparalleled access to top business and civic leadership for companies seeking partnerships. Team NEO has the connections to bring the appropriate state, local and private sector resources into the relocation process. We help expedite the process by making necessary local connections for the clients we serve. Visit
  5. 5. mANy PARTNERS. SigNiFiCANT imPACT. Team NEO is a joint venture of metro chambers of commerce and is privately funded by the business and philanthropic community. based on historical results, Team NEO’s average annual regional economic impact is more than $85 million, a 28:1 ROI on each dollar invested. REsulTs sINcE 2007* + 34 NEw COmPANy ExPANSiONS OR RElOCATiONS + 100 $ milliON iN NEw PAyROll 3,200 NEw JOBS $ 260 milliON TOTAl ANNuAl REgiONAl PAyROll BENEFiT iT All AddS uP *as of printing date June 2010 wORkiNg TOgEThER TO ACCElERATE NORThEAST OhiO’S ECONOmiC gROwTh: Attract venture capital for Emerging launch Entrepreneurs and Retain/grow largest Incubate bioMed Industry Their high-growth companies Industry (Manufacturing) high-Tech clusters ChAmBERS Of COmmERCE, LOCAL GOvERNmENT Attract New businesses One Regional brand: created by gcP, Expand/Retain Fostering Economic Positively cleveland cvb, Team NEO businesses & Advocacy development state Wide
  6. 6. “AFFymETRix iS ON bEcAusE TEAM NEO ATTRAcTs NEW cOMPANIEs, lIkE AFFyMETRIx FROM ThE CuTTiNg EdgE cAlIFORNIA, PEOPlE lIkE ERRIN ARE WORkINg IN gROWINg INdusTRIEs OF SCiENCE. i TRuly such As bIOMEdIcAl, AdvANcEd ENERgy, dATA/cAll cENTERs BEliEvE wE CAN ANd AEROsPAcE ThAT ARE PROPEllINg REAlly CuRE CANCER.” busINEss FORWARd. OPEN hERE errin, affymetrix Visit Company attraCted in 2008
  7. 7. 3,200 JOBS hAvE BEEN CREATEd SiNCE 2007 BECAuSE OF OuTBOuNd SAlES ANd mARkETiNg EFFORTS. TEAM NEO IMPlEMENTs NuMEROus TAcTIcs TO buIld RElATIONshIPs WITh sITE cONsulTANTs ANd PROsPEcTs INTERNATIONAlly: Prospect at key industry conferences conduct sales missions to major cities for face-to-face meetings host “familiarization” tours to showcase regional assets Targeted marketing in core industry sectors 80 QuAlIFIEd NEW OPPORTuNITIEs ANNuAlly FROM ThROughOuT ThE WORld, INcludINg: AusTRAlIA IRElANd bOsTON IsRAEl cAlIFORNIA JAPAN cANAdA NEW yORk chINA sPAIN gERMANy TExAs Jim, Steel WarehouSe INdIA uNITEd kINdgOM Company attraCted in 2009 Visit
  8. 8. wiNS By iNduSTRy 34 Agriculture and NEw Others such as Food Processing headquarters, bioscience and Advanced Energy, bioproducts COmPANiES Advanced Manufacturing and IT SiNCE 2007 FROm Polymers and divERSE Advanced Materials iNduSTRiES. distribution and logistics corporate and Professional services JoyCe, teleteCh expanded to lorain County in 2007 Visit
  9. 9. NEw iNvESTmENTS SAmPlE CASE STudiES barbasol llc, a subsidiary of Perio Inc., steel Warehouse, an Indiana-based specialized Pcc Airfoils, llc of Mentor expanded its manufactures a variety of products in the steel processor, established a manufacturing Northeast Ohio operations in 2007 and shaving cream industry and chose Ashland, facility in the fall of 2009 in cleveland to support located a new facility on 9.84 acres in Ohio, for its newest facility. barbasol broke its growing Ohio and east coast markets. Painesville’s Renaissance business Park, ground in the summer of 2009 on a spending $16.3 million for a new manufacturing creating up to 150 well-paying manufacturing 78,000-square-foot manufacturing facility facility, the firm expects to have at least 30 jobs for the Northeast Ohio economy. in Ashland. Northeast Ohio was selected employees by 2012. Pcc Airfoils considered locations in georgia because of its proximity to the company’s steel Warehouse chose cleveland after a careful and Oregon for the expansion but credited dublin, Ohio offices, the local government’s review of other areas, including Pennsylvania aggressive efforts by governmental, business willingness to partner with the company, and Indiana. The company chose Northeast and economic development organizations to and the enthusiastic spirit with which the Ohio because of the region’s strategic position land the $32.5 million expansion. In addition, Ashland community responded to Perio. geographically and its expertise in the the region’s low electric rates offered through barbasol has committed to 30 jobs over metalworking industry. the city of Painesville, availability of work force, the first three years with a payroll of reasonable land costs and economic incentives approximately $780,000. The company offered through OdOd contributed to the is investing $7.25 million in the building, company’s decision. machinery and equipment. sP data llc, a global provider of QEd is an emerging growth medical In 2008, this california-based global contact centre services, made Northeast equipment manufacturer with significant biotech firm acquired usb, then relocated Ohio its u.s. headquarters in 2008. customer relationships. In 2007, the Reagent manufacturing to Northeast Ohio, The company supports Fortune 500 company chose Mayfield village to bringing 61 new jobs and $3 million in companies and provides sales and expand their operations and partner new, annual payroll to the region. technical support services to its clients. with a major multinational corporation The cleveland location was chosen over sP data intends to employ 400 people new to the region. Northeast Ohio’s two california sites due to the city’s by 2013, including managerial, technology strong biomedical customer base, innovative research environment, state and and contact center associates. After supply chain and development expertise local incentives, and the support of regional considering many regions for their enticed the company. They have added economic development organizations. expansion, sP data chose Ohio in large 50-60 high-paying jobs. part because of the quality and availability of the workforce and the proximity to its other North American locations. AddiTiONAl NEw COmPANiES SHRED. SCREEN. GRIND. vALUECARE PhARmACy CLOvERvALE fARmS JOhN mAINEELy CO. IPCS mAT hOLdINGS AIm PhARmAkON QUAdAx NI mEdICAL mEdLINE
  10. 10. Team NEO’s average annual regional economic impact is more than $85 million, a 28:1 ROI on each dollar invested. Imagine how much more impact we could have with your help! Advise us Spread positive Support Sponsor of companies facts about Team NEO and Team NEO looking the region’s Cleveland Plus regional events to expand into great assets our region Visit AddITIONAl FuNdINg PARTNERs INcludE: TIMKEN FOUNDATION 737 Bolivar Road, Suite 2000, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 For more information contact our marketing department 888.NEO.1411 •