My Chains Are Gone! Slides, 4/20/14

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  • 1. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   Three  Groups  of  People  
  • 2. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   I.  The  Women  at  the  Tomb  
  • 3. When  the  Sabbath  was  past,  Mary  Magdalene,   Mary  the  mother  of  James,  and  Salome  bought   spices,  so  that  they  might  go  and  anoint  him.   And  very  early  on  the  first  day  of  the  week,   when  the  sun  had  risen,  they  went  to  the  tomb.   And  they  were  saying  to  one  another,  “Who  will   roll  away  the  stone  for  us  from  the  entrance  of   the  tomb?”  And  looking  up,  they  saw  that  the   stone  had  been  rolled  back—it  was  very  large.    
  • 4. And  entering  the  tomb,  they  saw  a  young  man   siGng  on  the  right  side,  dressed  in  a  white  robe,   and  they  were  alarmed.  And  he  said  to  them,  “Do   not  be  alarmed.  You  seek  Jesus  of  Nazareth,  who   was  crucified.  He  has  risen;  he  is  not  here.  See  the   place  where  they  laid  him.  But  go,  tell  his  disciples   and  Peter  that  he  is  going  before  you  to  Galilee.   There  you  will  see  him,  just  as  he  told  you.”  And   they  went  out  and  fled  from  the  tomb,  for   trembling  and  astonishment  had  seized  them,  and   they  said  nothing  to  anyone,  for  they  were  afraid.  
  • 5. Now  when  he  rose  early  on  the  first  day  of  the   week,  he  appeared  first  to  Mary  Magdalene,   from  whom  he  had  cast  out  seven  demons.  She   went  and  told  those  who  had  been  with  him,  as   they  mourned  and  wept.  But  when  they  heard   that  he  was  alive  and  had  been  seen  by  her,  they   would  not  believe  it.   Mark  16:1-­‐11  (ESV)  
  • 6. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   Amazing  grace   How  sweet  the  sound   That  saved  a  wretch  like  me   I  once  was  lost,  but  now  I'm  found   Was  blind,  but  now  I  see    
  • 7. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   I.  The  Women  at  the  Tomb   II.  The  12  Disciples  
  • 8. As  they  were  talking  about  these  things,  Jesus   himself  stood  among  them,  and  said  to  them,   “Peace  to  you!”  But  they  were  startled  and   frightened  and  thought  they  saw  a  spirit.  And  he   said  to  them,  “Why  are  you  troubled,  and  why  do   doubts  arise  in  your  hearts?  See  my  hands  and  my   feet,  that  it  is  I  myself.  Touch  me,  and  see.  For  a   spirit  does  not  have  flesh  and  bones  as  you  see   that  I  have.”  And  when  he  had  said  this,  he   showed  them  his  hands  and  his  feet.    
  • 9. And  while  they  sUll  disbelieved  for  joy  and  were   marveling,  he  said  to  them,  “Have  you  anything   here  to  eat?”  They  gave  him  a  piece  of  broiled   fish,  and  he  took  it  and  ate  before  them.   Then  he  said  to  them,  “These  are  my  words  that   I  spoke  to  you  while  I  was  sUll  with  you,  that   everything  wriVen  about  me  in  the  Law  of   Moses  and  the  Prophets  and  the  Psalms  must  be   fulfilled.”    
  • 10. Then  he  opened  their  minds  to  understand  the   Scriptures,  and  said  to  them,  “Thus  it  is  wriVen,   that  the  Christ  should  suffer  and  on  the  third  day   rise  from  the  dead,  and  that  repentance  and   forgiveness  of  sins  should  be  proclaimed  in  his   name  to  all  naUons,  beginning  from  Jerusalem.   You  are  witnesses  of  these  things.  And  behold,  I   am  sending  the  promise  of  my  Father  upon  you.   But  stay  in  the  city  unUl  you  are  clothed  with   power  from  on  high.”   Luke  24:36-­‐49  (ESV)  
  • 11. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   'Twas  grace  that  taught  my  heart  to   fear   And  grace  my  fears  relieved   How  precious  did  that  grace  appear   The  hour  I  first  believed      
  • 12. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   My  chains  are  gone   I've  been  set  free   My  God,  my  Savior  has  ransomed  me   And  like  a  flood  His  mercy  reigns   Unending  love,  amazing  grace    
  • 13. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   I.  The  Women  at  the  Tomb   II.  All  12  Disciples     III.  Two  individual  followers:  Mary  Magdalene   &  Peter  
  • 14. Soon  a[erward  he  went  on  through  ciUes  and   villages,  proclaiming  and  bringing  the  good  news   of  the  kingdom  of  God.  And  the  twelve  were   with  him,  and  also  some  women  who  had  been   healed  of  evil  spirits  and  infirmiUes:  Mary,  called   Magdalene,  from  whom  seven  demons  had   gone  out,   Luke  8:1-­‐2  (ESV)  
  • 15. Now  on  the  first  day  of  the  week  Mary   Magdalene  came  to  the  tomb  early,  while  it  was   sUll  dark,  and  saw  that  the  stone  had  been  taken   away  from  the  tomb.  So  she  ran  and  went  to   Simon  Peter  and  the  other  disciple,  the  one   whom  Jesus  loved,  and  said  to  them,  “They  have   taken  the  Lord  out  of  the  tomb,  and  we  do  not   know  where  they  have  laid  him.”   John  20:1-­‐2  (ESV)  
  • 16. But  Mary  stood  weeping  outside  the  tomb,  and  as  she   wept  she  stooped  to  look  into  the  tomb.  And  she  saw  two   angels  in  white,  siGng  where  the  body  of  Jesus  had  lain,   one  at  the  head  and  one  at  the  feet.  They  said  to  her,   “Woman,  why  are  you  weeping?”  She  said  to  them,   “They  have  taken  away  my  Lord,  and  I  do  not  know  where   they  have  laid  him.”  Having  said  this,  she  turned  around   and  saw  Jesus  standing,  but  she  did  not  know  that  it  was   Jesus.  Jesus  said  to  her,  “Woman,  why  are  you  weeping?   Whom  are  you  seeking?”  Supposing  him  to  be  the   gardener,  she  said  to  him,  “Sir,  if  you  have  carried  him   away,  tell  me  where  you  have  laid  him,  and  I  will  take  him   away.”  
  • 17. Jesus  said  to  her,  “Mary.”  She  turned  and  said  to   him  in  Aramaic,  “Rabboni!”  (which  means   Teacher).  Jesus  said  to  her,  “Do  not  cling  to  me,   for  I  have  not  yet  ascended  to  the  Father;  but  go   to  my  brothers  and  say  to  them,  ‘I  am  ascending   to  my  Father  and  your  Father,  to  my  God  and   your  God.’”  Mary  Magdalene  went  and   announced  to  the  disciples,  “I  have  seen  the   Lord”—and  that  he  had  said  these  things  to  her.     John  20:11-­‐18  (ESV)  
  • 18. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   The  Lord  has  promised  good  to  me   His  word  my  hope  secures   He  will  my  shield  and  porUon  be   As  long  as  life  endures  
  • 19. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   My  chains  are  gone   I've  been  set  free   My  God,  my  Savior  has  ransomed  me   And  like  a  flood  His  mercy  reigns   Unending  love,  amazing  grace    
  • 20. A[er  this  Jesus  revealed  himself  again  to  the   disciples  by  the  Sea  of  Tiberias,  and  he  revealed   himself  in  this  way.  Simon  Peter,  Thomas  (called  the   Twin),  Nathanael  of  Cana  in  Galilee,  the  sons  of   Zebedee,  and  two  others  of  his  disciples  were   together.  Simon  Peter  said  to  them,  “I  am  going   fishing.”  They  said  to  him,  “We  will  go  with  you.”   They  went  out  and  got  into  the  boat,  but  that  night   they  caught  nothing.   Just  as  day  was  breaking,  Jesus  stood  on  the  shore;   yet  the  disciples  did  not  know  that  it  was  Jesus.   Jesus  said  to  them,  “Children,  do  you  have  any   fish?”  They  answered  him,  “No.”  
  • 21. He  said  to  them,  “Cast  the  net  on  the  right  side  of   the  boat,  and  you  will  find  some.”  So  they  cast  it,   and  now  they  were  not  able  to  haul  it  in,  because  of   the  quanUty  of  fish.  That  disciple  whom  Jesus  loved   therefore  said  to  Peter,  “It  is  the  Lord!”  When   Simon  Peter  heard  that  it  was  the  Lord,  he  put  on   his  outer  garment,  for  he  was  stripped  for  work,   and  threw  himself  into  the  sea.  The  other  disciples   came  in  the  boat,  dragging  the  net  full  of  fish,  for   they  were  not  far  from  the  land,  but  about  a   hundred  yards  off.   When  they  got  out  on  land,  they  saw  a  charcoal  fire   in  place,  with  fish  laid  out  on  it,  and  bread.    
  • 22. Jesus  said  to  them,  “Bring  some  of  the  fish  that  you   have  just  caught.”  So  Simon  Peter  went  aboard  and   hauled  the  net  ashore,  full  of  large  fish,  153  of   them.  And  although  there  were  so  many,  the  net   was  not  torn.  Jesus  said  to  them,  “Come  and  have   breakfast.”  Now  none  of  the  disciples  dared  ask   him,  “Who  are  you?”  They  knew  it  was  the  Lord.   Jesus  came  and  took  the  bread  and  gave  it  to  them,   and  so  with  the  fish.  This  was  now  the  third  Ume   that  Jesus  was  revealed  to  the  disciples  a[er  he  was   raised  from  the  dead.  
  • 23. When  they  had  finished  breakfast,  Jesus  said  to   Simon  Peter,  “Simon,  son  of  John,  do  you  love  me   more  than  these?”  He  said  to  him,  “Yes,  Lord;  you   know  that  I  love  you.”  He  said  to  him,  “Feed  my   lambs.”  He  said  to  him  a  second  Ume,  “Simon,  son   of  John,  do  you  love  me?”  He  said  to  him,  “Yes,   Lord;  you  know  that  I  love  you.”  He  said  to  him,   “Tend  my  sheep.”  He  said  to  him  the  third  Ume,   “Simon,  son  of  John,  do  you  love  me?”  Peter  was   grieved  because  he  said  to  him  the  third  Ume,  “Do   you  love  me?”  and  he  said  to  him,  “Lord,  you  know   everything;  you  know  that  I  love  you.”  Jesus  said  to   him,  “Feed  my  sheep.    
  • 24. Truly,  truly,  I  say  to  you,  when  you  were  young,   you  used  to  dress  yourself  and  walk  wherever   you  wanted,  but  when  you  are  old,  you  will   stretch  out  your  hands,  and  another  will  dress   you  and  carry  you  where  you  do  not  want  to   go.”  (This  he  said  to  show  by  what  kind  of  death   he  was  to  glorify  God.)  And  a[er  saying  this  he   said  to  him,  “Follow  me.”   John  21:1-­‐19  (ESV)  
  • 25. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   My  chains  are  gone   I've  been  set  free   My  God,  my  Savior  has  ransomed  me   And  like  a  flood  His  mercy  reigns   Unending  love,  amazing  grace  
  • 26. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   The  earth  shall  soon  dissolve  like  snow   The  sun  forbear  to  shine   But  God,  Who  called  me  here  below,   Will  be  forever  mine.   Will  be  forever  mine.   You  are  forever  mine.    
  • 27. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   •  I  was  LOST,  but  now  I’m  found.   •  I  was  BLIND,  but  now  I  see.   •  Before,  I  didn’t  FEAR  God;  now  I’m  in  awe  of   His  power  and  majesty.  I  used  to  FEAR  all  kinds   of  garbage;  now  Jesus  has  destroyed  my  old   irraUonal  fears.  
  • 28. My  Chains  Are  Gone!   I’ve  been  set  FREE!