Class 201 - Session 2
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Class 201 - Session 2






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Class 201 - Session 2 Class 201 - Session 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Session Two The Habit of Experiencing God Through His Word
  • Understanding The Bible God’s Word is His special revelation to us. God’s Word is our moral compass to guide and protect us.
  • Why Study God’s Word? It’s how we get to know God. It’s essential for spiritual growth. It equips us for life. It prepares us for ministry.
  • Quick Facts About The Bible Has 66 individual books, but really one Book. Written by more than 30 people inspired by God.
  • Quick Facts About The Bible Authors were... - A tax collector - A preacher - A herdsman - Prophets - A doctor - A statesman - Fishermen - A king - A philosopher - A Rabbi
  • Quick Facts About The Bible It was written over a period of 1,500 years. It has a single subject: Jesus Christ is the Answer to all human need.
  • Overview Of The Old Testament Law History Poetry Prophecy Historical Wisdom Pentateuch Major/Minor Prophets Books Literature Genesis Joshua Job Major Minor Exodus Judges Psalms Prophets Prophets Leviticus Ruth Proverbs Isaiah Hosea Numbers 1 Samuel Ecclesiastes Jeremiah Joel Deuteronomy 2 Samuel Song of Songs Lamentations Amos 1 Kings Ezekiel Obadiah 2 Kings Daniel Jonah 1 Chronicles Micah 2 Chronicles Nahum Ezra Habakkuk Nehemiah Zephaniah Esther Haggai Zechariah Malachi
  • Overview Of The New Testament Other Gospels History Letters Prophecy Letters Matthew Acts Romans Hebrews Revelation Mark 1 Corinthians author uncertain Luke 2 Corinthians James John Galatians 1 Peter Ephesians 2 Peter Philippians 1 John Colossians 2 John 1 Thessalonians 3 John 2 Thessalonians Jude 1 Timothy 2 Timothy Titus Philemon
  • Six Ways To Experience God Through His Word Plant God’s Word in your heart and apply it. Hear (listen) Examine (read) Analyze (study) Remember (memorize) Think (meditate) Apply (respond)
  • Experience God Through His Word How to hear God’s Word: Listen How to examine God’s Word: Read How often should we read? Daily
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Reading God’s Word Take the time. Find a Bible you like. Have a plan. Have a notebook handy in which you write down thoughts.
  • How To Have A Devotional Time With God 1) Determine to grow in God. 2) Establish a definite time. 3) Choose a quiet place. 4) Maintain an unhurried pace.
  • How To Have A Devotional Time With God 5) Establish a goal to seek. 6) Have a plan to follow. 7) Keep a journal to remember.
  • How To Have A Devotional Time With God Sample Journal Entry