Naughty40s – the year that was

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Naughty-40 AGM report. "The Year that Was".

Naughty-40 AGM report. "The Year that Was".

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  • 1. Naughty-40’sClub -116– the year that Was!!
    Chairman – C.K.Nithyanand
    Secretary – Sanjay Asher
  • 2. June - 2010
  • 3. AGM 20-June-2010 – the year begins…
    The AGM of 2010, when the new team – Nithya, Sanjay, Ali & Aarifa took over from AK7,Chiks & Nithya
  • 4. AGM 20-June-2010 – the year begins…
    Then the Guys & Gals went crazy and partied till late evening. With that the year began on a good note.
  • 5. Naughty- 40 AGM in Times of India Page - 3
    Party On
    The Round Table peeps sure know how to keep things interesting. Last weekend, they had a morning-to-afternoon bash at one of the hottest roof-top clubs in the city. And, of course, the fab weather we’ve been having made things even better. Ranjana and Sharmila showed up, and so did Sharmila and Usha. Everyone spent all day catching up and thoroughly enjoyed their Sunday.
  • 6. Hosting – Vikas and Anjali
    The year started with 1st hosting given by Anjali & VikasPoddarat their home in the quiet Neighborhood of Koramangala. But it wasn’t quiet for long as a few of the Naughty-40 gang had just returned from the FIFA games in S.Africa, and they unleashed the Vuvuzela in full force. Vikas’s esteemed neighbors had to call the cops to keep us quiet. Overall, everyone had a ‘blast’, thanks to Anjali’s great food and Vikas with his drinks flowing
  • 7. July 2010
  • 8. Naughty – 40’ers go to FIFA – S.Africa
    The Naughty-40 guys – Ali, AK7 & Gopal joined by Ali’s brother and AK7’s business partner – Bjois & friend - Madhu, went to South Africa to watch The FIFA World Cup. It was 8 days of total fun with our guys going berserk in the midst of people from all over the world. Rumour is that Gopal lost 4 kgs just by laughing in the company of our 5 - loose cannons. It was WakaWakaall the way and on the way back, they had a 2-days stop over at Dubai for post match partying.
  • 9. Young Achievers - Our Kids go Places!Minoti & Amreen go to Germany
    Minooti&Amreenvisited Germany on a Student Exchange Program.
  • 10. Movie Out – Knight & Day
    The Naughty40 Pack watched the Action Movie ‘Knight & Day’ together @ PVR
  • 11. August 2010
  • 12. YAPS come calling…
    12 YAPS from 4 European Countries visited Bangalore. Gopal/ Smita, AK7/ Anju & Nithya/ Anjana hosted 2 YAPS each at their house. The Naughty 40ers hosted a party for them at Casa Del Sol, which was rocking till late night. They were in the city for 3 days and were shown around the place by other clubs
  • 13. SeraiKabini blast…
    The Naughty-40ers had an unforgettable experience holidaying together at The SeraiKabhinifor 3 days. Boat rides, swimming, jungle trek, and camp fire night was all part of the 3 days event. We entertained each other to have a great time. The kids bonded well which each other too.
  • 14. SeraiKabhini Blast…
    Guys & Gals cracking jokes on each other by the camp fire. The Kabhini Tigers kept away with our Tigresses around. The last photo was when all of us got together for a sign-off shot after a fun-filled & memorable 3 days.
  • 15. Launch of a New Naughty-40 Pin & T-Shirt
    Naughty-40 launched one more edition of our signature John Lennon Black & White Pins and T-shirts. The previous Pins & T-shirts,were one of the most sought after ones and we had to raise the bar. Our in-house Creative Artist – Chiks, didn’t disappoint. He came out with one more of his genius creations and has been appreciated by everyone.
  • 16. N40s sponsors Bartmen -140
    Naughty-40 Co-Chartered a New Club – ‘The BARTMEN – 140’, thanks to the untiring efforts of Area Chairman Gopal. National President – Pradeep was present for the Charter evening and was attended by many of the Naughty-40ers at Hotel Stmarks.
  • 17. Break keBaad
    The Girls Aarifa, Atibha, Priya, Kavitha, Juby, Renu, Merlyn and Anju her kids, Tanya and Meghnagot together one of the afternoons and had a lunch together and later watched a Hindi Movie – ‘Break keBaad’. Aarifaorganised this meticulously so that everyone had a great time.
  • 18. Another One is Born – Vellore Fun-do - 40
    Thanks to the efforts of Gopal, the Naughty-40 Club Chartered one more New Club and this time in Vellore – the Vellore Club 143, Christened as the ‘Fun-Do-40’. 41ers National President – Pradeep, Area Chairman Gopal, AK7, Chari & Nithya drove down from Bangalore to Vellore and Chartered the new club followed by a party
  • 19. September 2010
  • 20. French Friends come visiting…
    Our French Friends – Manu & Pierre came visiting Bangalore for a week. They were taken to Chikmagalur. On the way they were shown Sharavanbelagola, Belur & Halebid Temples, the fabulous view from the Moolangiri hills, Muthodi Forests. They stayed for 3 days at the Serai Resorts in Chikmagalur. In Bangalore they partied with us for 5 days.
  • 21. French Friends come visiting…
    Panaromic view of the Moolangiri Hills (the highest point in Karnataka). The Place is cold & extremely windy in August, though Manu might be exaggerating it a bit.Durign this season , it actually feels like walking in the clouds. We visited an ancient cave on the top of the hills. The drive through the Muthodi forest with the wildlife, being a once in a lifetime experience for our French friends.
  • 22. Bowling in Leela Palace
    Table – 44 had organized an Inter-table Bowling competition at The Amoeba Sports Bar @ TheLeela Palace on a Sunday Afternoon in September. The Naughty-40 group was well represented for the competition and it was a good game followed by fellowship with beer and great food.
  • 23. Renu & Chiks – Hosting @ Catholic Club
    Renu & Chikshad organized their hosting at The Catholic Club for the Naughty40s. Our French guests – Manu & Pierre also joined in and all of us had a gala time on a Wednesday evening.
    Apologies as the original photos were lost because of a hard disk crash
  • 24. Yet another but the First Ever! Colombo Cosmos 1
    This year Naughty-40 created history by being the first 41ers Club in India to Charter an International Club – The Colombo Cosmos -1. Thanks to the efforts of Girish and Gopal for making this happen. The Charter group from India comprised – 41ers President Pradeep, Gopal, Smita, Girish, Priya, Ali, Nithya, Jugnu & Payal. The Srilankan 41ers gave us a fabulous time with great partying for 3 days.
  • 25. National AGM “Simbly 2010”
    A few of our Naughty40 guys – AK7, Girish, Ajay & Gopal attended the National AGM – Simbly 2010 @ Cochin. It was a well organized event and our guys had fun with friends from all over India in ‘God’s own Country’.
    Please note: Original photos of the AGM were not available for this presentation.
  • 26. October - 2010
  • 27. Nalini& RajivHosting
    Nalini & Rajiv had their hosting @ their Apartment lawns. Some of the BRT-7ers were also present for the meet and the ambience was great and the hosts gave everyone a great time.
  • 28. Patta Party!!!
    The Diwali Cards Party was organized by Smita & Gopal at their Residence. All the friends got together and had a friendly cards game with sumptuous good and drinks served to all of them. The couple were perfect hosts and it was a great way to begin Diwali
  • 29. Let’s go Bowling….
    Table 44 Organised a Bowling Competition @ the Amoeba Sports Bar @ Church Street and Naughty-40 were there in full force, playing and encouraging each other. Even our kids represented our group and played well. Though, we didn’t take the cup, we were still placed in the Top 5
  • 30.
  • 31. The EVENT that Rocks the Area!!!Oktoberfest - 2010
    Our much awaited Signature event the Oktoberfest was held on 31st Oct @ Xtreme Sports Bar and over 160 people from the area participated in the event making it a Huge success. Beer, Games & Music was flowing and the guests had a great time. For the first time, Naughty-40 actually made a good profit from the event which was used for more events for the year.
  • 32. The EVENT that Rocks the Area!!!Oktoberfest - 2010
    The Naughty Guys??? Well they were just Naughty…. What with beer working full flow
    Even the Girls gurgled on the Beer in the Beer competition, sometimes even bettering the guys
    Kids joined the adults on the dance floor and danced merrily
  • 33. November 2010
  • 34. The youngest one arrives…
    Anjana & Nithya became the proud parents of a Baby Girl – Aneira. All the Naughty-40ers visited them at their home to wished them and welcomed the new member of the club.
  • 35. Fun-a-thon…. Fun all along…
    Anil Kesavan, Ali and Family, HS Sridhar and Family and Subbu and family participated in the Fun-a-thon organised by Table - 172.
    Ali, Aarifa and Aamir swept the Gold for running races in Men, Women and Junior-boys categories, while N40s received Gold for Relay with Ali, Aarifa, Aamir, Prarthna and Shwetha participating.
    Shwetha won the Twinklers - Senior Girls and Prarthna came in second!
    N40s were the runner ups in Tug-of-war and got third prize for march past.
    Anil Kesavan and his business, Vertex were the main sponsor for the event!
  • 36. No One Killed Jessica
    Some of the Naughty40 girls got together and watched the hit movie – ‘No One Killed Jessica’.
  • 37. Casino calling…. Gopal’s Hosting
    Smita & Gopal had their hosting @ Bangalore International along with Shalini & Suraj. It was a joint meet with 89 and Casino Royale was the theme of the evening. Everyone had a rocking time.
  • 38. Evening @ Windsor Pub
    Some of the Naughty-40 families - Ali and family, Chari and family, Ajay and Atibha, Kavita, Subbu & Sharmila and the kids partied on a lazy Sunday afternoon till late evening at the Windsor Pub, Vasanth Nagar. The Beer and food was flowing.
  • 39. December - 2010
  • 40. Priya & Girish Hosting
    Apologies as the original photos were lost because of a hard disk crash
  • 41. Naughty-40’s buy into South Bangalore
    Prestige Notting Hill
    Mantri Elegance
    This year saw three people moving in or buying an apartment for themselves. Sanjay Asher bought an apartment in Mantri Elegance. His family were living in the same apartment on rent, but liked it so much that they bought it. If one buys the other cannot be far behind and AK7 and his family bought a pent house in the same project, with Jacuzzi and the works and plans to move in soon. Ajay & his family have bought an apartment not too far away in the Prestige Notting Hill and is waiting to move in soon. The Naughty40 family is slowly consolidating in South Bangalore…
  • 42. January - 2011
  • 43. Anju & AK7 Xtreme Hosting
    Anju & AK7 had their hosting at Xtreme Sports Bar. Naughty40 also had a joint meet with Tables 172 & 25. It was Anju’s Birthday and she had a rocking time with her friends & family.
  • 44. Arifa & Ali – ManU rocked!!!
    Aarifa & Ali Baba had their hosting at Manchester United Pub. The Theme was Red & Black. Naughty40 had a Joint Meet with Table 174. The drinks and the Music were flowing and guests had a rocking time. Ali & Subbu were a hit with the Girls as they saw some resemblance in the present Size and Shape of retired super stars - ZenidineZidane & Maradonna, and flocked around them.
  • 45. MajjaMathuvae– Thanks Bina & Sukhen
    Sukhen of Club-89 had his hosting under the theme – MajjaMuthuvae. Many Naughty-40ers attended the event. Couples were married once again, though some of them used the occasion to express their ‘feelings’ more openly through ‘Bonding’. The photo at the bottom left, speaks for itself.
  • 46. February - 2011
  • 47. 127 Hours!!!
    The Naughty-40ers saw one more movie together – 127 Hours @ PVR Cinemas. Though the character in the movie showed great grit and perseverance to survive, the Naughty40 guys walked out thinking that they are built better as we have survived greater, unmentionable odds and are thriving.
  • 48. Preeti & Sanjay’s Hosting – Fun @ Angana
    Preeti & Sanjay decided to have a different kind of hosting – one that would take the entire Naughty40 group out of the city for a day. It was organized at the Angana Resort on Kanakapura road. The Food & drinks were fabulous and the guys and kids played a game of football and worked up a good appetite for a great lunch. Later some of the guys decided to go for a swim in the pool and later wound up a great day. Everyone had a great time. The pictures speak for themselves.
  • 49. Fun @ Prashant’s Hippie Party…
    The Naughty-40 group were invited for a hosting by the BRT-7 Chairman – Prashant Shah on a Sunday Afternoon @ Hotel Aloft in Whitefield. The theme was – Hippies. It was a very colourful event and our guys and gals had a lot of fun catching up with BRT-7 friends in a fantastic party with lots of music, food and drinks.
    Apologies for not sending the event photos as the computer memory had crashed and the photos were lost
  • 50. Girls get Massaged @ Bodycraft
    The Naughty-40 Girls had an afternoon at BodyCraft organized by Anju & Aarifa. Suffice to say that they enjoyed.
  • 51. March - 2011
  • 52. TPL by 172
    Sanjay Asher seen attentively fielding out here
    Table – 172 had organized The Tablers Premier League and 3 guys from Naughty40 – Ali Badani, Sanjay Asher & Subbu Jois participated and gave their much younger opponents,a run for the cup. Though our team came runner-up, it was still a very close match.
  • 53. Young Achievers –PrartanaDances her way to fame
    One more instance of our youth Brigade making it big. In the Month of March 2011, Disney Channel had organized a contest to showcase talent in Young India. Over 2500 Kids from ALL OVER India participated in it and Prartana Sridhar was selected for the top 20. Disney Channel aired this program in March 2011 under the title – ‘ Shooting Stars’ and with that a Star was born in our midst. Here Prartana is seen with Actor & MC – Zain Khan. Prartana – the Naughty40 group is very proud of your achievement.
  • 54. Limb Donation Camp
    Naughty-40ers contributed generously to the noble cause
    The Naughty-40ers have always been a generous lot and have whole heartedly contributed to Charity. When the opportunity came for The Limb Donation Camp, the club contributed along with a few others individuals, who generously openedtheir wallets.
  • 55. N40s @ Swapna & Rajesh’s Hosting
    Swapna & Rajesh invited the Naughty-40ers to a fabulous hosting at the ICE Bar, TajVivanta. The Theme was ‘The Pirates of the Carribean’ and each wore his hat thinking he was ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ along with ‘KieraKnightley’ The party was fun and there was also a joint meet between N-40 & BRT-7
  • 56. April 2011
  • 57. N40s on the Tiger Trail
    Some of the Naughty40 families got together to party on an afternoon at The Tiger Trail @ Hotel Harsha. Booze and great food made the afternoon wonderful and of course a good excuse to catch up with friends.
  • 58. Naughty-40 Group party @ Sky Bar
    Some of the Naughty40 Guys and Gals got together and partied at the Amazing Sky Bar @ UB City over music & drinks. The Crazy Bangalore Cinderella time limits didn’t stop the group as the party moved to Vikas’s house.Vikas threw open his bar and some excellent Parathas prepared by Anjali made the evening a memorable one. The Party went on till late in the night.
  • 59. Merlyn & Chari’s hosting
    Merlyn & Chari Macchahosted a fab party at Xtreme Sports Bar. It was Merlyn’s birthday and hubby had taken great care to give her a great time with friends. It was a fun-filled afternoon and everyone had a rollicking time. Naughty40 had a joint meet with Table 174.
  • 60. Young Achievers - Tanya goes to NASA
    Naughty-40 has never had a shortage of young achievers and one of our kids has hit the lime light. Tanya visited NASA’s vast Space Center in the USA on a 20 day trip along with some of our school mates. She went through some of the training processes and experiences of being an Astronaut.
  • 61. Indoor Cricket - 174
    The Naughty-40 team represented by Aarifa, Subbu, Sharmila, Shwetha, Amreen & Aamir played for the “Summer Googly” match with the Bangalore Royals. The tournament was organized by Bangalore Knights Table – 174. Though we lost the game, it was great fun, especially for the kids. Aamir received a trophy as the most Enthusiastic and Energetic Participant.
  • 62. May - 2011
  • 63. Young Achievers - Sharadhgets NASA Recognition
    Reaching starry heights
    Three projects carried out by members of the DPS Aerospace Club were submitted to NASA Ames Research Centre as part of the International Space Settlement contest. All the three submissions earned recognition and got ranked among the 355 submissions NASA ARC received.
    Fifteen students from the DPS Aerospace Club worked on the project Ubeity. The team comprising Sumanth Krishna, Nikhil Podila and AmartyaSengupta was led by their teacher Satya Srikanth. Ubiety stood second in the 9-10th grade category. Ubiety explores all the aspects of making an orbital space colony.
    The other project Nanoseium was written by Sharadh Jois of Class 11. The project took a different approach to space settlement. Nanoseium topped the honourable mention list of the results.
    HELIOS, a second generation collaborative entry by students of Japan, Ireland, Chile, and US, was faced challenges with coordinating across different time zones, languages, and units of measurements. This project too gained honourable mention. The students are now working towards attending the International Space Settlement Conference held at National Space Society in Huntsville, US.
    One more of our Naughty40 Kids hitting hit high and making our group proud. Sharadh Jois’s project on Nanoseium which was submitted to NASA made it to the Honorable list. The article in the Times of India (given above) speaks for itself.
  • 64. Young Achievers - Abhinav is in Bangalore Mirror
    AbinavChikkaramade all of us proud when he was recognized for his efforts to use a common platform for kids to learn their lessons. Here Abhinav used the wildly popular social media – The Facebook, to reach out to other kids. ‘Bangalore Mirror’, recognized his achievement by covering it an article (shown here). Good Show – Abinav, we are proud of you.
  • 65. Atibha & Ajay – the studs were awesome!!
    Athiba & Ajay had their hosting in no lesser a place, than the Beautiful Kunigal Stud Farm. It was one of the much awaited places to see and this wonderful couple took great pains to see that all aspects of the trip were taken care of to give everyonea great time. The Naughty 40 families drove down for 1½ hours to reach Kunigal and were welcomed by Chilled Beer followed by a tour of the Huge Stud Farm. Children were given an education on Horse Rearing and how this is an industry of its own. The tour of the 500 Acres farm took 3 hours and was followed by a fabulous lunch and then a game of football. Every one drove proudly back like Studs heading back to their Stable.
  • 66. Atibha & Ajay – the Studs were Awesome!!
  • 67. Sharmila moves to USA
    Sharmila moved to USA in May on her job transfer and the Naughty40 Girls and kids got together and gave her a great send off party @ UB City.
  • 68. Gamblers @ Macau – AK7, Ali, Ajay and Families
    3 Naughty-40 families did a holiday together to Hong Kong & Macau for 8 days. The Children got to see the Splendors of Disney land, the Girls got to do some shopping, & the guys got to see the Casinos of Macua and the amazing things that come with it.
  • 69. June - 2011
  • 70. AGM @ Gallibore
    Finally, - The AGM. To sign off the year, the Naughty40 families decided to have the AGM as an Outbound Program @ the Jungle Lodges, in the forests of the Cauvery River Delta around 100 Kms from Bangalore. It is for 3 days and the families get to live in cottages by the river Cauvery. The AGM is on 17th June and the New Chairman – Sanjay Asher takes over, promising one more fun filled year.
    Incoming Chairman: Sanjay Asher
    Incoming Secretary: Anil Chikkara
    The Naughty-40’s –
    We Rock
  • 71. Thank You
    Dear Friends, 17thJune 2011
    2010 – 11 was a very eventful year for me personally, professionally, and also for the fellowship group that I am part of. Personally, Anjana & I became the proud parents of a lovely girl – Aneira, Professionally, I took charge of a new assignment in my work life, which is keeping me very busy and finally, I also took up the Chairmanship of Naughty-40. Though each was very interesting in its own way, especially parenthood, time flew by and an year breezed through even before I realized it. It’s been a great experience leading the group for 2010-11 and we have had many fellowship events, outbound programs, and also Successfully hosted our Signature event- ‘TheOktoberfest’, even making a good profit for the 1st time. All this couldn’t have been done without the support and encouragement of my group of friends with whom I have bonded over the years. Sanjay, as secretary & Aarifa as the fellowship convener, have given me tremendours support and encouragement, and helped me in completing a great year and my sincere thanks to both of them. As I hand over the reins of our club to our incoming team – Chairman Sanjay Asher & his Secretary Anil Chikkara, I wish them the very best and promise them full support as they lead this group to one more year when we have lots of fun and bond well as families, which is the envy of the Area.
    Good Luck & God Bless.
    Chairman – Club 116