QNAP Quick Guide For IP Video Surveillance


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A useful matrix and guide for choosing the right NAS or NVR for deploying IP surveillance.

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QNAP Quick Guide For IP Video Surveillance

  1. 1. Leading IP Video Surveillance Solution
  2. 2. NAS or NVR? NAS Storage for Video  Local Display  Camera Licenses  Software  Max Channels *Axis Camera Companion NVR VMS on Storage • n/a • Axis ACC* • Axis ACC* • 16 • HDMI • Built-in • Built-in • 64
  3. 3. How to Choose the Right Solution A. Requirements B. Choose Solution C. Decide Required Capacity AXIS Camera Companion + QNAP NAS 4-16 Ch Camera QNAP NAS: 2-bay or 4-bay; Up to 16TB QNAP NVR 1. QNAP NVR: 2-bay or 4-bay; Up to 16TB QNAP NVR QNAP NVR: 6 to 12-bay; Up to 48TB or 2. 3. 16- 64Ch Camera 1000+ Ch Cameras QNAP NVR + CMS QNAP NVR + CMS 3
  4. 4. Solution Summary 1K+ch 3. AXIS + QNAP NVR + CMS 64ch 56ch 48ch 2. AXIS Camera + QNAP NVR 32ch 24ch 16ch 8ch 4ch 1. QNAP NAS for AXIS Camera Companion
  5. 5. Solution #1 Storage Solution for Small Scale Project QNAP NAS for AXIS Camera Companion 4 to 16 Cameras
  6. 6. Solution #1: Small Scale Project* QNAP NAS (as Pure Storage) + AXIS Camera Companion • Easy to Install • Reduce the cost of VMS (VMS is included in the AXIS Camera) VMS Camera * 4-16 Ch NAS Storage 6
  7. 7. Solution #1: Small Scale Project Why QNAP Turbo NAS for AXIS Camera Companion? *4-16 Ch 7
  8. 8. Solution #1: Small Scale Project TS-470 Pro TS-670 Pro TS-269 Pro TS-469 Pro TS-569 Pro TS-669 Pro TS-870 Pro TS-869 Pro  Intel i3 Dual Core 3.3GHz  2GB DDR3. SATA 6G, USB 3.0  10 GbE (optional)  Intel Dual Core Atom 2.13GHz  1GB DDR3 (expandable to 3GB)  SATA 6G, USB 3.0  LCD, HDD Tray Key Lock  Marvell 2.0GHz  1GB DDR3  USB 3.0 TS-221 2-bay 8TB TS-421 4-bay 16TB 5-bay 20TB 6-bay 24TB 8-bay 32TB Max Raw Capacity 8
  9. 9. Solution #1: Small Scale Project Resource Link about QNAP NAS + AXIS ACC Tutorial (AXIS ACC) on QNAP Website: • http://www.qnap.com/useng/index.php?lang=en-us&sn=7002 2-page Brochure: • http://files.qnap.com/news/pressresource/product/13091011_USQNAP_AXIS_ACC_Global_1025.pdf QNAP NAS Product: • http://www.qnap.com/useng/index.php?lang=en-us&sn=862&c=355 AXIS Website: • http://www.axis.com/products/cam_companion_software/index.htm 9
  10. 10. Solution #2 VMS Storage Solution for Small & Mid-size Project QNAP NVR for 4 to 16 Cameras 16 to 64 Cameras
  11. 11. Solution #2: Small & Mid-size Project* QNAP NVR (All-in-1 Storage with QNAP’s VMS) • DVR-like Experience. Local Display/ Live Monitoring thru HDMI • Complete Turnkey Recording System 1080p @ 200 FPS VMS Storage * 4-16 Ch/ 16-64Ch 11
  12. 12. Solution #2: Small & Mid-size Project Turnkey IP Surveillance Solution • • Dedicated software and hardware optimized for HD video recording Up to 450 Mbps total throughput Easy Setup • The NVR can be set up in 6 steps via the web-browser or HDMI display Management via HDMI Display • • The NVR can be monitored and managed without any PC required 1080p at 200 FPS Remote Web-based Management • • The NVR can be managed by a web browser anytime, anywhere on the network Motion detection, alarm input, connection failure, recording failure, and user-defined event Supports Popular IP cameras in the Market • • The NVR is compatible with over 1,800 IP camera models ONVIF Profile-S High Stability & Capacity • • Scalable storage up to 64TB or more with NAS expansion RAID 1, 5, 6, 5+hot spare for high data redundancy 12
  13. 13. Solution #2: Small & Mid-size Project  24-48Ch 64 Ch VS-8100U-RP Pro+  12-20Ch VS-6100 Pro+ 16 Ch  40-64Ch VS-12100U-RP Pro+  24-48Ch VS-8100 Pro+  8-16ch VS-4100U-RP Pro+  4-12ch VS-2100 Pro+  8-16ch Max Raw Capacity VS-4100 Pro+ 2-bay 4-bay 6-bay 8-bay 12-bay 8TB 16TB 24TB 32TB 48TB 13
  14. 14. Solution #3 VMS & Storage for Large Scale Project QNAP NVR + Central Monitoring System (CMS) Multi-sites 1,000+ Cameras
  15. 15. Solution #3: Large Scale Project * Up to 1,000+ Cameras
  16. 16. Recap: Solution Summary 1K+ch AXIS + QNAP NVR + CMS 128-1000+ Ch 64ch 56ch 48ch 32ch AXIS Camera + QNAP NVR HDMI local display For up to 64Ch 24ch 16ch 8ch 4ch QNAP NAS for AXIS Camera Companion for 4-16Ch entry segment
  17. 17. Contact Information Tech Support 1. QNAP Tech Support: q_supportus@qnap.com 2. Customer Service Portal: http://www.qnap.com/support 3. Dealer hotline: +1 909-595-2756 4. Service Hours: 06:00–18:00 (GMT-08:00, Mon–Fri) Account Manager 1. Partner Contacts: Ivan Hsu & CK Chen 2. QNAP Sales Contact: usasales@qnap.com
  18. 18. Appendix ADI Ordering Info
  19. 19. Smaller Scale Project (4-16 Ch) Solution #1: QNAP NAS Compatible NAS Models for AXIS Camera Companion: QNAP NAS Series Platform/ Performance Model Raw Capacity up to: (w/ 4TB HDD populated) TS-x21 2.0Ghz SoC CPU; For up to 8Ch TS-221, 2-bay NAS TS-421, 4-bay NAS 8TB 16TB Intel Dual Core Atom CPU; For up to 16 Ch TS-269 Pro, 2-bay NAS TS-469 Pro, 4-bay NAS TS-569 Pro, 5-bay NAS TS-669 Pro, 6-bay NAS TS-869 Pro, 8-bay NAS 8TB 16TB 20TB 24TB 32TB Intel i3 Dual Core CPU; For up to 16 Ch, ultra high performance TS-470 Pro, 4-bay NAS TS-670 Pro, 6-bay NAS TS-870 Pro, 8-bay NAS 16TB 24TB 32TB FW 4.0.5 & 4.1 TS-x69 Pro FW 4.0.2 TS-x70 Pro FW 4.0.2 19
  20. 20. Small & Mid-size Project (4-16 Ch/ 16-64Ch) Solution #2: QNAP NVR Recommended NVR Models (Desktop, 4-16 Ch) QNAP NVR Series Camera License Model Raw Capacity up to: (w/ 4TB HDD populated) VS-2100 Pro+ 2-bay Desktop NVR 4Ch 8Ch 12Ch VS-2104 Pro+ VS-2108 Pro+ VS-2112 Pro+ Raw: 8TB RAID 1 Mirroring: 4TB VS-4100 Pro+ 4-bay Desktop NVR 8Ch 12Ch 16Ch VS-4108 Pro+ VS-4112 Pro+ VS-4116 Pro+ Raw: 16TB RAID 5: 12TB 20
  21. 21. Small & Mid-size Project (4-16 Ch/ 16-64Ch) Solution #2: QNAP NVR Recommended NVR Models (Desktop, 12-48 Ch) QNAP NVR Series Camera License Model Raw Capacity up to: (w/ 4TB HDD populated) VS-6100 Pro+ 6-bay Desktop NVR 12Ch 16Ch 20Ch VS-6112 Pro+ VS-6116 Pro+ VS-6120 Pro+ Raw: 24TB RAID 5: 20TB VS-8100 Pro+ 8-bay Desktop NVR 24Ch 32Ch 40Ch 48Ch VS-8124 Pro+ VS-8132 Pro+ VS-8140 Pro+ VS-8148 Pro+ Raw: 32TB RAID 5: 28TB 21
  22. 22. Small & Mid-size Project (4-16 Ch/ 16-64Ch) Solution #2: QNAP NVR Recommended NVR Models (Rack mount, Up to 64 Ch) QNAP NVR Series Camera License Model Raw Capacity up to: (w/ 4TB HDD populated) VS-4100U-RP Pro+ 1U, 4-bay Rack mount NVR 8Ch 12Ch 16Ch VS-4108U-RP Pro+ VS-4112U-RP Pro+ VS-4116U-RP Pro+ Raw: 16TB RAID 5: 12TB VS-8100U-RP Pro+ 2U, 8-bay Rack mount NVR 24Ch 32Ch 40Ch 48Ch VS-8124U-RP Pro+ VS-8132U-RP Pro+ VS-8140U-RP Pro+ VS-8148U-RP Pro+ Raw: 32TB RAID 5: 28TB VS-12100U-RP Pro+ 2U, 12-bay Rack mount NVR 40Ch 48Ch 56Ch 64Ch VS-12140U-RP Pro+ VS-12148U-RP Pro+ VS-12156U-RP Pro+ VS-12164U-RP Pro+ Raw: 48TB RAID 5: 44TB 22