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Digital marketing-post-penguin - online video

  1. 1. DIGITAL MARKETING (POST PENGUIN) 1 Click Solutions, LLC – Denver, Colorado - USA
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda
  3. 3. How Search Works Matt Cutts: Head of Google Spam Team How search works
  4. 4. The Evolution of SEO 2000 – 2005 The Evolution of SEO Meta Tags Doorway Pages Keyword Stuffing Inbound Links Link Farms 2005 – 2010 Links (quantity NOT quality)  Directory Links Article Directory Links Link exchange Keyword Density Metric (Page Keyword ration to page content) Links from high page rank sites
  5. 5. The Evolution of SEO 2011 – Feb, April, Sept, Google launches Panda (Algorithm) The Evolution of SEO Google penalizes Website search rankings for low quality SEO Keyword Stuffing – (ranking penalty) Duplicate content – (ranking penalty) Stale outdated website content – (ranking penalty) No “Social” signals or presence – (ranking penalty) Low quality inbound Links – (ranking penalty) Poor content – (ranking penalty) Google launches “Personalized search Results” Different search results for different People Based on your Social Networks Based on your previous search History  Websites you have visited
  6. 6. The Evolution of SEO April 2012 – Google Penguin update The Evolution of SEO Google demotes rankings on websites globally Bad Links – (ranking penalty) Google sends bad Links notifications (Webmaster Tools) Google introduces the Disavow Tool (request for ignoring Links) No or poor quality Social Signals – (ranking penalty) May, Oct 2013 – Google Penguin 2.0 Social Media Marketing a Must (relationships are the new “Link Juice”) Personalized search gets stronger On Page SEO factors gets more stringent Google “Authorship” (Tagging content to an Individual Author) Quality relevant content - NOT quantity Aggressive Link building schemes is a NO
  7. 7. The Evolution of SEO Matt Cutts: Head of Google Spam Team The Evolution of SEO
  8. 8.  Social Media is the #1 activity on the Web  It is word of Mouth Marketing  People Trust People not Advertisements  Traditional Marketing is an INTERRUPTION Social Marketing is ENGAGEMENT  Social Media is YOU. It is your Businesses’ Personality  Social Media is now an integral part of SEO and being found on the Internet
  9. 9. Benefits of Social Marketing
  10. 10. Social Marketing is Not new It has in Fact been around for thousands of Years
  11. 11. Social Search in Action
  12. 12. Part 2 WSI Google strategies
  13. 13. WSI Google Compliant Strategies WSI Google compliance        We conduct stringent on-going R&D of Google SEO compliance Google Web Master Audit (analysis and report on Websites health) Advanced targeted Keyword Research On Page search Optimization (per Google Guidelines) Off Page Search Optimization Factors (per Google Guidelines) Back Link Audit (per Google Guidelines) Un-Natural Link Removal (per Google Guidelines)  Advanced natural promotional Campaigns (per Google Guidelines)
  14. 14. Sample Campaign Framework (Phase 1) Phase 1 WSI Campaign setup Google Web Master Audit (analysis and report on Websites SEO health) Keyword Research (find the best keywords based on search trends) Google Tools setup if not done) – Webmaster , Analytics Backlink Monitoring (to avoid search engine penalties) Sitemap Integration and submission Domain Optimization (Robots.txt, 404 & 301 Redirects, Canonical Optimization )  Google Page Speed score Optimization  Back Link Audit (per Google Guidelines)      
  15. 15. Sample Campaign Framework (Phase 2) Phase 2 On Page Factors            Website URL’s & Navigation Structure (analysis & optimization ) Keyword Mapping (Mapping of sites pages and specific keywords to pages) Meta Tags Optimization Multimedia, Image Tag Optimization Duplicate Content Removal Keyword Density Optimization Implement Structured Data (Integrating webpage contents with HTML schema to get rich snippets in search results) Back Link Audit (per Google Guidelines) Anchor Text Audit Site Wide Links Report (Analyzing and reporting links that are available in site's footer & header) Irrelevant Link Report ( Identifying and reporting irrelevant links)
  16. 16. Sample Campaign Framework (Phase 3) Month 1 Phase 3 Ongoing Promotions Unique Quality Content Creation & posting (creation and posting of content such as case study, success story, blogs, news Advanced Video marketing and syndication Google Plus Profile creation (or editing) Google Plus Cover Image custom branding (or editing) Google Plus Updates writing & posting Back Link Monitoring (monitoring backlinks to avoid Google penalties) Reporting: Google Analytics Report (comprehensive analysis & report on sites performance)
  17. 17. Sample Campaign Framework (Phase 3) Month 2 Phase 3 Ongoing Promotions Multimedia Content Creation (Creation of quality multimedia contents) Advanced Video marketing and syndication unique Quality Content Creation & posting (creation of content such as case study, success story, blogs, news  Google Plus updates writing & posting Publisher/Author Markup ( Creating author profiles and markup to enhance visibility within the search results) Build Authority (get High Quality backlinks from Directories, Business Profiles) Optimization for new Google updates Backlink Monitoring (monitoring backlinks to avoid Google penalties) Reporting: Google Analytics Report (comprehensive analysis & report on sites performance)
  18. 18. Sample Campaign Framework (Phase 3) Month 3 Phase 3 Ongoing Promotions Quality Content Creation Content Publishing Google+ updates Build Authority (quality backlink building) Optimization for New Google updates Back Link Monitoring Reporting: Google Analytics Report (comprehensive analysis & report on sites performance)
  19. 19. Campaign content creation Campaign Content creation  Campaigns are structured to minimise Client required time & resources  We can create and publish ALL content  All content is Client approved prior to publishing  You can also provide some content if preferred
  20. 20. Campaign strategy Proposal & Marketing Plan Campaign Proposal creation  Custom Proposal and strategy document created with firm pricing break down  Campaign Marketing Plan schedule Calendar included  Monthly transparent Reporting of all completed Tasks Where to start? We will create the Campaign strategy Proposal and Marketing Plan
  21. 21. About us About WSI     World’s largest Digital Marketing Group Offices serving over 1,500 local markets and 89 countries worldwide Ranked the # 1 Internet Services Business by Industry-leading Entrepreneur magazine Core focus in delivering results to our customers
  22. 22. Our Services Our Services  lin eSol ut io ns Devel op men t On  on sive Webs ite design , Grap h ic Des ign , Co pywr itin g an d W Site Sol uti on s Resp eb  co mmer ce Stor eDevelo p ment E mpetit or Analys is & In tern et Marketi ng P lan s Co  ap tiveSearch Engine Opt imizatio n Ad  search marketi ng an d management Paid  n ten t marketi ng Str at egy Co  cial Med ia St rat egy Develo p ment So  l Market in g C ampaign s Emai  st om An alytics and Dash b oard Cr eat io n Cu  rat egi c Acco un t Man agement St  lin eR eview an d R ep ut at io n Management On
  23. 23. 1 Click Solutions, LLC – Denver, Colorado - USA Thank you!