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Colombia For Dummies / COL4DUM

by Working at NYC / Cali / Bogota / Paris on Oct 23, 2008


Global Humanitarian Campaign for Fighting Extreme Ignorance

Global Humanitarian Campaign for Fighting Extreme Ignorance



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  • guest7c39de Patanol Fioricet is often prescribed for tension headaches caused by contractions of the muscles in the neck and shoulder area. Buy now from and make a deal for you. 4 years ago
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  • Lolanita Lorena Olaya, Teacher at Foursquare Ambassador jflanao.. I have no idea in what language I should address to you.. I will use Spanish, because I can infer from your knowledge you are Colombian, as We are.

    Primero, bajale el tono a la agresividad.
    Segundo, Somos Colombianos, somos hermanos y adoramos esta presentacion porque los que vivimos en el exterior estamos jartos de seguir catalogados por lo mismo y que escriban el nombre de nuestra patria con 'U'.
    Tercero, Ningun pais en el mundo es perfecto, es cierto lo de la crisis de los falsos positivos y lo que dices, pero como dice el viejo adagio, la ropa sucia se lava en casa y el objetivo de esta presentacion es tratar de ayudar a las personas que no son colombianas a que entiendan nuestro pais, no a decirles TODOS los problemas que tenemos en casa.
    NO quiero decir que no se deba hablar de DMG y los falsos positivos, pero a veces nosotros mismos somos los que traemos los problemas a nuestro hermoso pais cuando olvidamos los valores y seguimos el camino de ganar plata facil.
    Somos un pais, somos una imagen que dar al mundo entero, a veces esa imagen se vuelve difusa ( por ejemplo la mayoria de americanos cree que todos los mexicanos son ilegales, y no es cierto). Otra vez aclaro, para mi, esta presentacion me ha servido para clarificar mi imagen de Colombiana ante mis amigos del exterior. Me encanta. Pero el dia en que mi pueblo (mi patria) y yo cambiemos de pensamiento y recordemos los valores y todos luchemos contra la impunidad, ese dia habra que actualizar y sacar una segunda version de este slide para rectificar que nosotros los Colombianos utilizamos la 'malicia indigena' para hacer cosas buenas, no para hacer el 'vivo bobo':.
    Mientras eso pasa, este slide todavia nos sirve para actualizar la cabeza de aquellos inguenos que escriben 'columbia', que creen que todos los Colombianos somos coqueros y que nuestro pais no se puede visitar porque la gente es secuestrada en cada esquina.

    Again, I FREAKING LOVE THIS SLIDE... Check the Group in Facebook.. :D
    5 years ago
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  • jflanao jflanao Another time I write mi time in here to tell you, this guy doesnt even know what falsos positivos are. Te falsos positivos are fault from the colombian army, from the state, and if you are tellin gme to make a good presentation of the country why dont you explain and show how the state from Colombia have supported war, today the 'Contralor' quit because he was also invovled with the drug mob, and thsi drug mob is needed for the colombian Goverment, because this is the way uribe can show progress. Its politics, beleave me.. The other point you are not explaining is toma del Palacio de Justicia. People went form there alive, in the hands of the army of the state, and they end up killing them? innocent people and the goverment have shown that they dont have even a judge available to decide for this case, when the president of COlombia didnt aswer the phone and prefered to live that war, were many people were killed, ' golpe de estado militar', and if i am not wrong, if you research youll see the goverment allready knew taht the M19 was taking the Palace of Justice, and that the security was not in there... watch the video... 5 years ago
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  • CIVISOL CIVISOL : Foundation for Systemic Change at NYC / Cali / Bogota / Paris Thank you all for your comments and selcting us as a favorite.

    - Jflanao, I agree with you in that the DMG case and the 'falsos positivos' are absolutely sad and horrendous. Actually that is what happens when a country ends up in a drug war dynamic of money laundering and raising numbers of dead people to prove that we are fighting guerrilla, paras, and other drug cartels. A dynamic that in the presentation I try to say is not the exclusive responsability of colombia, as there are millions of noses demanding and promoting the production of colombian coke in industrialized countries and thus fueling our war, dmg, and 'falsos positivos'.

    The existence of a problem in colombia is not reason enough to disqualify and stigamtize a country and all the colombians that live in it; that would be like killing a person because it has a cold problem. It would be better to see what is causing it and moreover identify who is the person that irresponsably is contributing to the spreading of the cold.

    Jflanao, I invite you to do your own presentation stressing your points of DMG and .'falsos positivos'. Besides there is no need to insult anyone,evidently you envision good arguments, just do your presentation and fight with arguments.... remember that intelligence is the new sexy... Good luck on your own presentation.
    5 years ago
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  • jflanao jflanao This sucks.. why dont you talk about dmg or the falsos positivos o the unsolved case of the Palacio de Justicia in the year 1985.. YES COLOMBIA IS BEAUTIFULL!!!... pure shit.. 5 years ago
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  • Lolanita Lorena Olaya, Teacher at Foursquare Ambassador I LOVE IT! 5 years ago
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Colombia For Dummies / COL4DUM Colombia For Dummies / COL4DUM Presentation Transcript