Community IT Innovators Webinar - Cloud for Nonprofits 072612
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Community IT Innovators Webinar - Cloud for Nonprofits 072612



Community IT Innovators Webinar Series ...

Community IT Innovators Webinar Series
Webinar: Cloud for Nonprofits: Operations and Program Applications
Presenter: Matthew Eshleman, Director of Professional Services
Date: July 26, 2012, 12:30-1:30 pm EST

It’s easy to get caught up in how the cloud can help us communicate or fundraise, but some of the most useful cloud tools can help us manage our operations and deliver our programs more efficiently.

This webinar will discuss some of the most popular cloud-based tools that support operations and programs by allowing us to collaborate across distances, manage and share documents in a central location, manage our constituents, and store or back-up files so we can access them anywhere at anytime as long as internet is available.

We’ll explore you how these tools can be used and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Tools covered include:, Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Docs, Office 365, and iBackup.



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  • Roshani Does intro
  • Roshani Does housekeeping, then brief intro of Matt
  • Roshani Does housekeeping, then brief intro of Matt
  • Roshani Does housekeeping, then brief intro of Matt
  • What is the cloud – a platform, service or app that is hosted on the internet and available from anywhere with an internet connection.An architecture that provides scalable internet accessible services What does it mean – I can get to my applications, data, from anywhere. Cloud applications allow multiple views into one set of data. “use the calendar example”. The application was designed to be accessed from the multiple devices.Take a poll:“What is your number one goal in using cloud services?)Flexibility to access dataImproved Backup & Business ContinuityLower IT CostsAccess to the most recent technology
  • This is a diagram from a cloud services provider Intalio. This diagram does show a good abstraction from the underlying “infrastructure” – storage, compute, database to the “platform” to the “software”. We’re most familiar with the software: Google Apps, Office 365 than we are with the Platform “Office 365” and the Infrastructure “Azure”, “Office 365”
  • We’re most familiar with the software: Google Apps, Office 365 than we are with the Platform “Office 365” and the Infrastructure “Azure”, “Office 365”Great example of a cloud service that provides integration is IFTTT ( This service uses API to link various cloud services together so that you can automate certain tasks:Get a copy of all pictures where you are tagged in Facebook & copy them to Dropbox – DONEGet a text message when it says its going to rain - DONE

Community IT Innovators Webinar - Cloud for Nonprofits 072612 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Community IT Innovators Webinar Series Cloud for Nonprofits Operations & Program Applications Presentation by Matthew Eshleman July 26, 2012
  • 2. Webinar Tips• Ask questions. Post questions via chat.• Interact. Respond to polls during webinar.• Focus. Avoid multitasking. You may just miss the best part of the presentation : )
  • 3. About Community IT InnovatorsCommunity IT Innovators partners with nonprofits to help themsolve their strategic & day-to-day IT challenges.• Strategic – Proactive approach so you can make IT decisions that support your mission and grow with you• Collaborative – Team of over 40 staff who empower you to make informed IT choices• Invested – We are committed to supporting your mission, and take care of your IT network as if it were our own• Nonprofit focus - Worked with over 900 nonprofits since 1993
  • 4. About the Presenter Matthew Eshleman Director of Professional Services Community IT Innovators 202-449-6711 @meshleman
  • 5. Agenda• What is the Cloud?• Cloud Migration Approach• SLA• Overview of Common SaaS Applications• Case Study• Q&A
  • 6. What is the cloud?“An architecture that provides scalable, Internet-accessible services.”
  • 7. Cloud Diagram
  • 8. Cloud Architecture
  • 9. Software as a Service
  • 10. Service or Software• SaaS • Traditional Software – Rent – Purchase – Utility Pricing – Fixed Pricing – Minimal Additional – Requires supporting infrastructure infrastructure – SLA – Terms of Service – Outsource Risk – Own Risk
  • 11. SLAService Level Agreement (SLA) - The SLA recordsa common understanding about services,priorities, responsibilities, guarantees, andwarranties• Google Apps• Office 365• Box
  • 12. SLA Overview – BOX.NET• - SLA• reserves the right to terminate without notice your password, account or use of Services and delete any data within service, in our sole discretion, without cause and/or without notice. … Upon termination by or at your direction, you may request a file of your data, which will make available for a fee. You must make such request at the notification of termination to receive such file within thirty (30) days of termination. Otherwise, ANY DATA YOU HAVE STORED ON BOX.NET’S SYSTEMS MAY NOT BE RETRIEVED, and shall have no obligation to maintain any data stored in your account or to forward any data to you or any third party.
  • 13. Cloud Migration Approach1. Website2. Test Environments3. Email4. CRM5. Files/Documents
  • 14. Email
  • 15. ComparisonGoogle Apps Office 365• Embrace the browser • Outlook• Tags • Folders• Conversations • Individual Messages• Basic calendaring • Advanced calendaring• Cloud • Hybrid• Easy external collaboration • Internal collaboration• Flexible data storage • Structured data storage• Search • Browse summary-which-is-better/5637?tag=btxcsim
  • 16. CRM
  • 17. Files
  • 18. Document Management
  • 19. Backups• Out of sight ≠ out of mind – l=en&answer=1704883• You’re only as good as your last restore• What format is your data in? –• Understand your Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO & RTO)
  • 20. BackupsFile Level Backups SaaS backups
  • 21. Case Study• 20 person org• Aging SBS 2003 server• Local v Cloud• Google Apps v Office 365• Outlook + SharePoint deciding factors• Reduced ongoing backup cost• Improved business continuity
  • 22. Matthew Eshleman Director of Professional Services Community IT Innovators 202-449-6711 @meshlemanQ&A?
  • 23. Takeaways• The cloud is a solution, but not the only solution• The cloud exchanges CAPEX for OPEX• Cloud can meet Business Continuity Requirements• Cloud changes the IT support requirements
  • 24. Upcoming Events• July 31: Overview of Server Management and Cloud Computing, NTEN Webinar Series• Aug. 30: IT Governance: Making Technology Work for Your Organization, Community IT Innovators Webinar Series
  • 25. Next Steps• Connect with us - Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Facebook.• Provide feedback – Short survey after you exit the webinar. Be sure to include any questions that were not answered.• Missed anything? – Link to slides & Recording will be emailed to you.