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Tsui_Lokman---The Great Firewall as Iron Curtain 2.0:implications of China\'s internet most dominant metaphor for U.S. foreign policy
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Tsui_Lokman---The Great Firewall as Iron Curtain 2.0:implications of China\'s internet most dominant metaphor for U.S. foreign policy


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  • The promise: a better understanding of what the Great Firewall is. why it is such a compelling metaphor. how everybody has used this metaphor, left, right, liberal, conservative, mainstream media, bloggers. even chinese people themselves use this metaphor: check GFW as “tag” it is compelling how it helps us to make sense of a situation that is complex. but also how it obscures much of what is really going on with regard to the internet in China. and how ultimately this has real effect in the government policies that are being made that seek to regulate Chinese internet censorship. so while I think everybody in this room has a pretty good sense of what the great firewall is, I want to take a moment to deconstruct our understanding of it.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Great Firewall as Iron Curtain 2.0: implications of China’s internet most dominant metaphor for U.S. foreign policy Chinese Internet Research Conference, Hong Kong University, June 13, 2008 Lokman Tsui Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania
    • 2. Do you believe that China will inevitably change with the Internet?
      • Country: United States Method: telephone Sample Size: 1200
      • Source: Zogby International Date: Jan. 31, 2007
      • Results: yes 43%
    • 3. the paradox
      • question of change
      • is inevitable
      • has not happened yet
      • explanation for non-change?
      • great firewall
      • but what does the US has to do with this?
      • long tradition back to Cold War
    • 4. iron curtain
    • 5.  
    • 6. the great wall
    • 7. firewall
    • 8. firewall
      • “a logical barrier designed to prevent unauthorized or unwanted communications between sections of a computer network”
    • 9. other meanings
      • Firewall (construction) , a physical barrier inside a building or vehicle, designed to limit the spread of fire, heat and structural collapse
      • Chinese wall , a zone of non-communication between distinct sections of a business, in order to prevent possible (and probable) conflict of interest
    • 10. the great firewall
    • 11.  
    • 12.  
    • 13.  
    • 14. many attempts
      • HR 275 (2007)
      • HR 4780 (2006)
      • HR 4741 (2006)
      • HR 2216 (2005)
      • HR 48 (2003)
      • HR 5524 (2002)
    • 15. Global Internet Freedom Act
      • HR 48 (2003), Chris Cox and Tom Lantos
      • “To develop and deploy technologies to defeat Internet jamming and censorship.”
    • 16.
      • (2) to establish an office within the International Broadcasting Bureau with the sole mission of countering Internet jamming and blocking by repressive regimes;
    • 17.
      • (8) Since the 1940s, the United States has deployed anti-jamming technologies to make Voice of America and other United States Government sponsored broadcasting available to people in nations with governments that seek to block news and information.
    • 18. Global Online Freedom Act
      • HR 275 of 2007, Chris Smith
      • “To promote freedom of expression on the Internet, to protect United States businesses from coercion to participate in repression by authoritarian foreign governments, and for other purposes. “
    • 19. thoughts
      • great firewall = iron curtain 2.0
      • internet = radio, broadcasting
      • division east-west = paramount
      • people-government = antagonistic
      • from GIFA to GOFA
      • change is underway, but still long way to go
    • 20. thank you
      • lokman tsui
      • [email_address]
    • 21.
      • http:// =ODM21YVIe5U