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Cip presentation vietnam 2013

  1. 1. This is CIP CIP Introduction Clark Institute of the Philippines(CIP) was founded in 2007 by English language professionals to promote high-quality English language programs provided by international institutions. It has a full-time enrollment of 105 students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Thai and Vietnam It offers varied ESL Courses, Business Courses and Preparatory Courses: IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC as well as Young Learner Education Programs.
  2. 2. This is CIP MISSION To promote quality English language education by advancing the standards of its language programs, instruction, and administration. To improve language proficiency and learner satisfaction through improved teaching strategies and overall quality To provide excellent service less the cost To strengthen business capability to support learning delivery improvement and staff development
  3. 3. This is CIP NATIVE TEACHERS 1 ONE 1 CLASS 1 on 1 class with English native teachers • Students number 105, Native teacher 15 = one English native teacher for 7 students • Around 20 hours 1 on 1 English native teacher for 4weeks • Around 80 hours with English Native teachers for 4weeks including Group class ( Based on D, E course ) Different nationality of Students • Korean 20% , Japanese 50%, Taiwanese 20%, Vietnam, Thai, Russian, Brazilian 10 %
  4. 4. This is CIP Comfortable Facilities
  5. 5. This is CIP GREAT MEALS
  6. 6. This is CIP Excellent Service . Empowerment • We train our teachers to have empowerment (authority) to assist students with general complaints, so that the students are always happy. • With empowerment, teachers can immediately fix the problems instead of always getting authority from management staff. In this way, the students get immediate attention and have solutions to their problems. • Empowerment helps improve and promote customer service. Teacher Retention • • • • Customized Schedule • Students have the ability to change teachers weekly • Customized schedules of students cater to their needs i.e. English for the Traveler, English for the IELTS, Business English Communication. An experienced teacher is worth gold to CIP We offer monthly incentives to CIP teachers for them to stay at the company Experienced teachers can easily give excellent classes to students Students have more enjoyable classes with experienced teachers and in turn, fewer complaints • Monthly training seminars are offered to teachers to enhance their skills
  7. 7. CIP PROGRAMS PATHWAY TARGET DESCRIPTION LEVEL Customized program GENERAL ESL IELTS, TOEFL EXAM PREPARATION BUSINESS+LCCI • To qualify students' entry into a wide range of universities and colleges worldwide • To qualify students for visas and permanent residency in selected countries •To enable entry into a wide range of international companies •To overall prepare students in all aspects of business English A multi-purpose course popular with Basic students A course designed to prepare students and produce overwhelming results in all areas of the IELTS and TOEFL, TOEIC exams A course designed to prepare students for any job environment where English is spoken as well as Preparation for the LCCI examination All levels LEVEL 301A LEVEL 401 ABOVE • To improve practical and social skills • To increase confidence in students when traveling in foreign countries
  8. 8. CIP PROGRAMS Customized program Optional class One on One Small group class Nightly Tests Mandatory self-study OPTION REGULAR CLASS REGULAR CLASS OPTION OPTION 50 minutes 50 minutes each 50 minutes each 1 Hour 2H30 Man to Man Option A: Speaking Listening Option B: Monday to Thursday 8:00AM~ 8:50AM or 6:30AM~7:20PM Speaking Listening Reading Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Written Composition 9:00AM~6:00PM Writing Listening Cartoon English Communication TOEIC TOEFL Business English CNN IELTS Pop culture Debate British accent Public speaking 9:00AM~6:00PM 30 QUESTIONS After the test, students will have the time to review with teachers Monday to Thursday 8PM~ 9PM Option A : Self study under supervision Option B : Having speaking class with a nonnative teacher Monday to Thursday 7:30 PM to 10:00pm
  9. 9. CIP PROGRAMS Fun& Learn
  10. 10. CIP PROGRAMS Fun& Learn BBQ Party Swimming pool Party Travel
  11. 11. WHY CIP? CIP has been proved by students Anne Why do we love CIP? Thai Student Jeff Korean Student
  12. 12. WHY CIP? No need to worry about safety ( Data from - ) SAFETY INDEX 74.87 53.66 Japan Philippines 48.54 USA 44.54 Vietnam
  13. 13. WHY CIP? Safe and comfortable English learning environment CIP is Small Earth Opportunity to build lifelong friendships in an environment filled with students and teachers of different nationalities Broadened knowledge of different cultures Smaller classes and more focus on individual students
  14. 14. WHY CIP? Reasonable Prices & Effective curriculum 2,500 2,250 2,100 2,000 1,500 1,820 1,490 1,190 1,090 1,000 500 - CIP (B course) $1,490 Total Price CIP (D course) $1,190 CIP (E course) $1,090 Singapore $ 2,250 USA $2,100 Canada $1,820
  15. 15. WHY CIP? Reasonable Prices & Effective curriculum USA Canada Singapore CIP (B Course) $2,100 $1,820 $2,250 $1,490 $1,190 $1,090 5-6 H 4-5 H 5-6 H 6H 6H 5H Group Group &1on1 Group&1on1 Group&1on1 Group&1on1 Group CIP (D Course) CIP (E Course)
  16. 16. WHY CIP? CIP WILL NEVER STOP IMPROVING 1. Developing new content for student podcasts, CIP books 2. Expanding Internship programs in USA, other country ( Kanepa manufacture company) 3. Expanding partnerships with International companies and Universities such as Han-se University, Ookubo gear, Rakuten bank 4. 40% English native teachers number 5. IELTS Test center facility on 2014 6. Pathway program