Social media and the games


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  • Turn into a TV channel and a news service Five live channels streaming 780 hours of live sport (English and Spanish commentary) New innovative SMART player A team of writers producing 50 stories per day Interviews with all Ones to Watch ahead of competition
  • Social media and the games

    1. 1. HOW SOCIAL MEDIA ENABLED TfL TOSUPPORT A GREAT GAMES AND KEEP LONDON MOVING Stuart Ross Director of News, Transport for London 27 September, 2012CIPRsm
    2. 2. INTRODUCTION AND CONTENTS Games Transport and Comms challenge Get Ahead of the Games campaign Use of Social Media:  Ahead of the Games  During the Games  In legacy… Social media driving the news agenda Success and Legacy CIPRsm
    3. 3. THE LONDON 2012 TRANSPORT CHALLENGE • Britains largest peacetime logistical exercise’ • Olympic Games equivalent to 26 simultaneous world championships • 9 million Olympic Games spectators • 2 million Paralympic Games spectators • Almost 300,000 athletes, media, officials & other ‘Games Family’ members and workforce • All spectators to take publicCIPRsm transport, walk or cycle
    4. 4. GAMES TOOK PLACE IN HEART OF LONDONWembley ArenaWembley Stadium Wimbledon OLYMPIC PARK Olympic Stadium CENTRAL ZONE Aquatic Centre Earls Court RIVER ZONE Other Park venues Lord’s Cricket Ground North Greenwich Arena Hyde Park Greenwich Park Horse Guards Parade The Royal Artillery Barracks The Mall ExCeL CIPRsm
    5. 5. DIFFERENT GROUPS / AUDIENCES – COMMUNICATING AND TO ENGAGE WITHGames Family Spectators Tube users Bus users Drivers Walkers and Mobility impaired Businesses cyclists people CIPRsm
    6. 6. ALL PARTNERS WORKING TOGETHER TO MEET GAMES TRANSPORT CHALLENGE• Throughout, we had twin objectives: • Deliver a great 2012 Games • Keep London and the UK moving• London 2012 Games transport strategy had four main elements: • Invest in public transport capacity, reliability and accessibility • Enhanced public transport – more and later services • Manage the road network effectively for all road users • Manage travel demand patterns to keep London and the UK moving CIPRsm
    7. 7. THE TRANSPORT DEMAND CHALLENGE An additional 3 million public transport trips on the busiest days of the Olympics • Reductions in the volume of normal travel, due to school holidays andOn a normal day, travel demand management, offset by increases associated with Games 12 million public and cultural eventstransport trips per • So congestion likely at hotspots at day in London certain days, times and locations – not across the entire network • That’s why re-timing, re-routing and changing the way people travelled was so importantCIPRsm
    8. 8. IMPACT ‘AT CERTAIN TIMES AND IN CERTAIN LOCATIONS’ – THE HOTSPOTS Roads Tube stations 70% 65% Unaffected Unaffected CIPRsm
    9. 9. GET AHEAD OF THE GAMES CAMPAIGN• ‘Get Ahead of the Games’ campaign to communicate directly with Londoners, commuters and people right across the UK• Information, tips and advice via ads, posters, emails and a new website, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook channels• To explain how those who live and work in travel hotspots can: • Reduce • Reroute • Retime • Remode their journeys CIPRsm
    10. 10. GAOTG CAMPAIGN PHASES Olympic Games ParalympicJan-Mar Apr-Jun July Day 1 Games Day 1 S t a g e 1: S t a g e 2: S t aPhase3: 3 S tgaeg e Stage 3: : 4: Raise Explore Activate awareness options options Transit- Activate Activat ion options e options CIPRsm
    11. 11. GAOTG HUB WEBSITE @GAOTG Twitter and other social media channels integrated with campaign websiteCIPRsm
    12. 12. DETAILED INFORMATION ONPUBLIC TRANSPORT HOTSPOTS… Public transport ‘hotspots’ identified for each day of Olympic and Paralympic Games. Click for more info and travel advice CIPRsm
    13. 13. …AND ON THE ROAD NETWORK– PLAN AHEAD TO AVOID DELAYS Road transport hotspot areas also identified with ‘avoid’ and ‘expect delay’ message to encourage people to plan aheadCIPRsm
    14. 14. GAOTG SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS  GAOTG Facebook Page:  Simple presence to provide GAOTG news and info  GAOTG YouTube channel:  To amplify video content, ads and engage audience  Boost PR campaign and provide easily accessible content for media  @GAOTG:  Key campaign tool – distribution of messages, news and campaign content  Ahead of the Games – Continuous stream of information on how to plan ahead and links to website, YouTube  During the Games – information on key ‘hotspots’ to avoid each day and real-time travel info and advice CIPRsm
    15. 15. TfL SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL SUMMARY  TfL Facebook Page – News and information about TfL and current campaigns  TfL YouTube channel – Repository for campaign videos, information films and ads  TfL Twitter channels:  @TfLOfficial: PR and news management  @TfLTravelAlerts: Real-time Tube, DLR, London Overground  @Centralline... Line-based channels for all TfL rail lines  @TfLTrafficNews: Real-time road travel info  @BarclaysCycle: News and info – eg suspended docking stations – for Barclays Cycle and Superhighways  @TfLTPH: Taxi and Private Hire – stakeholder commsCIPRsm
    16. 16. TfL TWITTER CHANNEL SUMMARY Plus @aotulondon @ltmuseum @report_it @tfl_jobs @tfltphCIPRsm
    18. 18. COORDINATION AND CROSS- PROMOTION OF CHANNELS AND CONTENTTfL / BBC / Highways Agency Get Ahead of the Games Get Ahead of the Games London 2012 ••Help and advice on how to plan travel Help and advice on how to plan travel •Information, notice of disruption / during the games (background demand) during the games (background demand) •Help and information on getting to the planned works Games (spectator) CIPRsm
    19. 19. PRE-GAMES – SOCIAL MEDIA (1)CIPRsm
    20. 20. PRE-GAMES – SOCIAL MEDIA (2)CIPRsm
    21. 21. PRE-GAMES – SOCIAL MEDIA (3)CIPRsm
    22. 22. TfL GAMES-TIME COMMUNICATIONS Games-time communications:  Twice daily press notices (7am & 2pm)  Daily Metro content (5am)  Daily customer emails (2pm)  Public transport users (approx. 2m recipients)  Roads users (approx. 1m recipients)  Daily station posters (3.30pm)  Daily business bulletin (5pm)  Twice daily stakeholder bulletins (11am & 4pm)  Regular Tweets (TfL & GAOTG)  Ongoing online content and Journey Planner updates CIPRsm
    25. 25. YAMMER FOR EMPLOYEE SOCIAL COMMS• A ‘sea of magenta’ so that staff, volunteers and signs all easy to identify• 3,500+ TfL office staff worked as Travel Ambassadors (TAs) on transport network• Equipped with iPads or iPhones to relay real-time travel information to passengers• TfL used social media site ‘Yammer’ to create community for staff to share experiences and tips• 11,309 messages posted by 2,104 members• 7,243 relationships and 98% support for TAs• Key search terms included: • #celebspot • #stratford • #gla pods • #first shift CIPRsm
    26. 26. GAMES-TIME SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT MODEL London 2012 LU DLR LO@London2012 Bus 2012 Transport TfL Operational Coordination Control Centres Centre Street TfL Press TfL Customer GAOTG ‘Hub’ Office Experience @GAOTG @TfLOfficial @TfLTrafficNews @BarclaysCycle @TfLTravelAlerts @EmiratesAirLDN @Centralline CIPRsm
    28. 28. GAMES SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS (2)Get Ahead of the GamesTotal of 43,638 mentions Understandably,on Social Media between Twitter dominatesJan 1st-Sept 13th CIPRsm
    29. 29. GAMES SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS (3) @GAOTG Average seven mentions Huge peak in Twitter per hour Jan-Sept mentions at Games time@TfLOfficial More consistency for @TfLOfficial over the period of Jan-Sept having already been established as a CIPRsm well known Twitter handle for commuters
    30. 30. GAMES TRANSPORT SUCCESS Tube and DLR carried record numbers – up 35% on normal summer levels Tuesday Aug 7 busiest in Tube history – 4.57m in one day Record Barclays Cycle Hire figures – 1m hires in July, 47k on 26 July West End Tube station footfall up by average 7% year-on-year Around one third changed their travel Central London traffic down 15% Huge crowds for road events CIPRsm
    31. 31. POST-GAMES – TfL / GAOTG SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS IN LEGACY Get Ahead of the Games campaign ended following Paralympics Website remains ‘in legacy’ until end 2012 But don’t want to lose the 60k Twitter followers who benefited from travel advice So @GAOTG sought to migrate them to @TfL... channels and other operators CIPRsm
    33. 33. TFL TWITTER CHANNEL FOLLOWERSSocial Media Feed Followers Notes@tflofficial 45,600@tfltravelalerts 14,900Total of all line feeds 51,875 14 lines including LO, DLR, Trams@tfltrafficnews 19,300@tflbusalerts 2,279 Not promoted yet@EmiratesAirLDN 1,375 Not promoted yet@barclayscycle 6,942@tfloyster 2,231 Not promoted yet – customer service@tfltph 1,902 Stakeholder feedTfL Facebook 4,153 Not promoted yet CIPRsm
    34. 34. LESSONS LEARNED AND LEGACY Social media an essential part of TfL / GAOTG campaign, news and information tool – ahead of and during the Games YouTube ideal for ‘rich’ campaign content, promoted via web, email and all social media channels Twitter an essential real-time information and news management tool – monitoring is vital Social media management model with effective operational links vital to verify facts and quickly dispel myth and rumour Employee social community built through Yammer encouraged staff to build and share experiences, tips and information Ensure you have ‘rules of engagement’ in place – how will you respond to incidents, requests for info… or abuse Even via social media, customers prefer real-time information delivered by humans and with humour! CIPRsm
    35. 35. Questions @stuartross73CIPRsm
    36. 36. SOCIAL MEDIA AND ITS INVOLVEMENT WITH THE OLYMPICS AND PARALYMPICSCraig Spence Director of Communications International Paralympic Committee CIPRsm
    37. 37. OBJECTIVES• Half a million visits to• Raise the profile of 45 IPC Ones to Watch• Dovetail with wider media strategyCIPRsm
    38. 38. PARALYMPIC.ORGActivity included: TV Channel  780 hours of live sport  5 channels  SMART player  24 hours a day News Service  20 writers  50 stories a day  Sport previews, reviews and featuresCIPRsm
    39. 39. CIPRsm
    40. 40. Activity included: Uploaded 1,000 hours of video on demand including Ceremonies 24 hour a day operation All meta-tagged and linked to Facebook fan pages and tweeted to athletes Playlists createdCIPRsm
    41. 41. FACEBOOKActivity included: 3 IPC fan pages and 45 athlete pages Stories from Status updates Photos – Pic of the day Watch me live! Videos on demand Press CuttingsCIPRsm
    42. 42. SAMSUNG BLOGGERSActivity included: 45 athletes blogging from behind the scenes 650 videos uploaded in 11 days Content linked to all social channels starting with fan pages Opening and Closing Ceremony ‘exclusives’ Share with broadcastersCIPRsm
    43. 43. @PARALYMPICActivity included: No blueprint Ones to Watch authorised pre-Games Links to stories, photo galleries, VoDs Tweets to athletes about live coverage Media statements Inspiring lines!CIPRsm
    44. 44. RESULTS  1.9 million visits  250,000 live views of Closing Ceremony  Top 5 – UK, USA, Germany, Poland, Canada Facebook  3 IPC fan pages grew 125%  Athlete pages up by 1,300% on average  Jonnie Peacock – up 3,258%  Jason Smyth – up 2,174%  82.1 million views from 24 million users  Top 5 – USA, Italy, France, UK and CanadaCIPRsm
    45. 45. RESULTS Twitter  @ paralympic up 50%  1.5 million ‘Paralympic’ tweets  Jonnie Peacock up 1,305%  Hannah Cockcroft up 381% You Tube  9.9 million views of Video on Demand  550,000 views of Closing Ceremony  300,000 views of Samsung Bloggers Google+ 49,000 Flickr 56,000CIPRsm
    46. 46. QuestionsCIPRsm
    47. 47. Next Social Summer Sessions:Thursday 11 October – Will 4G just be more of the same, or actually change behaviours? – Ben Scott-Robinson, Executive Creative Director of EMEA for Joule Worldwide, WPPs mobile agency Tuesday 23 October – Media Relations Modernised – Adam Parker, chief executive of RealWire CIPRsm