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  • 6000 social media users across 12 countries in early 2012
  • HMV, Vodafone,Kitchenaid, Chrysler
  • Matt Appleby personal vs professional

    1. 1. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Personal vs Professional in social media Matt Appleby FCIPR 5 September 2013 SOCIAL SUMMER
    2. 2. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Matt Appleby @mattappleby intro
    3. 3. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Right/wrong answers Start debate: Why personal? Why professional? Brand ‘you’ Evolving picture Share experiences this evening Pic: Nomaan on Flickr
    4. 4. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “People are part of everything you do now and you are among them” Brian Solis, Share This Too
    5. 5. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Finding a job*: Personal tutor References Professional reputation: Media coverage Publications Professional memberships Networks/wom *ShareThisToo, Chapter 23, Richard Bailey then… Easy to keep work and home separate – to maintain ‘professional persona’ =
    6. 6. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM
    7. 7. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Jobseekers in the 2020s may have had a social media profile since before birth Google creates your first impression Even more important for reputation managers – judged on reputation Impossible to separate personal & professional – but advisable to create distinction now…
    8. 8. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Brian: “You’ve got to think for yourselves! You’re all individuals!” Crowd: “Yes! We’re all individuals!” Monty Python’s Life of Brian
    9. 9. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Brand definition: A product or service to which people attach a bunch of tangible (functional product and service characteristics) and intangible (emotional and/or symbolic) meanings that add value. A brand’s purpose is to differentiate itself from competitors. So, value in combining personal with professional and showing a distinct, individual character online brand ‘you’
    10. 10. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “I can be whoever you want me to be, Baby! I’m in PR. That’s what we do” Practitioner interview, Reed 2013
    11. 11. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Market to the mindset Harness the power of emotion Different purpose. Different mindset the Mindset Divide
    12. 12. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM
    13. 13. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM
    14. 14. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM
    15. 15. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM
    16. 16. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Recognise the need to tailor content to different channels but be aware that you’re always building an overall picture of brand ‘you’. You can keep them distinct but you can’t always keep them separate.
    17. 17. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Tell a consistent ‘brand’ story across all your (public) channels. Your personal interests can strengthen your professional reputation. No need to maintain a ‘professional persona’ but what goes on tour needs to stay on tour.
    18. 18. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Me: Work Friends/ Family Blogging Photography Food & Drink Cardiff Twitter X x X X X X Facebook X X X LinkedIn X Google+ X X Instagram X X X X X Flickr X X Blogs Golley Slater Golley Slater easyteas WeAre Cardiff RoathCardiff
    19. 19. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Biog makes it clear what you’ll tweet about I can use other accounts (work, blogs) for specific content and use my own to share only what’s relevant Did maintain separate profiles, but try to avoid a split ‘me’ online twitter is a challenge
    20. 20. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Even in private networks, only a cut-and-copy away from the rest of the world. Big brand public #fails risks
    21. 21. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM self edit and play nice Would I say this to my boss, my gran or my local newspaper? YES NO Tweet Don’t Tweet
    22. 22. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “To get between the client and the footlights is bad manners.” Ogilvy & Mather, Corporate Culture
    23. 23. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM It will always be bad manners – but social networks have put PR people on the same stage TheAlastair Campbell paradox – so good at managing the story that you become part of it But also an opportunity to build a better public understanding of our profession by showing a diversity of ‘human’ role models
    24. 24. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “We live in a time where brands are people and people are brands.” Brian Solis, WTF
    25. 25. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Within five years 57% of CEOs will be using social media. It will be the second most important way to engage staff after face to face.* Buy me.Trust me. Love me.* *ShareThisToo, Chapter 24, JaneWilson professional voice
    26. 26. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Conversations among human beings sound human.They are conducted in a human voice. (3) Markets do not want to talk to flacks and hucksters.They want to participate in the conversations going on behind corporate firewalls. (62) We know some people from your company.They’re pretty cool online. Do you have any more like that you’re hiding?Can they come out and play? (84) people of Earth:
    27. 27. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Audiences now accept conversations with ‘brands’ – but they’re still better with a human voice: Tailor content – Mindset Divide Introduce the people behind the profile Encourage personal sharing of company content Open up access to the accounts Handovers, guests and events Think ‘exclusive’ and behind the scenes
    28. 28. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM “Social media is rooted culturally in showing your real, whole self.” Jay Baer,
    29. 29. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Our personal profiles can contribute to our professional success. The networks we build are not neatly separated into personal and professional. Findability is key – how do we create content which will bring others to us? the whole self
    30. 30. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Tangible: Skills, experiences and interests that make you a more rounded professional Intangible: People buy from people – personality drives successful networking Add value: “Think random acts of content”* Different: A unique combination of your personal and professional interests, networks and experiences *Todd Defren, Brink e-book, back to the brand
    31. 31. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Questions?
    32. 32. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM • With blurred lines between personal and professional, how do you manage distinct channels? • How do you personally shape your brand – what’s your blend of personal and professional? • How can you take advantage for your clients/company? • Which aspects of your personal life can best contribute to your professional reputation? • What do you have of value that you can share? starter for 10
    33. 33. #CIPRSM#CIPRSM Thank you for attending Find out more at SOCIAL SUMMER