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Market Research Online Session from CIPR Social Media Conference

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Market Research Online - Francesco D'Orazio

  1. 1. A Rough Guide toSocial Media ResearchFrancesco D’Orazio, Research Director at Face, @abc3d CIPRsm
  2. 2. We have beenasking thewrong question
  3. 3. “We talk of the relationshipsconsumers have with our brandsas if they were primary but thedata points to things beingotherwise. Consumers’ mostvaluable relationships are not withbrands but with otherconsumers” Mark Earls
  4. 4. Social media allow us to learn aboutthe relationships and interactionsbetween consumers and how brandscan fit into that equation  Cosmic 140 © Information Architects, Inc. 2010
  5. 5. Social Media allow us to see howinteractions play out at network level
  6. 6. How do you fit into peoples lives? What does it mean to be human?© Avatar Sculpture Works 2005
  7. 7. Currently we look at social media# like a butcher looks at a carcass Cutting bykeywords Aggregating by channels Weighting by influence
  8. 8. © Alexandre Farto aka Vhils 2010 We are only just scratching # the surface > CONTENT
  9. 9. © Alexandre Farto aka Vhils 2010 Missing out on CONTEXT > stories, social spaces, physical spaces… BEHAVIOUR > activities, purchase, consumption…
  10. 10. “A Periodic Table of Human Behaviours” David Bausola
  11. 11. The codebehind atweet
  12. 12. © Alexandre Farto aka Vhils 2010 Today we are going to focus on analyzing CONTENT through social media mining
  13. 13. how do you turn socialmedia data into insights?
  14. 14. Define the objectives of the study: Brand audit# Topic audit# Campaign Tracking# Ongoing Tracking# Social CRM
  15. 15. Hearing vs Listening# What are you going to listen to?#Do not assume you can track everything# Build a panel of sources# Shape your panel strategically# Make data comparable over time
  16. 16. Define your # verticals#as well as your # horizontals
  17. 17. What kind of data streams # do you have access to?# Real-time?# Sampled?# Sampled How?# Historical?
  18. 18. Define your search strategy Cast your net wide# Keywords & KeyphrasesStopwords & Content Filters Date Range Iterate
  19. 19. Look at the metrics
  20. 20. visual mining and natural interaction with data to support pattern recognition # and iterative thinking
  21. 21. volumes are nothing without weighting take into account reach, engagement and features of each message to assess its ‘visibility’
  22. 22. human sentiment analysis is key: # we crowd-source it Analysts Company Benefits of this approacha) access to a on-demand, 24/7, scalable workforceb) volumes: thousands of messages analyzed in a few hoursc) lower cost per message coded
  23. 23. 1) Domain Relevance 2) User Reach 3) User Credibilityhow do you measure influence?
  24. 24. but there are still some open challenges: demographics geography sentiment sources spam
  25. 25. this is why social media analysis is all about...
  26. 26. partitioningreducing complexity hierarchy independence
  27. 27. mining for patternsdecoding the shape of phenomena, rather then micro values
  28. 28. from data to insights
  29. 29. the POLL packaging PICTURE The analysis funnel S looks cool CHAT but... love this did you ad... hear saw BLOG that.. this on fb this is VIDEO cool.. check this out web scan targeted monitoringfeedback feedback noise reduction refined mentions feedback analysis feedback reporting
  30. 30. step #1landscapesummary of the mostimportant data for anyspecific search
  31. 31. volumes/reactivity
  32. 32. visibility
  33. 33. qualitative visibility
  34. 34. geography
  35. 35. step #2leadsidentify the leadsthat might bepointing towardsrelevant phenomena
  36. 36. step #3drill-downdifferent types ofleads requiredifferent types ofdrill-down action
  37. 37. topics/wordclouds
  38. 38. topics/treemaps
  39. 39. trending topics / strata
  40. 40. Sites/users by volumes
  41. 41. Sites/users by visibility
  42. 42. Sites/users by engagement
  43. 43. step #4eventsexplain whatcaused a specificphenomenon
  44. 44. More on Pulsar Social Media Mining Solutions
  45. 45. More on Pulsar Social Media Mining Solutions
  46. 46. tactical “reactions show that speed is not the main concern and there is a solid audience for propositions that are tailored on usage levels”step #5 “identify the most influential sources that have beeninsights discussing the topic and engage them about the launch of the new broadband packages” strategic “providing original research-based information which sources and users can embed within their contents drives high profile mentions and viral engagement”
  47. 47. bring together events + insights in a comprehensive trend that tells the story ofstep #6 the brand over a specific period of timetrends+models identify recursive patters and suggest actions which will cause a trend to emerge again
  48. 48. O2 Case Study
  49. 49. the business context 1.  To plug social media monitoring into the heart of business and brand planning 2.  To help maximise the potential of executions in terms of Social Networking 3.  To understand how we can target media and seed better than today 4.  To help with gaining proactive insight – early discovery of emerging trends / issues / opportunities 5.  Brand reputation management of both consumers and the media
  50. 50. RTO2 is a social media monitoring andanalysis solution designed for O2. RTO2 it’s software + strategic consultancy outputs: 1) bespoke dashboard 2) weekly reports 3) monthly conferencing 4) quarterly workshops
  51. 51. dashboard online DB web crawler A live interactive dashboard generates real-time data visualization and customized reports analytics A web crawler browses the World Wide Web searching for specific key-phrases in amethodical, automated manner. It creates a copy of all the Software analytics tools andrelevant pages and stores them human analysts process the in an online database for later information harvested by the processing web crawler in real-time
  52. 52. the real-time dashboard
  53. 53. The overriding research objective was to utiliseone tool for Traditional media and Social media,covering: 1.  Media and consumer social media monitoring 2.  Buzz monitoring and sentiment tracking 3.  Brand reputation management and performance 4.  Media performance 5.  Messaging success
  54. 54. How is being used? insight/innovation: topic-trend exploration brand/pr: brand reputation - share of voice brand/pr: wider landscape brand/advertising/pr: product/service/campaign tracking customer care: targeted customer engagement / social CRM
  55. 55. immediate practical challenges: 1) Key word search continuity 2) Scale 3) Education/training 4) Real-time planning 5) Real-time social CRM
  56. 56. thanks @abc3d