NIIT Technologies - Outsourcing services for middle east


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Arvind Mehrotra, President APAC, India and Middle East at NIIT Technologies spoke at the CIO Event (dot) com/me

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NIIT Technologies - Outsourcing services for middle east

  1. 1. ...---…A Fresh Perspective on Outsourcing 11th September 2012 CIO ME, Dubai Arvind Mehrotra President – Middle East and Asia
  2. 2. Global Economy in Turmoil • Uncertainty • Trust deficit • Government over-reaction, under- performance • Future imperfect© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 2
  3. 3. The Squeeze • Liquidity • Market • Employment • Innovation? • Transformation?© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 3
  4. 4. IT: Caught in the Middle The disruption: • Cloud • Data and Analytics • Mobility Technology – a life of its own • Social Media Business – re-inventing itself to new rules The decision trap : • Lights-on • Transformation • Save and Spend • Consumerization of technology© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 4
  5. 5. What the Squeeze Means • Role of IT – Present and Future • IT strategy – Leverage the four X four forces • Go-To-Market – Cost – Risk – Opportunity • Relationships – Internal – External© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 5
  6. 6. Problem or Opportunity?© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 6
  7. 7. Leveraging Assets: Cargo Handling Capacity utilization Cargo Operations Management Cycle-time reduction Query management, track and trace Error elimination Door-to-door value-added Scheduling and services sequencing Truck Control Track and Trace services Higher space and asset utilization, return on investment, superior quality of service, quicker turn- Fleet Management around, value-added services Mobility, device enablement Electronic document management Data Centre Management ERP e-Management Business Intelligence E-Procurement© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 7
  8. 8. Working with SATS  Developed Cargo operations and ground handling Core Functions Supporting Functions system for one of the largest airport operators. Flight Management Air Way Bill Management Export Handling Import Handling (SYSTEM)  Refined over the years. 3rd Generation System Warehouse ULD Customer Accounting Support & Utility deployed in Singapore last year. Configuration Management Management Module Master Data Local Clearance Cargo History House Way Bill Mainenance  System Capability: (CUSTOMS) Management Management Rules • High load handling capabilities Configuration • 10,000 AWB transactions per day Supporting Functions(Business) • 400 flights per day (Incoming & Outgoing) Mail Handling AWB Stock Management • 300 concurrent users • 2500 hits per day on web-track system Interfaces Bar Code • EDI messages Statistics Scanners Weighing Scales Email Agents • Average 90,000 message per day Inventory Control Oracle Financials Airlines System Other Custom SITA Authorities Before 2005 Before 2007 2008 2009 2010 SATS, Singapore AAT, Hong Kong Cathay Terminal 3, Hong SATS Upgrade, Tan Son Nhat Cargo Services Kong Singapore Ltd (TCS) EGAC, Taiwan BGS, Beijing AI-SATS Cargo Terminal, PT. Jasa Angkasa Semesta (PT Bangalore JAS), 3 Cities© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 8
  9. 9. Collaboration - Transformation  Packaged IP • Cargo Ground Handling  Scope: • Works with the airline Cargo Reservations System • End-to-end Cargo Handling • Improves staff productivity by reducing process redundancies, resulting in enhanced Customer Experience  Implementations • Singapore • Taiwan • Beijing • Bangalore • Hong Kong  Benefit • Revenue generation opportunity for IP owner • Cost containment for the customer “The implementation of the Cosys is required to ensure quicker processing of the cargo and will boost the operational efficiency of the AI-SATS airport services”, Ranjiv Ramanathan, Senior V P (cargo) of AI-SATS© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 9
  10. 10. A real opportunity for IT to make a real difference  There is value in emerging technologies : • How we work • The tools we work with • The products and services we provide and sell© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 10
  11. 11. Managing the transformation through Incident Management Workflow based Knowledge Repository Tool, to implement the Incident Management Requirement. With MATRIX, all of the knowledge required is housed in one document pool. Everything can be accessed through keywords, with the help of meta tags, or by combing through the entire document pool with a full text search. Business Need • Workflow based Incident Management • Track incidents/ problems/ change requests / defects • Maintain Knowledge Repository • Community Discussions • Alerts and Notifications Benefits • Central repository of Incidents • Dashboards for Analysis • SLA Tracking • Collaboration among stakeholders • Sharing of Circular/Notices / Announcements  Configurable  Secured  On Cloud© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 11
  12. 12. What ‘Consumerization of IT’ means Bringing technologies readily available to consumers into the workplace •Hear •Speak •See •Feel •Think •Respond •Taste? •Smell?© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 12
  13. 13. Mobile Enablement : Competing with Regional and Local Players Transportation Customer Warehouse Plant Remaining Shipment Plant Transportation Customer Warehouse (Floating Warehouse) Enterprise Server & Mobility Middleware Salient features: • Access SAP environment thru a Mobile attached with a small printer to generate invoice. • A new invoice is recorded in SAP for the delivered quantity. • Simultaneously the Stock Transfer Note gets modified in SAP for the quantity delivered. • On the spot collection of payment by providing retails invoice as the desired quantity is delivered. • Save on secondary freight; Improve bottom-line. • Faster delivery of goods to customer; Increase Customer Satisfaction.© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 13
  14. 14. Port Scanning: Inward Logistics made simple with Hand Held Device Port Scanning Application Business Need • Optimization of vehicles operation for improving: • Dispatch time for Priority Vehicles • Visibility of Vehicle Stock arrival • Traceability of Vehicles • Customer satisfaction thru accurate Expected time of delivery Business benefits • Ship and Vehicle arrival information availability • Automation of Port operations to save cost and time • Identification of Priority Vehicles for faster accessorization and dispatch to main Yard • Vehicle Traceability and Analysis reports Options to pull real-time Barcodes used Ship & Priority Color Codes in the Scanner for Tracking & Information Generating Exit denotes Priority of the Vehicle Notes© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 14
  15. 15. Transforming with Lights-on Separate partnerships based on Horizontal based Decay technical service lines outsourcing, i.e. based on or • ADM Partner technical service line • Infrastructure Partner Stability • AMS Partner Domain based partnerships across business lines and processes Building embedded and SLA based work practices from customer workplace© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 15
  16. 16. Emirates Group • Acted as a valued sourcing partner by synchronizing the competency process for recruitment with customer • Competency based volume resourcing for project management and various cutting edge technical skills • Domain based value add and Niche skills resourcing • Consulting engagements on architectural, domain and testing assignments • Both T&M and Project based delivery model at customer site© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 16
  17. 17. Transforming with Lights-on Separate partnerships based on Horizontal based Decay technical service lines outsourcing, i.e. based on or • ADM Partner technical service line • Infrastructure Partner Stability • AMS Partner Stability Platform based partnerships, Domain based outsourcing or either across business lines or Evolved processes Platform based partnerships across business lines and business processes Stabilizing platform and evolve functionality for regional benefits© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 17
  18. 18. Toyota Motors - 14 year long relationship 2008-11 •Development of R-OEM TMME, Belgium •Country wide Rollout of TOPSERV TMC, Japan (through Toshiba) •Involved in Oracle EBS – EM, MS and TMT •TKM – CTDMS development/Rollout •ALJ – DMS development TKM, India •ALJ – Body & Paint Development •TMAP- TBR Migration 2004-07 •Development of TOPSERV •Development of DOTS, ESS, IXOS ALJ, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia •SAP Support & Maintenance •Linking Manufacturer-Custom Broker •Development of Fleet Management & Wholesale Invoicing TMAP, TMT Thailand •System for Price Estimation: CBU Vehicles and CKD Parts •Establishment of ODC for S&M 2000-03 •Development of Distributor Parts Pricing System No. of platforms stabilized •Overseas Export Management of OEM Parts •System to handle warranty claims of various distributors Name of No. of No. of Average •A Web-based Sales & Logistics system System Users Dealers/ Transactions/ •Systems for Manufacturer – Distributor relationship Branches Day 1998-99 •System for Distributor – Dealer Relationship : Demand Forecasting Sales 6,000 402 10,000 •Linking over 200 locations across 100 dealers Service 7,000 322 60,000 •An Order Processing System that connected all spare parts vendors DMS 5,000 140 45,000 •All Spare Parts Vendors brought under a single umbrella© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 18
  19. 19. Current Engagements with Toyota Toyota, Thailand (TMT, TMAP-EM) • Maintenance of entire Sales & After Sales domain TMME, Belgium • Maintenance of multiple applications in TMC, Japan (through Toshiba) Finance/HR/Manufacturing • Support of Oracle EBS Implementations TKM, India • Change Management Consultancy & Communications for SAP to Oracle • Kaizen of Sales and After Sales systems • Kaizen of Finance/HR Manufacturing systems • Technology Migration of Sales and Distribution system ALJ, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia • Project Management TMAP, TMT Thailand Toyota, India (TKM) • Development & Rollout of (Country wide) Sales and After Sales system • Training to Dealers and Migrate data to new system • Centre of Competency with dedicated Functional and • Maintenance of Sales and After Sales system Technical team to support Toyota domains • Project Management • Increase productivity • Reduced cycle-time for delivery Toyota, KSA (ALJ) • Customer comfort and trust • Development & Implementation of Sales system • Strong knowledge of TMAP Framework and TMAP • Development of Body and Paint system Development Standards • Mature & Proven Dual-Shore model of development, service delivery • Rich experience of Toyota culture© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 19
  20. 20. Transforming with Lights-on Separate partnerships based on Horizontal based Decay technical service lines outsourcing, i.e. based on or • ADM Partner technical service line • Infrastructure Partner Stability • AMS Partner Stability Platform based partnerships Domain based outsourcing or either across business lines or Evolved processes Business service based Evolved Cloud adoption (internal / outsourcing or external) Agile Business services based partnerships across internal and external cloud adoption Transforming application portfolio by consolidating infrastructure and platform on cloud© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 20
  21. 21. 3 Stages of Application Consolidation + Rationalization on Cloud • World’s second largest cement producer • Transforming application portfolio for their Asia-Pacific region including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, etc… • Pilot completed for Indonesian region successfully© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 21
  22. 22. The New ‘Information’ Technology Stack Demand CT End customer / consumer Usage and Experience Experience Consumer Technology Business Functionality, Business Applications Process Enablement BT Business Technology Infrastructure Foundational infrastructure, databases, tools, networks, security, IT archival, etc. Information Technology Enablement© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 22
  23. 23. Outsourcing Redefined “It’s not about outsourcing jobs or tasks; it’s about importing competitiveness” - Late Prof. Dr. C. K. Prahalad© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 23
  24. 24. SOS ...---… A Fresh Perspective on Outsourcing “Specialist Out-Sourcing”© 2012 NIIT Technologies Ltd. 24