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Ian Yates, Director of EMEA at Tangoe - Getting your money's worth from BYOD


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Ian Yates, Director of EMEA at Tangoe spoke at the CIO Event April 2014

Ian Yates, Director of EMEA at Tangoe spoke at the CIO Event April 2014

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  • 1. Whittlebury Hall, Silverstone 2nd - 3rd April 2014 BYOD: Get Your Money’s Worth CIO Event
  • 2. Tangoe Speaker: Ian Yates - BIO Ian Yates, Director of EMEA, Tangoe Ian Yates has over 20 years’ experience within telecommunications, managed services and BPO industries delivering high-value solutions to enterprise businesses. Prior to joining Tangoe, Ian served as the Chief Executive Officer of Quickcomm Software Solutions, a Vodafone company. Prior to joining Quickcomm, he served as the Managing Director of the UK’s leading telecommunications audit and consultancy group, leading the development and integration of the business following its 2008 acquisition by one of Europe’s leading consultancy practices. Previously, he held several senior business positions including the UK operating board of the world’s leading recovery audit business. Ian has extensive experience of working with enterprise on managing costs and communication. As Tangoe’s Commercial Director for EMEA, Ian is responsible for working with clients to build strategies and solutions to meet todays’ fast changing communication world.
  • 3. Agenda • Mobility and BYOD Trends • BYOD Cost Challenges • BYOD Economics • Cost Considerations • Savings Strategy • Next steps
  • 4. • $27.5B+ expense under management • Over 4.4 million mobile devices managed • 59,000 monthly mobile fulfillment orders • Work with 3,100 carriers The leading global provider of Connection Lifecycle Management solutions About Tangoe
  • 5. Source: Tangoe Corporate orders In Europe Mobility trends we are seeing – Devices
  • 6. Mobility trends we are seeing – Voice Consumption
  • 7. Mobility trends we are seeing – Data Consumption
  • 8. Mobile Device Trends – No Surprises Here
  • 9. Mobility…… • More people on earth have access to a mobile phone than have water or electricity • 100 countries have more mobile subscriptions than people • 38% of people with internet access do so exclusively from a mobile device • It typically takes 24 hours for a person to report a lost credit card…it takes 30 minutes to report a lost phone • More people on earth have taken a picture with a camera-phone than have with a traditional camera • The average person checks their phone 150 times (200+ for smartphones) daily Source: Tom iAhonen Almanac 2013, The Guardian, ITC, Visa International Phones are everywhere and we use them a lot!
  • 10. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Gartner Predicts by 2017, Half of Employers will Require Employees to Supply Their Own Device for Work Purposes "BYOD strategies are the most radical change to the economics and the culture of client computing in business in decades," said David Willis, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "The benefits of BYOD include creating new mobile workforce opportunities, increasing employee satisfaction, and reducing or avoiding costs." 62% workers use personal device for business 45% use their private phones 33%+ regularly use their desktop/laptop
  • 11. Ignorance is Not Bliss with BYOD • Do not let BYOD happen to you • No strategy….no visibility, management or enforcement • BYOD means a larger organisational role for IT • Help Desk Funding
  • 12. BYOD Program Options • Employee-responsible models o Individual has full responsibility o Enterprise subsidise work use via stipend, salary increase or reimbursement • Hybrid responsibility models o Shared responsibility for ownership, payment and support There is no industry standard – it depends on your business
  • 13. Gartner: CIOs can use BYOD for cost reduction • Gartner: A well-managed BYOD program can occasionally save money • Essential mobile workers expect compensation - no standards • 50% of BYOD programs provide a partial reimbursement • Subsidised amount varies widely throughout the world
  • 14. BYOD Cost Challenges • Gartner: BYOD does not reduce costs when an organisation has: o Frequent international travelers o Employees located in countries where reimbursement is considered taxable o Custom mobile application integration (i.e. where mobile apps are urgent and strategic) • 10% international travelers make up 35% of the total service costs • Data throughput by 2016 grows by 18x; driven by 4G networks • Stipend – do not overpay • Expense reports • Hidden costs
  • 15. Corporate Liable pricing is 42% - 80% less costly compared to Individual Liable pricing An International Traveler Example
  • 16. BYOD Economics • No mobile worker is free o More devices + applications = security and management tools, app licenses, help desk, infrastructure o Overhead costs easily exceed £60/worker/year. 2016: £180 (Source: Gartner) • Subsidy strategy is critical o Stipend, expense report or device allowance (tax implications) o Higher the subsidy, greater participation o Preferred platforms receive enterprise preference o Subsidised amount varies widely throughout the world o Unlike mileage, no standards
  • 17. Cost Considerations • Security and management o Admin costs for provisioning each BYO device o MDM protects data and applications • Help desk o What level of support will you, or not, provide? o Complete self-service? Think again… • Multi-platform, multi-department o The cost of internal app development can rise dramatically with BYOD o Multi-departments will use the same enterprise apps
  • 18. Savings Strategy • Recommendations o Know your fully-loaded cost per device/employee o Have cross-department buy-in…do not execute alone (silo) o Subsidy strategy and goals: - Cost, satisfaction, application adoption…? - Smartphone device should not be subsidised - Link incentives to the service plan and approved devices • Your security strategy drives savings o Define your policy controls with executive leadership buy-in o The more control, the higher the costs to achieve trust
  • 19. Manage Expectation Alignment • Your C-level Execs o Cost reduction o Optimisation o Agile enterprise o I want what I want • Your Peers o Cost o Legal o Employee satisfaction o Productivity • Your Own o Scale and sustainability o Security enforcement o Management strategy
  • 20. • Secure client container for iOS and Android preserves native UX • Enterprise apps restricted to the work persona • Data-at-rest is protected with AES 256 bit encryption • FIPS 140-2 Validated/Certified (NIST Cert 1747) • VPN from Work Persona only • Blacklist / White list applications Elect. Enforce. Empower. Container Solution
  • 21. Next Steps • Work with the business owners • Decide what form and how many types of BYOD you will support • Determine the device type range • Work with HR, legal department and corporate risk organisation • Determine your TCO and then who qualifies • What is your incentive strategy, amount and process? • Your minimal baseline policy for trust o If global, need flexibility
  • 22. Tangoe Team: Contact Information Ian Yates Senior Director of EMEA, Tangoe +44 7868 745 705 David Dean Direct Sales +44 7801 676 697 Mario Schiano Lo Moriello Regional VP MDM EMEA +44 7860 845 872