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Presentatie Dougies, Aanbestedingen en tenders vragen om innovatie van Sales, VCV - 9 september 2010
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Presentatie Dougies, Aanbestedingen en tenders vragen om innovatie van Sales, VCV - 9 september 2010


Is bidmanagement in staat om, te redeneren vanuit de belangen van de inkoper en daarmee als innovatie van sales te fungeren? …

Is bidmanagement in staat om, te redeneren vanuit de belangen van de inkoper en daarmee als innovatie van sales te fungeren?

In deze workshop wordt aan de hand van praktijkvoorbeelden en discussie ingegaan op het succesvol(ler) omgaan met het fenomeen aanbestedingen en tenders.

Sprekers: Douglas Huissen (Nyenrode VCV Kring Sales & Accountmanagement) & Alexander Reuvers (CINFIELD)

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  • 1. VCV KRING: Sales & Account Management i.s.m. Workshop: Aanbestedingen & tenders vragen om innovatie van Sales 6de bijeenkomst 9 september 2010
  • 2. Workshop: Aanbestedingen en tenders vragen om innovatie van Sales CINFIELD & Dougies 9 september , De Rooy Gebouw Kamer 104 programma 19.00u Ontvangst 19.30u Opening & Introductie (Douglas) 19.45u Bidmanagement als integraal onderdeel van het sales proces (Alexander Reuvers) - De traditionele kijk op bidmanagement - Veranderingen van inkoop - Bidmanagement als proces - Bidmanagement en innovatie 20.45u   Pauze 21.00u   Tender kwalificatie als een sales innovatie tool (Douglas Huissen) - Sales inefficiëntie - Voordelen van tender kwalificatie - 4 kwalificatie vragen - Opportunity Assessment Tool 21.40u Stellingen & discussie (Douglas & Alexander) 22.00u Borrel in de Kelderbar 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 3. Agenda & Introductie • Welkom introducés (oa CINFIELD) • Introductie VCV Kring Sales & Account Management • Huishoudelijk • VCV website • Aanmelden • Catering • LinkedIn groep • Planning 2011 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 4. Aanbestedingen en tenders vragen om innovatie van sales - Alexander Reuvers VCV Kring Sales & Accountmanagement 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 5. Tender Kwalificatie = een must Waarom Sales moet innoveren • Old school sales: “Buyers are Liars” David Sandler • New school sales: “Sales is an incomplete model that fails at least 90% of the times” Sharon Drew Morgen • Facts: Success ratio on tenders (public and private) is still less than 20% (BRC report 2009) • Trend: more and more formal tenders, rigid processes, more risk for both customers as tenderers. • Today: presenting you a useful easy to understand quantative tool and measurable tool: Strategic Opportunity Assessment Tool ‘The nicest thing about not qualifying, is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry and depression’ 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 6. A consistent and efficient sales process will help you to increase your win rating on tenders and opportunities Identifying Leads Manage the Manage the Bid Implement the Q Q Q Q Opportunity Contract Market Account & Scope Qualif y Design Create Close segment Portf olio Opport Opportu Solution Contract Implement Contract proposal information Planning unity nity  Q: Traditionally qualification on occurs only once when the opportunity needs to be managed  By repetitively qualification and assessment progress and strategy can be managed and tracked  Using a simple and understandable qualification and assessment tool  Ranking responses on 4 fundamental qualification questions . 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 7. Tender qualification benefits • Increase the win chances on tenders >20% • A tool that lowers your Sales/Tender costs : • Direct tender costs • Opportunity losses • Objective measurable tool to set priorities between opportunities • Resource allocation tool, your best resources are scarce…better put them on deals that are worth it.. • Dashboard function (As-is status) • Regular/periodic updates on assessment • A tool to formulate and assess the appropriate Sales strategy • NOT: A no-bid tool…. No-bidding will eventually educate your customers on how and when most value can be gained from you as a supplier 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 8. Q1) Is there an opportunity? • Visibility of the Engagement (formal RFP?) ..careful • Our understanding of the customer's requirements • Our Understanding of the evaluation criteria and weightings • Our understanding of the customer's benefits/objectives. • Our knowledge of the customer's budget • Do you understand your Customer's intent to solve ? • Is there a Clear Compelling Event • What are the consequences of delay • Is the customer spending on external consultancy to guide the process • Is the Opportunity planned ? • What is our position in the sales process? 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 9. Q2) Can we Compete? • Who made the description of the requirements? • Is your offer 100% compliant? • What’s your customers view on your offering/reputation for this deal • Do you have clear and undisputed USPs according to the customer. • Do you have specific sector Understanding/Expertise? • Do you have the appropriate references in sector • What is your experience in similar projects • Do you have the time and resources to respond compliantly and competitively • Does the proposal have to be best and final • Is the customer visiting references/data centres • Coverage (licencing/billing/network nodes) • Do we need partnerships and are they in place 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 10. Q3) Can we win? • It is an existing customer? • Number of competitors • Do you have a clear strategy to defeat your main rival? • What’s your understanding of the DMU • Who is the preferred supplier • Is the account team in control of the customer and process? • If it is a draw what will happen? • Do we have contact to the end customer? • Do you have to be cheapest? • Does YourCo have a friendly consultant in the process • Managing the selling team will be … 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 11. Q4) Is it worth winning? • NIBR expected from the deal • Sales investment required • "Quality" of the customer/business potential • Profitability of the deal • EBIT impact Year 1 • Risk assessment (register?) transition & operational, public exposures? • Does this deal jeopardize other opportunities • Does Your management want this deal ? 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 12. Escape vehicle Loss recovery Escape vehicle Loss recovery Dougies Opportunity Assessment Model Opportunity assessment Clarification, enhancement Bid production & Strategy & qualification (TAS) & negotiations Do we know the decision Test Execute Improve criteria? proposal Feedback on Can we be compliant? Multi level Further cost- Contact plan savings -Technical Senior Man. Engagement -Operational Consolidating Benefits Is there an opportunity? -Planning Emphasizing Competitive Techn. Design Is it worth winning? Do we have agreed T&C’s? Can we Compete? Advantages optimization Decision Decision Can we Win? Prospect Do we have a contact plan Prospect Regular dialogue & strategy? Neutralizing Broadening Competition scope -Fox hunting -Power base Visits Sharing risk Can we hit win price? BUILD P&L!asap! Clarification questions Reference Implementation Negotiation Negotiation Visits Competitive assessment! Optimization Trapping Trapping Did we adopt the winning strategy: Engaging Partnerships Defend Further Financial Frontal Benefits Marketing - sign on fee Flanking Events - CPE buy back - Benchmarking Fragment Continues win rating improvement 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 13. Dougies Strategic Opportunity Assessment Sheet Proj ect / Cust omer N ame Submi ssi on dat e ( Cust omer) D at e of Request D ue D at e ( Proposal ) Pl ease i nsert Cont ract CRM -N umber €  0 Val ue Eval uat i on Cri t eri a and Scal e Score Q1) Is there an opportunity? Comment s N egat i ve N eut ral Posi t i ve Your Co Rumor Confirmed O ffici al Vi si bi l i t y of t he Engagement ( f ormal RFP?) H ow sure are w e t hat t here w i l l be a cont ract ? Can t he cust omer cancel t he request f or proposal ? I s t here a f ormal RFP? = -1 = 0 = +1 N ot preci se Fai r Sharp O ur underst andi ng of t he cust omer' requi rement s s H as t he cust omer l i st ed or made cl ear i t s requi rement s and t he eval uat i on cri t eri a = -2 = 0 = +2 N ot cl ear I n D ept h O ur Underst andi ng of t he eval uat i on cri t eri a and w ei ght i ngs Fai r= 0 I s t he cust omer usi ng a bal anced score card assessment and do w e underst and how w e can score agai nst t hese cri t eri a = -1 = +1 N ot cl ear Fai r I n D ept h O ur underst andi ng of t he cust omer' benefit s/obj ect i ves. s Thi nk about al l t ypes of benefit s : f or t he company, f or i ndi vi dual s, et c. ( "mot i vat i on cri t eri a") = -2 = 0 = +2 N ot al l ocat ed Know n O ur know l edge of t he cust omer' budget s A l ocat ed but unknow n = 0 l H ow much money di d t he cust omer act ual l y make avai l abl e f or t he proj ect ? = -2 = +1 W eak M edi um St rong A hori t y f rom t he cust omer' deci si on maker w i l l be requi red f or t he deal t o go ahead. D oes t he cust omer need or w ant t he proj ect s ut s ' Cust omer' i nt ent t o sol ve s = -2 = 0 = +2 success ? N ot cl ear Fai r Cl ear Cl ear Compel l i ng Event Cont ract expi ry/renew al are not cl ear compel l i ng event s. A Fai r compel l i ng event i s e. . t he upgrade of t he net w ork or W A consol i dat i on. g N = -2 = 0 = +2 N one Fai r Yes W hat are t he consequences of del ay Exampl e f or f ai r consequences are mi ssed savi ngs a huge consequence i s t ypi cal l y a del ay t hat i mpact s cust omers operat i ons = -2 = 0 = + 1 N one Fai r Yes I s t he cust omer spendi ng on ext ernal consul t ancy t o gui de t he process = -2 = 0 = + 1 No Yes O pport uni t y pl anned ? / A opport uni t y i s pl anned w hen i t resul t s f rom t he sel l i ng st rat egy on an exi st i ng account pl an. n = 0 = +1 Opportunity Re-act i ve Pro-act i ve O ur posi t i on i n t he sal es process / W as YourCo consi deri ng an off eri ng bef ore recept i on of t he f ormal Request f or Proposal ? =0 = +1 Mi n M ax Subt ot al f or t hi s I t em 0 = -15 = + 15 Eval uat i on Cri t eri a and Scal e Score Q2) Can we Compete? Comment s assessment & N egat i ve N eut ral Posi t i ve Your Co A compet i t or The cust omer YourCo W ho made t he descri pt i on of t he requi rement s = -2 = 0 = +1 No Yes Can YourCo off er 100% compl i ant ? / i ncl ude t echni cal , commerci al , l i censi ng and l egal compl i ance. = -2 = +2 W eak Fai r St rong YourCo' percei ved off eri ng/reput at i on f or t hi s deal s W hat i s t he percei ved reput at i on f rom t he cust omer and compet i t ors = -1 = 0 = +2 qualification Few /Bad Some/O K Large/Good YourCo has cl ear and undi sput ed USPs accordi ng t o t he cust . = -1 = 0 = +2 Unknow n Fai r Excel l ent YourCo Sect or Underst andi ng Thi s quest i on pert ai ns t o t he rel evant compet ence on t he i ncumbent YourCo ent i t y. = -1 = 0 = +1 Few /Bad Some/O K M any/Good YourCo ref erences i n sect or Same as above. = -1 = 0 = +1 Few /Bad Some/O K Large/Good YourCo experi ence i n si mi l ar probl ems Same as above. = -1 = 0 = +2 score card Yes D o w e have t he t i me and resources t o respond f ul l y compl i ant l y and compet i t i vel y N o = -1 N ot yet = 0 = +2 D oes t he proposal have t o be best and final Yes = -1 For RFP = 0 A t er D D can be ri vi si t = + 2 f Yes I s t he cust omer vi si t i ng ref erences/dat a cent res N o = -1 N o yet = 0 = +1 Coverage ( l i cenci ng/bi l l i ng/net w ork nodes) < 50% = -2 51% > 90% = 0 > 90% = + 2 D o w e need part nershi ps and are t hey i n pl ace N o = -1 Yes = 0 Excl usi ve basi s = + 2 Part ners are not t he same as suppl i ers l i ke oBS/Vanco. Mi n M ax Subt ot al f or t hi s i t em 0 = -15 = + 20 Eval uat i on Cri t eri a and Scal e Score Q3) Can we win? Comment s N egat i ve N eut ral Posi t i ve Your Co new exi st i ng i n H ome-l and I t i s an exi st i ng cust omer? Exi st i ng I nt ernat i onal = + 2 D o w e have a t radi ng rel at i onshi p w i t h t hat cust omer/O pco/D epart ment = -2 = +1 M ore t han 5 1 to 5 YourCo A one l N umber of compet i t ors = -1 = 0 = +2 YourCo st rat egy t o def eat t he compet i t i on/i ncumbant N ot cl ear/j ust pri ci ng = -2 Some i deas = 0 Cl ear compet i t i ve st rat egy = + 2 Poor O ur underst andi ng of t he D M U Know n but rel at i ons t o be bui l t = 0 W el l know n and rel at i on bui l t = +2 I dent i f yi ng t he D M U i s one t hi ng , bui l di ng rel at i ons i s anot her one. W hat i s our underst andi ng and i nfluence on deci si on process ? = -1 A compet i t or N obody YourCo W ho i s t he pref erred suppl i er I s t here evi dence on t he cust omer' pref erence? s = -2 = 0 = +2 W eak Average Good YourCo posi t i on i n t he l i st I s t here more t han one compet i t or more compet ent / bet t er pl aced t han YourCo accordi ng t o you? = -1 = 0 = +1 No Yes I s t he account t eam i n cont rol of t he cust omer and process? / A you sure about your eval uat i on? re = -2 = +1 10-90% M ore t han 90% YourCo chances t o w i n ? Less t han 10% = -2 I n case > 90% pl ease provi de evi dence? = 0 = +1 I f i t i s a draw w hat w i l l happen? Lose = -2 Ext ent i on/ cl ari ficat i on = 0 TS t o w i n = + 2 Yes D o w e have cont act t o t he end cust omer? N o = -1 N ot al l ow ed = 0 End cust omer as i n O perat i ng Company, LBU count r org et c. w ho are part of t he D M U f or t hi s opport uni t y , = +1 Yes No YourCo has t o be cheapest / D oes TS have t he opport uni t y t o compet e on ot her cri t eri a t hen pri ce al one? I f TS i s 20% more expensi ve can TS st i l l w i n? = -2 = +2 No Yes D oes YourCo have a f ri endl y consul t ant i n t he process / Fri endl y consul t ant i s someone t hat has proven val ue t o TS i n an earl i er t ender. ( N ot one t hat onl y accept s di nner and i ncent i ves) = -1 = +1 D i fficul t N ormal Easy M anagi ng t he sel l i ng t eam w i l l be … Accordi ng t o i t s si ze and profil e, t he sel l i ng t eam w i l l be more or l ess easy t o manage ' = -1 = 0 = +1 Mi n M ax Subt ot al f or t hi s i t em 0 = -20 = + 20 Eval uat i on Cri t eri a and Scal e Score Q4) Is it worth winning? Comment s 09/09/10 Dougies BV N egat i ve N eut ral Posi t i ve YourCo Smal l f ut ure Large t hi s book year N I BR expect ed f rom t he deal N I BR i s net t i ncrement al bi l l ed revenue. Smal l N I BR i s w hen i t i s onl y a re-si gn agai nst more di scount s = -2 = 0 = +2 H i gh Sal es i nvest ment requi red N ormal f or t hi s deal = 0 / To be eval uat ed i n rel at i on w i t h t he si ze of t he opport uni t y. Rul e of t humb: normal bi d cost = 1. % of t he expect ed revenue. 5 = -1 Poor Good Top "Q ual i t y" of t he cust omer/busi ness pot ent i al I s t he cust omer heal t hy and profit abl e? W hat i s t he pot ent i al f or f ol l ow -on busi ness? = -2 = 0 = +3 Low N ormal H i gh Profit abi l i t y of t he deal = -2 = 0 = +2 H i gh means unusual l y hi gh rat es. N ormal means at l east 20% markup on product s and regul ar CO R on servi ces. Average EBI T i mpact Year 1 H i gh > -1000k = -2 No = +2 A t here si gni ficant upf ront l osses or O TC/N RC t o be amort i sed over t he deal ? re = 0 H i gh N ormal l ow ( mi t i gat ed)
  • 14. Lost Prospects say: 92% Too little attention 86% Too little initiative 79% Lack of understanding 76% Appointments…. 72% No solution for requirement 67% Not taken seriously enough 58% No fair deal 17% Price too high 09/09/10 Dougies BV BRC 2009
  • 15. Start Dougies competitive strategy decision tree Is there a Frontal compelling event Y Do you have a Price Can we compete? Y Y or can we create 3:1 advantage? Solution one? Reputation N N N Can you change Flanking Y A->B Or expand the buying A->A+1 criteria N Fragment Can you find a Niche Y Coexistence profitable subset ? Do you have a position that you Y Defend must protect Insulate Isolate N Is there future Revenue or strategic Y Develop Value? Invest Delay N 09/13/10 Dougies BV Disengage
  • 16. Stellingen • De Salesmanager heeft onvoldoende kennis van en inzicht in de inkoopmodellen • De Bidmanager is eigenaar en dus verantwoordelijk voor het bidtraject • Bidmanagement is in de huidige conjunctuur belangrijker dan persoonlijke verkoop • Bidmanagement is een relevant business development tool • Aanbestedingen en Tenders vragen om innovatie van Sales • Er wordt veel te weinig ge-no-bid • Klanten waarderen een no-bid • Moet je tenderen ook al zijn je win-kansen zeer gering? 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 17. 2011 onderwerpen? • Sales Strategies (decision scenario’s) • Global Account Management & Sales Goverance • Sales Incentive plans • Implementing Key Account Management • … • … 09/09/10 Dougies BV
  • 18. Next event: 12 October • CINFIELD’s 3e Shared Expertise Meeting (SEM3) samen met NEVI CPD: ‘dialoog tussen inkoop en verkoop’ • Lokatie: Hogeschool Utrecht Faculteit Facilitair Management te Amersfoort • Opgeven via VCV website of CINFIELD • Verder: meld je aan voor onze LinkedIn groep: VCV Kring voor Sales & Account Management • En de LinkedIn groep: Bid management professionals 09/09/10