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Ux design cim ipswich bootcamp 15 nov12
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Ux design cim ipswich bootcamp 15 nov12



Experience Design presentation by Leslie Fountain and Philip Morton, Foolproof at CIM Digital Marketing Bootcamp, 15 November Ipswich

Experience Design presentation by Leslie Fountain and Philip Morton, Foolproof at CIM Digital Marketing Bootcamp, 15 November Ipswich



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    Ux design cim ipswich bootcamp 15 nov12 Ux design cim ipswich bootcamp 15 nov12 Presentation Transcript

    • Experience designRealising the benefitsNovember 2012Leslie Fountain MDPhilip Morton Senior Practitioner
    • A tale of spilt milkAccording to the designers According to the consumer 180% higher utilisation of coolers  “It spills everywhere” 125% delivery truck productivity  “The jugs have no real spout, 16% lower milk prices their unorthodox shape makes consumers feel like novices at the simple task of pouring milk”http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/30/business/30milk.html© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 2
    • How experience design cleans upConsumer and business-centric: Collaborative and iterative Evidence-based Right product at right timeMulti-disciplinary skills and experience Define Understand Ideate Envision Create© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 3
    • Thanks for coming Define experience design Understand your pain points Realise the benefits Create competitive advantage“If you don’t know where you are going,you are unlikely to end up there.” - Forrest Gump© 2012 Foolproof Limited 4
    • Define experience design
    • Defining the scopeBeyond usability…specified users achieve specified goals witheffectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in aspecified context of use.[ISO 9241-11:1998]Focus on the user experiencePractice of designing products, systems andservices with a focus placed on the quality of theuser experience (UX).[Wikipedia]© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 6
    • UX research vs. market research© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 7
    • Understand yourpain points
    • What keeps you up at night? How do I double my sales? How do I How do I get the demonstrate the most out of my return on my marketing spend? spend?© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 9
    • Doubling sales By increasing your advertising spend By increasing conversionsBut…© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 10
    • The golden age of brand advertising The brand message CUSTOMERS The brand is what you say it is© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux
    • The age of the digital consumer CUSTOMERS The brand is what they say it is© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux
    • So let’s look at conversionsData at your fingertips: There’s lots of it Limited resource to analyse Often misleading or missing data Does not tell you why 20% 50% What’s your strategy for • Amend • Buy 1 their item doubling orders sales?© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 13
    • © 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux
    • That’s bananas Be careful of making decisions based on one banana. Gather business and user insight to inform recommendations:  Stakeholder workshops  Competitor analysis  Primary user research© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 15
    • The user experienceRealisingthe benefits
    • Some facts…80% of companiessurveyed by Bain & Co.believed their experiencewas superior© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 17
    • Some facts…8% of their customersthought so.© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 18
    • The benefits of UX Increased sales Reduced High conversion, support costs more competitive Fewer customers products, more page will call for help impressions The value of UX Brand & Channel loyalty migration Loyalty from existing Encourage customers, solid customers’ move to reputation & word- more cost-effective of-mouth channels Differentiation Stand out in a crowded market© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux
    • IntroductionIncreased sales1. Early Learning Centre website, e-commerce site  30% increase in online orders2. Guardian Unlimited, newspaper website  55% increase in traffic3. Betfair website, online betting market  25% increase in registrations4. Nationwide, internet bank transformation  10% growth year-on-year  Customer satisfaction tripled  Sales tripled© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 20
    • Internet Bank transformation© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 21
    • Internet Bank transformationThe results 10% year-on-year growth 26% reduction in support requests 200% reduction in paper statements Customer satisfaction levels nearly tripled Sales of new products through the Internet Bank also tripled “By putting the customer at the heart of the design process, we could be confident in the decisions we were making, knowing that the people who actually use the Internet Bank every day were driving the design.” Kate Watson© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 22
    • Brand and loyaltyExperience design has madeApple the most valuablebrand in the world.© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux
    • Effective channel migrationForrester asked, “How effective have the following tacticsbeen in shifting customers to self-service channels?” Improve usability 48% Proactively market benefits of self-service 14% Use e-mail to drive customers to self-service 13% Have phone agents train customers in self service 11% Offer monetary incentives to use self service 9% Advertise self service when callers are on hold 7% Have retail agents train customers on self service 6% Hide phone contact information on the Web 2%© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux
    • Create competitiveadvantage @foolproof_ux
    • Sustainable competitive advantage achieved by… Differentiation and value-creating experiences that cannot be duplicated or imitated. A combination of attributes that are valuable, rare, intangible and non-transferable. Ability to deliver unprecedented customer satisfaction through often conflicting performance dimensions.© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 26
    • Sustainable competitive advantage achieved by…© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 27
    • Experience is at the heart of Google’s DNA1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well.3. Fast is better than slow.4. Democracy on the web works.5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.6. You can make money without doing evil.7. There’s always more information out there.8. The need for information crosses all borders.9. You can be serious without a suit.10. Great just isn’t enough.© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 28
    • You should be managing experiences, not messages “Consumers are getting smarter faster than most organisations.” Cluetrain Manifesto (cluetrain.com) “…We are in the age of peer to peer power over all other forms of messaging.... The internet, mobile and other advanced forms of communication are allowing communities to form and gain power more quickly than ever.” Pinko Marketing (http://pinkomarketing.pbworks.com/)© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 29
    • A case in point© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux
    • Questions
    • Full service UX offering Experience Design Foolproof Ideas & Innovation Flow UX Strategy, planning Complex interaction and advice design Research & Insights© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux 32
    • Who we work with© 2012 Foolproof Limited @foolproof_ux
    • Contact us Leslie Fountain Foolproof Ltd. Managing Director t. 07554 881204 leslie.fountain@foolproof.co.uk Harella House Seebohm House 90-98 Goswell Road 2-4 Queen Street @LjkFountain London Norwich @foolproof_ux EC1V 7DF NR2 4SQ www.foolproof.co.uk t. 0207 539 3840 t. 01603 230800 Philip Morton f. 0207 539 3841 f. 01603 760823 Senior Practitioner t. 07799 882628 Phil.morton@foolproof.co.uk @philipmorton @foolproof_ux