SEO, CIM digital bootcamp, April 2013 - Andrew Goode, Blue Dolphin


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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) presentation from Andrew Goode, Blue Dolphin at CIM Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Peterborough, April 2013

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SEO, CIM digital bootcamp, April 2013 - Andrew Goode, Blue Dolphin

  1. 1. © Blue Dolphin 2013SEOGooglocalypse
  2. 2. © Blue Dolphin 2013Content for today• Examples of the impact of Google• Why theres never been a better time forgood / correct marketing• Approaches to reducing the Google dependence• Some approaches if you have been hit• Five top tips that you can implement now• Why maximising on conversion has never beenmore important
  3. 3. © Blue Dolphin 2013Historic Google• SEO was a game of strategy• Shoehorning text• Blagging backlinks• Reposting to get some Google love
  4. 4. © Blue Dolphin 2013Google in the last 12 months
  5. 5. © Blue Dolphin 2013Google in the last 12 months• Bad for marketers - Panda will seek out anddestroy:– Duplicate content– Dodgy links– An overabundance of keywords– Stagnant pages– Sites with stylistics and spelling errors• Good for marketers - Panda will:– Reward sites with high quality unique pages
  6. 6. © Blue Dolphin 2013Example of the impact• Highly SEO optimised site – massive backlinking activityPanda kicks in – trafficdrops off a cliffGood practices start toimprove traffic
  7. 7. © Blue Dolphin 2013
  8. 8. © Blue Dolphin 2013Example of the impact• Organically optimised site – only quality backlinksPanda kicks in – noimpact
  9. 9. © Blue Dolphin 2013Google now (as of yesterday)
  10. 10. © Blue Dolphin 2013Google: what are your visitors looking for?• Keyword research– Word– Phrase– Brand– Issue• Consider – keywords that capture people atdifferent phases of intent
  11. 11. © Blue Dolphin 2013Phases of intent keywords• Good first time dog• Dogs good with children– Miniature Schnauzer as a pet– Miniature Schnauzer eye test• Miniature Schnauzer puppies• Miniature Schnauzer Cambridgeshirebreeder– Miniature Schnauzer feeding– Miniature Schnauzer obediencetraining
  12. 12. © Blue Dolphin 2013
  13. 13. © Blue Dolphin 2013Tip 1: Plan• Create a meticulous content plan basedaround all of your keywords• Make sure your content is unique and useful• So useful that other websites will want to– Link to– Tweet– Google+– Facebook
  14. 14. © Blue Dolphin 2013Tip 2: Looking at linksFrom• Blah blah blah blah miniature schnauzer for saleblah blahTo• If you are looking to buy a miniature schnauzerthen check out this websiteIf you just focus on the link text you’ll be labelled aspammer: SEO is all about authority
  15. 15. © Blue Dolphin 2013Get legitimate links from• Customers• Suppliers• Trade associates• Any people/companies that you sponsor (i.e.where you pay for your logo to go on a sitewhich then links through to a page)
  16. 16. © Blue Dolphin 2013Tip 3: Check your links• Google human intervention• If a site looks like it is a spam site then don’tget a link from it, or• If you have a link from a spam site ask for yourlink to be removed• - good link• - badlink
  17. 17. © Blue Dolphin 2013Tip 4: Keyword structure still matters• Mention keyword in article• Good practice– Title– H2– H3– 2.5%– Alt text– Meta
  18. 18. © Blue Dolphin 2013
  19. 19. © Blue Dolphin 2013
  20. 20. © Blue Dolphin 2013
  21. 21. © Blue Dolphin 20136 ft folding table• Note the ad words• Position 10 after 6 days• Competitive and of value• Simply an optimised poston a reputable site
  22. 22. © Blue Dolphin 2013Tip 5: Does your site work technically?• Is it fast?• Are there lots of broken pages?• Are there pages with single lines of text?• Are there products in your catalogue but mostof them are out of stock?If there are things that will frustrate users theywill frustrate Google
  23. 23. © Blue Dolphin 2013Beware – if it sounds to good to be true• Speed test on a secure quality server• Site moved to an SEO provider – hosted for FREE
  24. 24. © Blue Dolphin 2013Approach fromsomeone very highup in the SEO world• “Forget SEO: get intomarketing”• “Being too aggressivecould well be negative”• “Get a steady streamfrom a link and build onthe trust”
  25. 25. © Blue Dolphin 2013Action you can take toimprove your SEO rankings• Clean up the past – get rid of backlinks• Clean up content – make sure there is sufficientcontent• Create a marketing plan for links with traffic• Keep on creating fresh quality content• If you want to be #1 now, pay for it (as per the previouspresentation)
  26. 26. © Blue Dolphin 2013Summary1. There are no tricks these days: no shortcuts2. Search engines are looking for the samethings as users: if you try and cheat Googlewill know (eventually) and you will bepunished3. Never been a better time for good marketing4. Pay attention to this afternoon’s session
  27. 27. © Blue Dolphin 2013Andrew Goode MBA MSc MCIMBlue Dolphin Business Development Ltd43 The Gannocks, Orton Waterville, PeterboroughOffice: 01733 361729Mobile: 07748554756E: