Online PR Digital Bootcamp May 2013


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Online PR presentation from Terry Nicklin, Keynote PR at CIM Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Chelmsford, May 2013

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Online PR Digital Bootcamp May 2013

  1. 1. PR IN A DIGITAL AGETerry Nicklin,KeynotePRChairman, CIM Cambridgeshire Branch@Terry_NINSIGHTS FOR YOUR ORGANISATION
  2. 2. Terry Nicklin BSc DipM MBA FCIM FCMC Chartered MarketerWho Am I?Technology MarketingConsultant in privateand public sectorsBackground inengineering, technologyand professional servicesChartered Instituteof MarketingChairman 2008/13Cambridgeshire BranchOrganiser – DigitalMarketing Conference2007/13Judge - East of EnglandMarketing Awards- YE MarketingawardsKeynotePR LtdCommunications,Marketing and PR forBusiness• Press relations• Presentation support• Web content• Crisis communications• Skills development• Reputation managementPrincipal Tutor - 10 yearsCourse Director for CAMCourse Director forDigital Programme• MarketingCommunications• E-marketing• Relationship Marketing• Marketing forTechnology Companies• Stakeholder MarketingCambridge MarketingColleges
  3. 3. UK Internet UsageONS, Nov 2012
  4. 4. UK Access of the Internet
  5. 5. Sources: Statistics634 million – Number of websites (December).51 million – Number of websites added during the year.43% – Share of the top 1 million websites that are hosted in the U.S.48% – Share of the the top 100 blogs that run WordPress.75% – Share of the top 10,000 websites that are served by open source software.87.8 million – Number of Tumblr blogs .17.8 billion – Number of page views for Tumblr.59.4 million – Number of WordPress sites around the world.3.5 billion – Number of webpages run by WordPress viewed each month.37 billion – Number of pageviews for in 2012.35% – The average web page became this much larger during 2012.4% – The average web page became this much slower to load during 2012.191 million – Number of visitors to Google Sites, the number 1 web property in the U.S. inNovember.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. UK Online SalesONS, Jan 2013
  8. 8. The ‘Digital Difference’Digital PR is… Easier Faster Cheaper More measurable More democratic More global! Less controlled! Permanent! Subject to the same laws! (or is it?)
  9. 9. Traditional marketing:Interrupting peoples daily lives with messages about what to buy, to thinkor to feel.Campaigns of influence, dictated by the available spend, trying to set theagenda for any chosen "target audience".Its not that people are switching off from marketing, its that they are takingit into their own hands.Today:Super-connected citizens dictate the agenda, they dont follow it.Consumers no longer ask "What do you have to say to me?" but "What canyou do for me?“The successful organisation will listen and learn in real-time.Digital product will emerge as the output - placing technology at the core tocreate innovative tools that make a tangible difference to consumers lives.The New Landscape
  10. 10. Digital PRKey differences online:Audience connected to the organisationAudience members connected to each otherAudience has access to other informationAudiences pull information
  11. 11. Citizen journalists:“ ”…the people formerly known as the audience.…simply the public made realer, less fictional,more able, less predictable.Jay Rosen
  12. 12. Everyone a PublisherNeverSecondsOne primary school pupils daily dose of school dinners.• Publicity caused by the ban helped the schoolgirlsmash through her £7,000 fundraising target forthe Marys Meals charity - with total pledges ofmore than £30,000 being made by Fridayafternoon.• Martha Payne, 9, from Argyll began publishingphotographs of her Lochgilphead Primary School luncheson Monday 30 April 2012.• She quickly recorded more than three million hits on herNeverSeconds blog.• Argyll and Bute Council imposed a ban after the DailyRecord newspaper published a photograph of Marthaalongside chef Nick Nairn under the headline "Time to firethe dinner ladies."
  13. 13. Global Information Availability
  14. 14. TimescapeSource: IPA
  15. 15. A ‘Media Neutral’ Approach
  16. 16. UK Marketing Spend 2012‘Main media’ 27.1%Direct Marketing 25.3%Internet 11.7%Sales Promotion 9.6%Other 3.5%PR 8.7%Events 8.3%Market research 5.8%Bellwether survey
  17. 17. Advertising Spend• Advertising UK advertising trend downwards,with online the main exception- TV +16%- Out of home +12%- Internet +11%- Direct mail +7%
  18. 18. IAB, Apr 2013UK Digital Advertising Spend
  19. 19. UK Digital Media Mix IAB, Apr 2013
  20. 20. Digital Marketing Objectives• Drive visitors to web site• Build interest in content / topicAcquisition• Provoke an action such as: requestinfo., download data, make apurchaseConversion• Build the relationship• Encourage repeat purchase andreferralRetention
  21. 21. Digital Tools (selection)Websites SEOPPCE-mailSocialmediaDirectoriesBlogsOnlineeventsPodcastsWebinarsMicrositesIntranetExtranetAppsMobileSMS / MMSQR codesSkypeViralSocialbookmarkingVideoSlideshare
  22. 22. BOUGHTMEDIAOWNEDMEDIAEARNEDMEDIAgrowth inthe converged area• web sites• blogs• co. LI page• press coverage• viral• social media• adverts• sponsorship• PPC
  23. 23. Online Public RelationsRedistribution (wire) services e.g.,M2 Presswire, and blog sites:, Klout,PeerIndexSearch engine friendly contentVirtual press kitsCampaign management tools: DWPub, Vocus, CisionSocial media to draw attention and encourage syndicationGood PR today is about managing brand reputation onlineMultiple tools available
  24. 24. Digital PR ToolsOnline editorialMainstream and nichepublicationsBlogs and micro-blogsUser-generated contente-Zines and e-NewslettersViralsOnline sponsorshipDiscussion forumsPodcasts and vodcastsSocial mediaSocial networksSocial bookmarksWikisLink buildingSEO and PPCLeveraging the network effect of the Internet
  25. 25. Online PRWhich newspapers had been the most prolific tweeters over thethree months to Sep 11?The Guardian - 30,297 journalist tweetsThe Independent - 14,786The Daily Telegraph - 14,377The Times -13,540The Sun - 10,0672011 - Journalists tweetedvigorously about the News of theWorld’s alleged wrongdoings, with‘Hackgate’ – the summer’s mostpopular topic – generating awhopping 62,208 tweets.
  26. 26. Journalists use social media:• For networking and identifying sources• Monitoring and participating in debate• Identification, curation and verification ofmaterial• Real-time publishing or blogging
  27. 27. Social MediaNews Release
  28. 28. MultimediaNews ReleasePR Newswire
  29. 29. Social Media Drives News TrafficExperian HitwiseProportion of news site traffic driven from social media
  30. 30. PR and SEOPanda Feb 11Intended to surface sites with relevant, uniqueand fresh content, as well as those with highquality, natural links.Penguin Apr 12Gave lower rankings for sites that engage in webspam tactics like domain name keyword stuffing,cloaking (serving content to users that isdifferent from what a search engine crawlerwould see), and sites burdened with unnatural(spun) language.
  31. 31. Curation
  32. 32. Curation
  33. 33. Average PageRank of an author’s contentAverage number of +1s and Google+ shares theauthor’s content receivesThe number of Google+ circles an author is inReciprocal connections to other highAuthorRank authorsNumber and authority of sites an author’scontent has been published toThe engagement level of an author’s nativeGoogle+ content (i.e., posts to Google+)The level of on-site engagement for anauthor’s content (i.e. comments and author’sresponses to comments)Outside authority indicators (e.g., the presence of aWikipedia page)YouTube subscribersAny number of importance/authority metrics onsocial networks (Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn)Real world authority indicators like publishedworks on Google Books or Google ScholarLikely Factors Google Will Useto Create AuthorRankMike Ameson, SEOmoz
  34. 34. Monitoring ToolsGoogle AlertsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Reader (retiring July 1st).Use RSS Reader, or switch on in Outlook!Twilert, TweetbeepTechnorati, Google Blog Search (until May 2014)
  35. 35. Google Trends (was ‘Insights for Search’)
  36. 36. North Face China Flag campaign 2010 Example
  37. 37. Roles of Social MediaListeningEngagingShowing an authentic faceInformingGivingEducatingSyndicating contentBuilding relationshipsReminding Important to start hereLook for where you can addmaximum valueAdopt lower risk activitiesfirst
  38. 38. Social Media ExplainedTwitter – I’m eating a #doughnutFacebook – I like doughnutsFourSquare – This is where I eat doughnutsInstagram – Here is a vintage pic of my doughnutYouTube – Here I am eating a doughnutLinkedIn – My skills include doughnut eatingPinterest – Here’s a doughnut recipeLastFM – Now listening to doughnutsGoogle+ – I’m a Google employee who eats doughnuts
  39. 39. “A tipping point has been reached…wherepeople across the NHS are recognising thatthe positive benefits of social media faroutweigh the risks”Dean Royles, Director, NHS Employers Assocn.Jan 2013NHS Backs Use of Social Media
  40. 40. Pinterest
  41. 41. “Can’t reply properlyin 140 chars.” - PMCPA
  42. 42. The Revolution Grand Prix, whichrecognises the best digital workacross all disciplines, went to BayerSchering Pharma and Profero fortheir In-Bed campaign, whichaimed to address the sensitivesubject of erectile for BayerApr 2010
  43. 43. The PMCPA ruled thatBayer had brought"discredit" and reducedconfidence in the drugsindustry after it tweetedthe launch of two drugs– Levitra, an erectiledysfunction drug, andSativex, a cannabis-basedpainkiller used for thetreatment of multiplesclerosis.Some of Bayersapproximately 500 UKand Ireland followers aremembers of the public.Bayer / TwitterAug 2011but…
  44. 44. Bayer on Twitter today
  45. 45. Blogging
  46. 46. Business Blogging
  47. 47. High quality membership:54% of LinkedIn users are on £30K+ salaries, while around one-third earnmore than £50kGenerally better educated than the average website visitor· 35-49-year-olds use LinkedIn 19% more than they use the averagewebsite· Almost 25% of LinkedIn visitors check in at least 30 times per month· Half (51%) of LinkedIn users visit at least once per monthQuantcast Dec 2012LinkedIn
  48. 48. Twitter
  49. 49. 2%CEOs on TwitterWeber ShandwickMarketing Week, Jan 2013Just 2% of CEOs from FortuneMagazines Global 500 has anoticeable presence on Twitter.They are believed to be put off put off by having their commentscriticised and shared.
  50. 50. Reputation Management
  51. 51. Search Engine Performance
  52. 52. Dell claims it made $6.5m in undersix months from its usage ofTwitter.DellOutlet profile has almost 1.5million followers, which Dell uses asa viral system; discount offers areposted daily.
  53. 53. Supporting Tools
  54. 54. Crisis CommunicationsInclude the Internet in your crisis planningAgree responsibilities, incl. out of hoursUse website as tool to publicise to media and otherstakeholders your version of eventsRapidly updatedReduces calls to press officePublic e-mail enquiry lineMonitor discussion groups/social media
  55. 55. Crisis CommunicationsJanuary 2013CEOs avoidsocial mediaZeno GroupAs a result, they:British organisations fare littlebetter.Research shows that 30% ofcompanies do not know how toinclude social media in a crisismanagement plan.• risk serious reputational damageB2B businesses only respond toonline crises 43% of the time(B2C 63%).B2B companies are twice as likelyto avoid addressing digitalreputational issues entirelyCEOs do not consider the reputationtheir company has on social mediawhen making decisions.• miss out on important stakeholder feedback
  56. 56. Crisis Communications
  57. 57. Facilitating best PR is a two way dialogueBest practice example: Tell Shell
  58. 58. Start with low risk, low effort tools
  59. 59. augmentedrealitysocialmediawebsiteSEOPPCSMSblogswebinarspodcastsnewse-commerceappsresearchaffiliatese-mailwidgetsanalytics
  60. 60. augmentedrealityweb sitesocial mediaanalyticsPPCSMSblogswebinarspodcastsnewse-commerceappsresearchaffiliatese-mailwidgetsSEO
  61. 61. Measuring Value in Social MediaSocial Media MetricsTrafficInteractionSalesLeadsSearch MarketingBrand MetricsPRCustomer EngagementRetentionProfitssource -, August 2012
  62. 62. 3463 followers100 followers
  63. 63. 2013 Conference booked for 11th JulyImperial War Museum, DuxfordSeventh^
  64. 64. Thank you