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B2B email marketing rechenda smith
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B2B email marketing rechenda smith


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B2B Email Marketing presentation by Rechenda Smith, little green plane at CIM Digital Marketing Bootcamp, 1 Nov 2011 Bedford

B2B Email Marketing presentation by Rechenda Smith, little green plane at CIM Digital Marketing Bootcamp, 1 Nov 2011 Bedford

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The ten email marketing commandments
  • 2. Background Email 480 million Facebook & Twitter 250 millionROI £42.08 New accounts 480m emailfor every £1 2010 usersStatistics taken from the Direct Marketing Association
  • 3. The ten email marketing commandments x3 Content x3 Data x3 Strategy x1 Legal
  • 4. Content
  • 5. 1. Thou shaltrefine your subject line
  • 6. Subject lines• 49 characters or less• Single focus vs multi focus• Question vs command• Time limit• Use personalisation with care
  • 7. The good
  • 8. The good • Short • Single focus • Time limits • Incentives
  • 9. The bad
  • 10. The bad • Multi focus • Non-specific • Long • No incentives or CTAs
  • 11. The ugly
  • 12. The ugly • No opt-in • Repetitive • Non descriptive • Bland
  • 13. 2.Thou shalt use a prominent CTA
  • 14. Nil point
  • 15. Ten housepoints!
  • 16. Halfords
  • 17. LinkedIn
  • 18. littlegreenplane
  • 19. Other design & content tips • Keep it short – max three snippets • Consistent structure & prioritise content • 600 pixels wide • Follow corporate guidelines • Equal image to text ratio • Mobile considerations
  • 20. Image only emailsCreative design First impressions
  • 21. Getting it rightALT TAG ALT TAGS
  • 22. Don’t forget mobile• Chunkier call to action buttons• Just include the essentials• Single column- 300 – 400px wide• Keep images small to minimise download time• Social media sharing
  • 23. 3.Thou shalt give value to your subscribers
  • 24. What’s in it for me?
  • 25. Tell your subscribers…• What benefits they will receive when signing up• How often they will receive updates• How you will handle their data• How easy it is to do business with you by keeping it simple
  • 26. Incentive ideas• Free guides, white papers, opinion pieces• Money off or discount for first order• Free consultation• Event information• Access to VIP materials
  • 27. Privacy policy• Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations• How THEY can get access• Explain the security procedures you use when handling info you collect• Blog: 10 vital ingredients for your Privacy Policy
  • 28. Keep it simple, stupid! Meh.
  • 29. That’s better
  • 30. Data
  • 31. 4.Thou shalt use an opt-in approach
  • 32. Be a good egg…Ask permission and be upfront
  • 33. Never assumeNetworking Business Social card draws
  • 34. Why opt-in?• Transparency and trust• Better response and conversion rates• Enhanced advocacy• Save money and time on people who are JUST NOT INTERESTED
  • 35. 5.Thou shalt cultivatean organic data list
  • 36. The blight of bought lists… Reputation and results
  • 37. A starter for ten Send an opt-in“Are we still welcome?”
  • 38. …then start cultivating
  • 39. Growing your list NetworkingNetworking LinkedIn Request Ask“Can I sign you up to our e-news?
  • 40. Growing your list Use your website Hidden Sign-up subscribe Specific form on and Pop-up URLhome page unsubscribe pages
  • 41. Growing your list Use your websiteSign up form on home page Specific URL
  • 42. Growing your listSubscribe and unsubscribe pages
  • 43. Growing your list Use a pop up
  • 44. Growing your list Social mediaFacebook fan page tab Twitter auto message
  • 45. Growing your listQR codes – for print and presentations
  • 46. Growing your listForward to a friend snippet
  • 47. 6.Thou shalt segment your data
  • 48. Segmentation… it’s just like football“I play for a football club with loads of different players,who all have different abilities.Trying to get the right formula to win a match can be aproblematic task.Segmenting your data is like putting the right players inthe right position according to ability and preference; ithelps your marketing run smoother and become moresuccessful.”Stuart Bonsall, little green plane sales executive and philosopher
  • 49. Segmentation ideas• Geographic area• Sex• Age• Last purchase date• Area of interest – subscription centre
  • 50. Subscription centre
  • 51. Strategy
  • 52. 7.Thou shalt set objectives
  • 53. Email marketing objectives• Content: what and how often?• Target by audience – tailor your campaigns• Set KPIs – opens, clicks, OTC rate, enquiries, sales, forward to a friend, retention, re-engagement, event attendees, guide downloaded
  • 54. RAF MuseumBrief:• 5-10 donations• Increase open rate by 5%• More than 1,000 clicks• Re-engage usersStrategy: starter packResults• 2,000 click throughs• 26 immediate donations• 40% open rate (was 20%)• Re-ignited enthusiasm from disengaged users (80 emails)• Knock-on effect with the pick up of museum visitors• People still using and sharing the email three weeks later
  • 55. 8.Thou shalt test
  • 56. Testing and refining• Demographics (age, sex, location)• Time (hour, day, month, seasons, holidays)• Personalisation• Subject line (questions, facts, commands)• Design (length, layout, call to action location)• Offer (type, time frame, % off versus cash)• From names and address (sex, seniority, info@ versus real person)
  • 57. HalifaxGender split test
  • 58. 9.Thou shalt not spam
  • 59. Avoiding the spam folderEmails Spam filters Inbox Website
  • 60. 4 layers of spam filtering Email HumanISP spam Company client spam filter spam filter spam filter filter
  • 61. Human spam testing • Read now? • Keep for later? • Forward? • Delete?
  • 62. Deliverability tips• Good content and data• Use pre-send spam tests provided by your ESP – Spam Assassin• Use pre-send screenshot tests• Send preview emails & set up test list• Remove hard bounces• Add an unsubscribe mechanism• Review delivery stats
  • 63. Spam – things to avoid• Phrases like "Click here!" or "Once in a lifetime opportunity!“• Repeats• Exclamation marks!!!!!!• USING ALL CAPS, WHICH IS LIKE YELLING IN EMAIL• Colouring fonts bright red, or green• Sloppy HTML coding• One big image, with little or no text• Using a noreply@ email address
  • 64. 9.Thou shalt be legal
  • 65. Key factsData Protection Act 1998(Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations)• Any commercial motives must not be hidden• You must provide a valid unsubscribe mechanism• You must list your company details on your emails• You must not use competitions to gather email lists unless participants have also said they are happy to receive updates• If you are collecting data you must explain how you will handle it AND provide user access, ideally in a Privacy Policy
  • 66. Forward to a friend • Forward on to relevant/interested parties only • You will be liable if people who haven’t opt-in complain • You cannot ask for other peoples email addresses due to the Data Protection Act (and good ESPs will not give you data on this feature)FULL GUIDE FOR MARKETERS
  • 67. Revision
  • 68. The ten email marketing commandmentsCONTENT 1. Thou shalt refine your subject line 2. Thou shalt use a prominent CTA 3. Thou shalt give value to your subscribersDATA 4. Thou shalt use an opt-in approach 5. Thou shalt grow organic data 6. Thou shalt segment your dataSTRATEGY 7. Thou shalt set objectives 8. Thou shalt test 9. Thou shalt not spamLAW 10. Thou shalt be legal
  • 69. Email marketing guide
  • 70. Thanks @lgplane@rechendasmith