S2.5 Development and evaluation of a maize variety with resistance against


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Presentacion de 11th Asian Maize Conference which took place in Beijing, China from November 7 – 11, 2011.

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S2.5 Development and evaluation of a maize variety with resistance against

  1. 1. Development and evaluation of a maizevariety with resistance againstPink stem borer (Sesamia nanogrioides)And European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) Mehmet Ali TURKAY 11East Mediterranen Agricultural Research İnstitute- Adana/TURKEY I would like to present the results of the study of
  2. 2. Seventy percentOne of them is (%70) of planting area and ninety percent (%90) of the totalPesticides insects are found in the second crop season and one in the firstWhile both are applied three times in Mediterranean and the Aegean region, butproduction area (Sesamia nanogrioides)Pink stem borer of maize of our country has been affected from these twocrop season for these insects.European corn borer can just be found in Black Sea region of Turkeyinsects.and another one is European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis)There are two major insects that negatively affect maize production in Turkey.
  3. 3. While European corn five generations in the Çukurova region of to 30-40 cm,Pink stem borer gives borer demages plant after the plant grow Turkey, whilePink stem borer can has three every periodEuropean corn borerdemage in generations of growing.
  4. 4. TÜRKAY CHECKAn experiment with and without chemaical applications in second cropThe results of an experiment that carried out without chemical application inTunnel length of plant of the twoFor talk on the results method differentI willevaluationperthe and evaluation of the experimentsSecondly, the yield resistance was used resistanceFirstly, crop 2010I will explain conditions in 2009- 2010conditions insecond
  5. 5. Table1. The Yield and Tunnel Length Values of The Pesticide-FreeExperiment That Carried Out İn Second Crop Conditions İn 2009-2010 (t/ha)Variety Grain Gr Tünnel Gr Variety Grain Gr Tünnel Gr Yield Length/ Yield Length/ (t/ha) Plant (cm) (t/ha) Plant (cm)TÜRKAY 10.5 a 1.0 h 25Ax10 6.0 g 3.2 h22x9B 10.1 a 0.8 h DK 6022 5.0 h 43.2 de22x5A 10.0 a 1.0 h P32W86 4.8 hı 53.4 ab24Ax10 9.0 b 0.4 h SİDE 4.7 hı 45.6 cd9Bx24A 8.3 bc 0.2 h DK 5783 4.5 hj 47.4 cd5Ax25A 8.0 cd 0.8 h 50.4 bc P 3394 4.1 hjKARAÇAY 7.5 ce 35.0 f DK 626 4.0 ıj CHECK 48.7 bc18Ax5A CHECK df 7.3 16.2 TÜRKAY g 50.5 bc HELEN 3.6 jGÖZDEM 7.3 df 40.3 e 7C2x9A 2.7 k 56.9 a9Bx25A yield of theper plant werein hchecks 3.6 andbetween 43.2 cm and That 1.2Two hundred6.9Tunnel Length infected of The Pesticide-Free Experiment 53.4The Yield andthat eg checks of the the region, naturaltolerantand yield of fiveWhile theNine checks lengthwidelyplant Values from varied 5.0 ton/ha, the twenty the tunnel larvas per grown between the three fauna genotype, tenThe yield of the tolerant hybrids varied fromAny pesticide was not used for this study 4.7 to 7.5 ton/hacm, the Out İn inTÜRKAY varietyCarried length Second Crop Conditions İn 2009-used as plant materialTÜRKAY plantexperimental 6.4 was and TÜRKAY variety P<0,01larvas pervarietyinfected artifically was onlywere 2010CV 12.022x10 hybrids 10.5 ton/ha fg 4.0 h 1 cm. 17.0
  6. 6. Table 2. Yield losses of the experiment which carried out withpesticide and pesticide free in second crop season in 2010 (t/ha) Pesticide- Pesticide Pesticide- Pesticide Free FreeVariety Grain Grp Grain Grp Variety Grain Grp Grain Grp Yield Yield Yield Yield (t/ha) (t/ha) (t/ha) (t/ha)TÜRKAY 11.0 ab 11.4 a DK6022 3.7 ı 7.3 h22X9B 10.2 ad 10.7 ac P3394 3.6 ı 7.4 fh22X5A 10.2 ad 10.9 ac P32W86 3.5 ı 8.6 dh24AX10 9.1 cg 9.4 bf HELEN 3.3 ı 7.0 h5AX25A 8.2 eh 8.5 dh9BX24A 8.0 eh 8.5 dh DK 5783 3.3 ı 7.0 hKARAÇY 7.3 gh 9.6 ae DK626 3.0 ı 8.0 eh18AX5A CHECK gh 7.3 7.7 fh TÜRKAYThe yield of the the TÜRKAY9.3 which carried out with pesticide between 7 andGÖZDEM of checks in pesticide bfYield losses 7.0 experimentIn this experiment h varietyapplicated conditions varied free condition, had 11 ton/ha in pesticide and pesticideTheton/haof the checks in pesticide-free varied between 3 and 3.7 ton/ha 14.0 yield8.6 in secondpesticde applicated condition P<0,01 CV11.4free ton/ha in 3.8 season in 2010 ehSİDE crop ı 8.0
  7. 7. Table 3. Yield losses as % in the pesticide-free and pesticideapplicated experiment 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 SUSCEPTİBLE LİNE RESİSTANT LİNEYield losses as percent (%) in the pesticide-free and pesticide applicatedWhile yield losses in the checks varied between % 50 and % 65, just % 3 yieldconditionsloss was recorded for TÜRKAY variety
  8. 8. Table 4. Pesticide applicated and Pesticide-free trial values oftunnel length per plant (cm) Pesticide- Pesticide Pesticide- Pesticide Free FreeVariety Tünnel Gr TÜRKAY Variety Tünnel Gr Tünnel Gr Tünnel Gr Length Length/ Lengt/ Length/ /Plant Plant Plant PlantDK 5783 61.2 a 6.1 hj 18AX5A 13.3 f 2.6 ılP32W86 58.9 ab 7.5 gı 5AX25A 1.4 fg 0.1 lDK6022 57.3 ab 5.1 hk 22X5A 0.5 jl 0.0 lHELEN 57.2 ab 2.4 jl 9BX24A 0.4 kl 0.0 lP3394 54.4 bc 13.1 fg CHECK 24AX10 0.3 kl 0.6 klDK626 50.5 cd 8.3 gh 22X9B 0.3 kl 0.0 lSİDE 49.4 d 9.6 fh TÜRKAY 0.2 kl 0.0 lGÖZDM 47.5 d 3.2 ılBecause it intensive insect these values must % 60 of the plant pesticideHowever of is supposed that population, maximal be zero (0) for the protected 17.0apllicated areas pesticide checks varied P<0,01The demage values and Pesticide-free from of to 13.1KARAÇY 35.6 e 9.1 fh CVPesticide applicated of theapplication values2.4 tunnel length per plantwith three times
  9. 9. As a ResultIt can be variety has high yield is resistant to both the pesticide corn borerTÜRKAY seen, TÜRKAY varietyin both pesticide-free orEuropean applicated CHECKAs aPink stem borer. TÜRKAYfieldsResultand
  10. 10. TÜRKAY variety
  11. 11. The ear of the TÜRKAY variety
  12. 12. TÜRKAY CHECKGreen TÜRKAY variety and checks that affected from the insects
  13. 13. CHECK TÜRKAYStanding TÜRKAY variety but broken and a lodging check
  14. 14. TÜRKAY CHECKSWhile TÜRKAY is green, two checks that in the border of the experiment are dead early
  15. 15. CHECK TÜRKAYBoth checks are broken and lying, while TÜRKAY variety is standing
  16. 16. TÜRKAY CHECKA check that grown beside the TÜRKAY in another replication is dead but Turkay variety is green.
  17. 17. TÜRKAY CHECKCheck broken and lying but whole plants of TÜRKAY variety is standing
  18. 18. RESİSTANT SUSCEPTİBLE RESİSTANT SUSCEPTİBLE We can see the demage of the European corn borer and Pink stem borer
  19. 19. TÜRKAYThere is no demage on TÜRKAY variety’s ear but demage on check’s ear can bee seen
  20. 20. TÜRKAYThe vascular bundle of the TÜRKAY variety
  21. 21. The vascular bundle of the CHECKS
  22. 22. TÜRKAY CHECKThe vascular bundle of the TÜRKAY variety is healthy but vascular bundle of the checks like anempty pipe
  23. 23. SUSCEPTİBLE LİNE RESİSTANT LİNE Resistant line is the parent of the TÜRKAY variety
  24. 24. MovingİmgeSUSCEPTIBLE LINE SUSCEPTIBLE LINE RESISTANT LINEResistant lines is standing on the harvest time but it is notpossible to see susceptible lines because they were all dead.