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  • 1. Food security and Livelihood Surabhi Mittal
  • 2. • Improved inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, ir 1960’s- rigation) Green • Main gains in irrigated region • Achieved goal of food securityRevolution and self sufficiency • Not inclusive
  • 3. Why Food Security?Global Food Inflation Competitive protectionism- Export bans, Increased Tariffs Reports of hoardings and cartels Current Food inflation in India in double digit
  • 4. INDIAN AGRICULTURE Goal • Food Security • Self Sufficiency and Sustainability Dynamics of the sector • Rainfall and climate change • Changing cropping pattern • Poor natural resource management
  • 5. Food SecurityFood Availability Food Access (Macro level) (Household Level) Four PillarsFood Utilization Food (Individual level) Vulnerability
  • 6. Issues under Food Security Sectoral • Declining share of agriculture sector in GDP • Low agricultural growth rates Trends • Increase ‘Food Inflation’ Sectors • Area shifting and declining productivity • High dependence on the sector for livelihoodComposition • Increasing per capita demand • High poverty headcount Indicators • Increasing number of undernourished population
  • 7. Incidence of Poverty and Food insecurity Poverty headcount Undernourishment 49.8 50 42 40 Per cent of Population 30 32.6 28.6 30 24 25 22 20 17 20 10 10 0 Bangladesh India Maldives Nepal Pakistan Sri LankaSource: Food and Agriculture Organization
  • 8. Constraints – Food Security Poor targeting & In-accessibleCash Vs. Stocks Transportation Infrastructure High administrative cost Buffer Stock management Poor supply responseLow productivity Price Policy Input availability
  • 9. Where are we stuck?Policy Dilemmas Political Economy Increased production vs India – Pakistan better income Formation of farmer Subsidy vs. cooperative and Investments private investments Small operational Track II- Institutional holdings Vs. linkages Mechanisation
  • 10. Proposed solutions • Suggested by SAARC • Problems in making it operational Food Bank ? Regional Cooperation• Technology Transfer• Extension and Management• Seed bank Role of • Promote inter-regional trade Trade • Integrating with the world market • Liberalise South Asian Agriculture • Reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers • Do away with ad-hoc policies
  • 11. Ensuring Food SecurityThe Regions needs to adopt an integrated strategy encompassing collaboration expanded Increased within South social safety domestic Asian countries netproduction to revisit trade programmes policies
  • 12. Major Issues and Challenges Irrigation Horticulture Efficient Credit and GovernmentProductivity and Water and agro- Supply Chain Insurance Intervention Management processing Management
  • 13. Investment in Agriculture 45000 40000 35000 30000Rs. Crore 25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 Public Private
  • 14. Rationale of Track IITrack II are non-official dialogue but are expected to serve as aparallel to government process to strengthen the programsNetworking at government level, people level and business levelIncreased representations from academics, NGO’s, businesscommunity and government will help to generate• political will• better information to policy makers• creating wide policy opinions.
  • 15. Food security- Track IIHelps better linkages between agricultural research andtechnology-transfer track two has largely evolved as a mechanism of general exchange of thoughts, views and policy opinions. the awareness and the participation of under representation groups get broadened
  • 16. Move towardsAn organized and planned agricultural production and marketing Farmer as the entrepreneur Partnership among all stake holders Government role as implementation of policies and constant evaluation Increase investment and prioritize areas of investment
  • 17. Thank you!!