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The library of the future - CILIP WM AGM The library of the future - CILIP WM AGM Presentation Transcript

  • The library of the future Phil Bradley Vice President, CILIP
  • Where I’m coming from:
    • Libraries should be judged by their overall relevance to their community
    • Constantly evolve
    • People are the enabling factor, not technology
    • If we do nothing, we will be left with low margin services no-one else wants to provide eg Post Office V FedEx
    • Libraries are about information in all formats
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  • Libraries as a place
    • Gathering place
    • Haven of creative ideas
    • Solitude
    • Support
    • Internet
    • Education/Training
  • Westbury-sub-Mendip library kiosk
  • 24/7 browsing: books, national art, d/l digital audio & video Files. Featuring seats with iPads and 14 lounge chairs. August 2010
  • Nashville Public Library airport branch library 1962
  • Polk County Florida. Vending machine books via library swipe card
  • Libraries as a service
    • Focal point for community activity
    • Podcast studio
    • Video studio/local television
    • Virtual
    • Gamer
    • Fitness
    • Art/drama
  • NGD 2010 stats
    • Number of libraries registered to participate: 1,882
    • Number of libraries that submitted # of players for NGD activities: 787
    • Total number of players for NGD activities: 26,504
    • Number of libraries in the national Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament (simultaneous): 47
    • Number of libraries in the national Rock Band High Score tournament (asynchronous): 40
    • Number of non-US libraries that participated (that we know of): 5 (Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, Japan, South Korea)
  • Become a publisher!
  • Or ePublish
  • Or use
  • Or loan eReaders?
  • Audio devices
  • Kindle lending libraries
  • Create apps
  • Or create videos
  • And provide facilities to make them
  • Photography
  • Local television stations?
  • Community hub
  • Or Radio station?
  • While we’re talking sounds... Battle of the bands. Oldham Library
  • Or Webcasts?
  • Guiding resources
  • Trailmeme
  • Jogtheweb
  • Bookmarking services
  • Be a reputable social network source!
  • Social media = search
  • Facebook as a search engine?
  • Go to where the conversations are!
  • Librarians
    • Perhaps confirm quality of data in community based reports?
    • Organisations knowledge brokers. Constantly making new connections
    • At the centre of the value chain, helping identify & closing gaps in organisational knowledge
    • A change agent
  • So how do we get there?
    • Libraries and Digital: Research into the use of digital media in libraries to develop audiences for reading
    • The Reading Agency
  • Barriers to a digital offer
    • Funding is the biggest issue
    • A lack of staff skills and time is a major barrier to engaging users online
    • Councils are restricting libraries’ digital activities
    • Poor public awareness and problems with computer access are slowing take-up of digital services
  • Issues
    • 1.8% of library authorities have a digital media/reading strategy in place
    • Library rating of user awareness is 1.9/5
    • 13.1% of library authorities have a separate website for young people
    • 12.1% of PCs in children’s areas have a home page that is child friendly. The rest default to the adult page
  • More issues
    • Library staff average rating of their confidence in handling social/digital media is 2.2/5
    • 49.5% of library authorities do not have designated staff responsible for social/digital media
    • “ The librarian must be the librarian militant before he can be the librarian triumphant.” Melvil Dewey
    • “ Librarians must be like Krishna! And descend into the world to combat ignorance!” S.R. Ranganathan