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Low Budget Digital Marketing - Marios Siathas

Low Budget Digital Marketing - Marios Siathas






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    Low Budget Digital Marketing - Marios Siathas Low Budget Digital Marketing - Marios Siathas Presentation Transcript

    • Low Budget Digital Marketing Marios Siathas
    • Overview • Introductions • Differentiating Online Vs Offline • Overview of Digital Marketing & Digital Marketing Landscape • Benefit and Importance of Content and Inbound Marketing • Digital Channels and Examples • Questions and Answers
    • Contact Details www.ciim.ac.cy 99557009 http://cy.linkedin.com/in/mariossiathas https://twitter.com/MariosSiathas marios@ciim.ac.cy
    • Understanding Digital Marketing Vs Traditional
    • Big Advantage of Online over Offline – is the way in which the Customer Self Selects (Opts in) and Qualifies themselves Search, Email, Social Media, Apps Download etc..
    • Benefits of Digital Marketing • Customer Self Qualifies through their actions and signals – looking for your service through search with specific keywords (there is no ambiguity) – They subscribe to your email – They visit your website/blog to find information about product/service – They follow/Like you on Social Media and allow you to communicate to them • Peer recommendations – Networks (Tripadvisor, Booking.com, Facebook, Twitter etc..)
    • Big Difference between online and offline is that these interactions can be tracked and measured to specific outcomes Sales, Leads, Downloads etc..
    • Digital Vs Traditional • • • • • • • • • • Micro Measurability Vs Broad Metrics Interactive Vs Passive Inbound Vs Outbound Manageability Vs Outsource Targeting Vs Scattergun Nichecasting vs broadcast Permission based Vs Interrupt Educating vs Sales Informal Vs Formal Social Vs Authoratative
    • So, From a Business Perspective, what are we trying to do with Digital Marketing Channels
    • To Reach, Acquire, Retain (and Advocate) Customers both Online and Offline through Digital Channels
    • The Buyer Journey Digital Marketing Activities Should help achieve:  Create Awareness  Customer Acquisition  Customer Retention  Customer Advocacy
    • What are the core tactical tools at a Digital Marketers disposal
    • Key Online Marketing Tactics • Search Engine & Rich Media Marketing – PPC, Display and Affiliates • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Structured & Planned Content, Optimised Vocabulary, Links • Social Media Marketing – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Podcasts • Content Marketing Programmes – Website, blog, social platforms, partnership sites etc… • Email Marketing – Email Service Providers, Acquisition and Retention, Lead Nurturing • Mobile Marketing – Location Based, Text, Advertising, Coupons, Offline-Activation • Measurement and Analytics – Clear Objectives and Benchmarks
    • Characteristics of a Digital Marketing Campaign
    • Digital is a more iterative process than traditional marketing
    • Iterative Digital Marketing Strategies
    • The Digital Landscape has changed changed radically over the past 5 years
    • Changing Digital Landscape
    • Proliferation of Channels Growth of Social Media
    • Social Media Landscape
    • It has never been easier for business to communicate with People online But You have to use engaging content – Give people a reason to engage with you
    • Todays Digital Marketing Ecosystem
    • Digital Marketing Ecosystem
    • That’s why Inbound & Content Marketing are so Important
    • Inbound & Content Marketing
    • Hubspot – Inbound Marketing Company view
    • Inbound Vs Outbound
    • Marketing Platforms and Tactics
    • Website/Blog
    • Website • • • • Register a domain Create website Create ‘GOOD’ Content Optimize on Google, through search engine optimization you can rank higher on Google so you can get more visitors to your website. • One way of doing this is to pay a marketing firm, or by doing SEO if you learn it yourself.
    • Blogs • It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running, you can still have a blog. • Create a community by responding to each blog comment. • Become an expert by posting comments on other blogs and message board • Message boards may sound boring and dull because they’ve been around for years, but they are still effective. There are millions of message boards on the Internet and there is one for almost every topic. • If you can leave messages on popular boards and give people advice, it can drive a lot of traffic to your website
    • Resources
    • Resources
    • Resources
    • Resources
    • Resources
    • Resources www.blogger.com Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video. www.wordpress.com Start a blog or a website for free Read more tips at http://startbloggingonline.com/ or at http://impossiblehq.com/how-to-start-ablog-guide
    • Resources
    • Marketo Blog
    • Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Search: Laptops Cyprus
    • Home Page
    • KeyWords in URLs Help too Typical Website URLs Good  www.XYZ.com.cy/holiday-villas-paphos/  www.XYZ.com.cy/cat61/paphos  www.XYZ.com.cy/cat61/174  www.XYZ.com.cy/f?ID=174  www.XYZ.com.cy/f?cat=61&?ID=174 Bad  cdn6.fly.XYZ.com.cy/f?cat=61&?ID=174&CustID=5afsdf21
    • PPC Landing Pages
    • Landing Pages
    • Landing page example
    • SEO Factors
    • On Page Keyword Considerations • Keyword Use Anywhere in the Title Tag – high importance • Keyword Use as the First Word(s) of the Title Tag – high importance • Keyword Use in the url – high importance • Keyword Use Anywhere in the H1 Headline Tag – moderate importance • Keyword Use in Internal Link Anchor Text on the Page – moderate importance • Keyword Use as the First Word(s) in the H1 Tag – moderate importance • Keyword Use in the First 50-100 Words in HTML on the Page – moderate importance
    • On Page: Content Related • Existence of Substantive, Unique Content on the Page – Very high importance • Recency (freshness) of Page Creation – High importance • Historical Content Changes (how often the page content has been updated) – Moderate importance
    • Off Page • Keyword-Focused Anchor Text from External Links – High importance • External Link Popularity (quantity/quality of external links) – High importance • Load Times of Pages – High importance • Bounce Rate from Search Engine Results Page – High importance • Mobile Strategy – Preferred solution is Responsive by Google – High importance
    • Tools
    • Keyword Planner
    • Email Marketing
    • The process of delivering relevant, engaging and timely marketing messages about your products and services to a specific group of recipients via electronic mail.
    • How Email is used B2C B2B 87 88 Retain Existing Customers 26 66 Generate Leads 65 54 58 Profile / Awareness 34 53 56 63 83
    • Some numbers • 91% use email at least daily. Compared with 57% of Facebook Users. Exact Target Channel Survey 2012 • 66% of people have made a purchase as a result of a marketing message via Email vs. just 20% via Facebook. Exact Target - 2012 • Get this report at http://www.ExactTarget.com/SFF
    • Return on Investment For every dollar spent on email marketing in 2012 marketers had a $40 return-on-investment. » DMA - 2012 http://www.magillreport.com/Email-Remains-ROI-King-Net-Marketing-Set-to-Overtake-DM/
    • How it compares
    • The Services
    • MailChimp
    • What they offer • • • • • • List Management Unsubscribe Management Design / Template Editor AAA Delivery Reports Inexpensive
    • Things to consider • Never spam people • Build your own list
    • What is spam • The word "Spam" as applied to Email means "Unsolicited Bulk Email". • Unsolicited means that the Recipient has not granted verifiable permission for the message to be sent. • Bulk means that the message is sent as part of a larger collection of messages, all having substantively identical content. • Unsolicited Email is normal email (examples: first contact enquiries, job enquiries, sales enquiries) • Bulk Email is normal email (examples: subscriber newsletters, customer communications, discussion lists) • A message is Spam only if it is both Unsolicited and Bulk. – Source - Spamhaus - http://www.spamhaus.org/consumer/definition/
    • Build your own list • Add a subscribers form • Add update contact form • Other forms • Facebook Apps • Competition Entries • Membership Form • Registration Forms
    • Add a subscribers form • Ask for just the “must-haves” • Don’t get Personal • What info can you collect later? • Find a balance • Add on more pages not just home page (research shows that only 10% use the home page to sign up)
    • The best way? ASK • Face to Face • Sales Calls • Trade Shows • Events • Ask for Permission • It Respects the rules • Ensures Familiarity • It Increases Engagement
    • Things to consider • • • • • • • • • • • Words - “Free” / “Discount” / “Offer” / “Buy” “Click Here” “Unsubscribe” Overuse of Punctuation.................... Exclamation Marks!!!!!! ALL CAPS White Listed Sender No Attachments Good Quality in Design Correct Balance of Text and Images Use a Testing Service - Litmus.com
    • Clear and shorts subject line Get to the point Clear CTA Several links Scannable text
    • Design Considerations • Keep HTML Emails to 500-600 Pixels in width • Always use a Top Link - Click here to view it in your browser • Don’t Depend on Images to get your message across • Can’t you Flash, Video or animated bits • Beware of special characters in your emails • Never use attachments • Test the end product on different email clients • Always use a valid and consistent send / reply address • Personalise... or not. Discuss. • Never design and send as one big image
    • When to Deliver • Traditionally best • Tuesday / Wednesday - 11am. • NEVER on Friday • Avoid Monday • Aim for people at their desks • Analysis • About 80% of email opened between 5 am and 5 pm • Roughly 62% opened between Tuesday and Thursday • Business customers most likely to open during working day • Personal email accounts are often checked during the day • Consider when you want the traffic / calls.
    • Analytics
    • Group Deals
    • Group deals
    • Group deals
    • Skroutz deals Inbox
    • Other platforms
    • Listing
    • Google Business Places
    • Google + for Business
    • You tube
    • Social Media
    • • As you build your brand, always remember to apply these simple steps at every stage of your business: – Build Relationships – Fresh Content – Share Your Knowledge – Image is Everything – Connect with Clients/Customers – Be Transparent
    • • When identifying the right social network for your business, consider the following: – Research the social networks that will work best for building your brand – Understand the needs of your target audience – Make connections and talk to people – Share your goals and identify supporters – Measure results – There are so many free and low-cost tools available to you. Use these tools to your advantage. Don’t wait for that million-euro check to come in the mail. It will not!
    • What posts work best? • Develop a varied post strategy – don’t template every post • Images and Video get most interaction but you have to mix with Status updates to optimise reach • Think Shorthand – posts with 80 chars or less receive 27% more engagement • When sharing company links – use an image with the link and some commentary – 65% higher engagement rate using images • Think frequency – too much is spam, too little could mean not being noticed • Think Humour and Personality – Don’t be shy boundaries – get responses from people
    • Tools
    • They Like You!
    • Other photo editing • • • • • • http://www.picmonkey.com/ free and cool http://getbulb.com/ create infographics with ease https://infogr.am infographics www.gimp.org – photoshop type for free Vine app - Create & share beautiful looping videos Shadow puppet app - Shadow Puppet Is a New Storytelling App For Sharing Narrated Slideshows Of Your Photos • Doodly Doo app – adds drawings, text and other fun stuff on your photos
    • Thank You