Please find below the latest news from feif june26


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Please find below the latest news from feif june26

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobile users: . Discover our World Championships host city with 'The Bearliner Guides' The organisers are very happy to be able to offer the guests of the World Championships for Icelandic Horses in Berlin something really special this summer. Having just sealed a partnership with one of the most highly-renowned conoisseurs of the German capital - Christian Horschik and his company 'The Bearliner Guides' - they now offer you all the fantastic opportunity of not only experiencing excellent competitions but you'll also be able to explore the uniqueness of our host city of Berlin. That's exactly what makes having this event in a true metropolis so appealing: of course, we'd love to have as many guests in the stands at any given time throughout the competitions in sports and breeding shows, but we feel that affording you this opportunity of enjoying all these historic venues is what will make your trip even more special. Alongside his team of professionals, Christian Horschik has a variety of tours: Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, world-famous castles and cathedrals, Ku(rfürsten)damm and many more stops like Alexanderplatz. Hopping on and off is possible, individual tours may be booked as well. Come and discover the magic of Berlin - 'The Bearliner Guides' is a marvelous partner to make your trip even more enjoyable. We wish you an entertaining stay. Hotels and Camping - first-class accommodation for everyone Are you still looking for the ideal place to stay during the World Championships? A number hotels with significantly discounted rates can be found under - offering you the chance to be really close to the World Championship grounds and at the same time have access to Berlin?s public transport system. All friends of camping will, of course, find the camping site right where the action is. All requests until now have been confirmed and everyone has received their camping space. Please book your camping site as soon as possible as to be sure that you have your slot within a walking distance to the oval and pace tracks. The great Relay Ride As much as the world of Icelandic-horse fans is preparing for the bi-annual festival of sports and breeding competitions, there is an equally passionate group of riders from all FEIF member countries getting ready for the traditional relay ride - approaching Berlin from a number of directions. - the north route from Denmark to Berlin - the west route from the Netherlands to Berlin - the south route from Austria, crosssing the Czech Republic to Berlin The relay ride is a unique opportunity for leisure riders to participate in a World Championship their way. In Scotland theRealy ride has taken place virtually duirng the last year as riders have registered their miles and are now - by numer of miles - approaching Berlin. In other countries riders are preparing for the actual ride on German grounds. You will find more detailed information and very good desciptions of
  2. 2. all stages of the ride on Looking forward to seeing you there! New members FEIF Sport Judges Committee Two new members have been appointed to the FEIF Sport Judges Committee: Mark Tillmann (DE) and Nicolai Thye (DK). They replace Bent Rune Skulevold (DK) and Hulda G. Geirsdóttir (IS), both decided to step down. The other members are Halldór Gunnar Victorsson (IS), Lutz Lesener (DE) and Þorgeir Guðlaugsson (NL). FEIF WorldRanking: increased requirements as of 2014 After 15 years of WorldRanking the Sport Committee has decided that it is time to renew the requirements for WorldRanking Events. It would also help organisers to ensure that the event is meeting international standards. The aim is still to keep results comparable and that judging is done in a proper way. For many organisers the changes will not have any effect, as these requirements are already met. The changes include: - 3 in stead of 2 international sport judges in WorldRanking tests, at least one having his/her residence in another country, - the time that judges are judging has to be limited to reasonable hours, to ensure proper judging. - equipment/injury checks on all horses in the finals and at least 25% of the horses in preliminary rounds in WorldRanking tests - in order to keep results in especially Five Gait F1 and F2 comparable, only 250 m oval tracks are allowed (no 200 m or P-tracks) - it is mandatory that the speaker announces in English (as well) or at least in a language all judges (and preferably riders and public) can understand Open Sport Judges Seminar The sport judges' test to become a FEIF Licensed Sport Judge or National Sport Judge, will be organised by FEIF from October 3-4, 2013 at Kronshof, Dahlenburg, Germany (near Hamburg). Contact your national Sport leader if you are interested in taking the test. FEIF Events until 23 November 2013 22-Jul - 28-Jul FEIF YouthCamp 2013 Molde Norway 04-Aug - 11-Aug World Championships 2013 Berlin Germany 06-Sep - 08-Sep FEIF Education Seminar 2013 Stockholm Sweden 03-Oct - 04-Oct Sport Judges Test Dahlenburg/Kronshof Germany 25-Oct - 27-Oct FEIF Committee Meetings 2013 Malmö Sweden 25-Oct - 27-Oct WorldFengur Work-Shop Malmö Sweden FEIF WorldRanking Events until 30 August 2013 28-Jun - 30-Jun Finland Åland Finnish championships
  3. 3. 28-Jun - 30-Jun Germany Großholzleute OSI & BW Meisterschaft Alpenhof 2013 28-Jun - 30-Jun Netherlands Noord-Sleen Fitjar kwalificatiewedstrijd 29-Jun - 30-Jun Germany Bebelsheim Mittsommernatchtstunrier und Isihammer 2013 03-Jul - 07-Jul Iceland Vesturlands Fjórðungsmót Vesturlands 04-Jul - 07-Jul Norway Grimstad Norwegian Championships 04-Jul - 07-Jul Sweden Norrköping Svenska Mästerskapen 04-Jul - 07-Jul Switzerland Brunnadern Schweizermeisterschaften 05-Jul - 07-Jul Austria Semriach ÖM und Jugendmeisterschaften, 3rd WM qualification 05-Jul - 07-Jul Germany Schwanewede Witt Cup 2013 06-Jul - 07-Jul France Kappelkinger Concours de Kappelkinger 11-Jul - 14-Jul Denmark Herning DM- RID 2013 11-Jul - 14-Jul Germany Lindlar DIM 2013 11-Jul - 14-Jul Iceland Borgarnes Íslandsmót í hestaíþróttum 11-Jul - 14-Jul Netherlands Oirschot Wedstrijden Zuid / NK 19-Jul - 21-Jul Sweden Romme Sommarmästerskapen SM-kval WR 24-Jul - 28-Jul Germany Ellenbach DJIM 2013 04-Aug - 11-Aug World Championships Berlin (DE) World Championships 2013 22-Aug - Germany Wehrheim OSI Hirtenhof 2013
  4. 4. 25-Aug 23-Aug - 25-Aug Austria Gänserndorf Niederösterreichische Landesmeisterschaften 23-Aug - 25-Aug Germany Hörpel Norddeutsche Meisterschaft & VM des IPZV Nord 2013 24-Aug - 25-Aug Iceland Hella Suðurlandsmót 29-Aug - 01-Sep Germany Roderath Landesmeisterschaft NRW & Osi Roderath 2013 30-Aug - 01-Sep Germany Kremmen LVM Berlin / Brandenburg - OSI Schleuener Hof 2013 FEIF International Breeding Shows until 30 August 2013 01-Jul - 03-Jul Norway Grimstad 03-Jul - 04-Jul Austria Semriach 04-Jul - 07-Jul Iceland Fjórðungsmót á Kaldármelum 04-Jul - 07-Jul Sweden Norrköping, Swedish Championships 04-Jul - 05-Jul Switzerland Zuchtbeurteilung und Qualifikation WM-2013 Brunnadern 08-Jul - 10-Jul Germany Lindlar 19-Jul - 21-Jul Denmark Hundested 22-Jul - 26-Jul Iceland Selfoss 04-Aug - 11- Aug Germany Berlin, World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2013 12-Aug - 23- Aug Iceland Hella 12-Aug - 16- Aug Iceland Hvammstangi 12-Aug - 16- Aug Iceland Miðfossar 19-Aug - 23- Aug Iceland Dalvík 19-Aug - 23- Iceland Skagafjörður
  5. 5. Aug 29-Aug - 01- Sep Sweden Romme Travbana