Please find below the latest news from fei1


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Please find below the latest news from fei1

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of IcelandicHorse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandichorse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobileusers: .Relay Ride 2013Details, maps as well as registration forms for each stage of the relay ride 2013 havebeen published and are available for download. The different routes are approachingBerlin from a number of directions: the north route from Denmark to Berlin; the westroute from the Netherlands to Berlin and the south route from Austria, crosssing theCzech Republic to Berlin.FEIF Youth Award - Youth Country of the year 2012The FEIF YouthAward 2012 went to Germany which in 2012 managed to take yetanother step in their youth work. Germany improved its existing activities as well asimplemented new activities and very successfully hosted the FYCup. Among theactivities was an improved German youth championship ? with more than 500participants ?starting up a successful young breeders programme and starting with e-learning for the young riders in order to reach out to more of them.New board memberThe Delegates Assembly in Strasbourg (F) elected Doug Smith (USA) as a newmember of the Board of FEIF on February 8, 2013. Doug is at the moment secretary ofour US member association USIHC. His fields of activities will comprise various sportrelated tasks. FEIF Code of Ethics The Board of FEIF presented the FEIF Code of Ethics to the Delegates Assembly in Strasbourg (F), February 8, 2013. The Code of Ethics does focus on fair play, friendship, respect for others and for the horses. The members of the Board were the first ones to sign the Code of Ethics. Members of committees and other persons connected to FEIF will be invited to sign as well. Member associations are asked to follow this initiative. Any activity organized within FEIF or its member organizations is a social and cultural activity, which enriches society and friendship between nations. Sport andbreeding events are recognized as activities which, if played and conducted fairly, offersthe individual the opportunity for self-knowledge, self-expression and fulfilment,personal achievement, skill acquisition and demonstration of ability, social interaction,enjoyment, good health and well-being and the joy of working together with the horses.Joint activities, whether relating to sport, breeding or leisure riding, promote involvementand responsibility in society and the environment with its wide range of clubs andindividuals working voluntarily. In addition,responsible involvement in some activitiescan help to promote sensitivity to the environment. Fair play and conduct is defined asmuch more than playing within the rules. It incorporates the concepts of friendship,respect for others and for the horses. Horsemanship and sportsmanship is defined as away of thinking, not just a way of behaving. It requires everyone to strive to be a rolemodel in his or her own capacity and incorporates issues concerned with the eliminationof cheating, the use of unfair strategies whilst respecting the rules, doping, misuse of
  2. 2. nutritional supplements, physical or verbal violence, sexual harassment and abuse ofchildren, young people and women, unethical exploitation or treatment of the horsesinvolved, excessive com-mercialization and corruption.Launch of the trainer and young-horse trainer matrixIn January the education committee met to define the minimum experience and abilitiesa horse trainer, and particularly a young-horse trainer, should have. A good number ofFEIF member countries offer courses and examinations for young-horse trainers,concerned with the initial stages of training of a young horse, and the next level, thehorse trainers who will train the slightly older horse to the highest levels of competitionsand advanced movements. The new matrix will enable different member countries tocompare the requirements for he qualification, and help to maintain an even standardacross national boundaries. It will also help other member countries, which do not yethave such a qualification, to plan the syllabus and examinations for the young-horsetrainer qualification. At the moment the document is in the last stages of the draft form,and will be officially launched at the FEIF conference in StrasbourgDoping case at Mid European ChampionshipsOur German member association IPZV has published further information regarding thepositive medication test at the Mid European Championships in Wehrheim (D). TheAustrian rider involved, Petra Reiter-Tropper, has - through her lawyer - asked to openthe B-sample, to check if the outcome of the test of the A-sample is correct. The A-sample, taken from her horse Sjarmi frá Skriðuklaustri has been tested positive forprohibited substances. When both the A and B-sample show the same result atransgression of the rules about prohibited substances is a fact. The German arbitrationpanel, chaired by Klaus Beuse, will then issue a verdict against the rider. Such a verdictis - based upon the FEIF rules - valid for all member countries.FEIF Events until 13 July 2013 European Championships - Horses on Haarlem (nr23-Mar Netherlands Ice 2013 Amsterdam)05-Apr - FEIF Sport Judges Seminar Berlin Germany06-Apr (International Sport Judges) World Championships Sport Judges06-Apr Berlin Germany Meeting19-Apr - Young Breeding Horse Trainer Seminar Skeidvellir Iceland21-Apr 2013FEIF WorldRanking Events until 19 April 201319-Apr - 21-Apr Iceland Mánagrund Keflavík Opna íþróttamót MánaFEIF International Breeding Shows until 19 April 201317-Apr - 18-Apr Austria PanoramahofYou receive this newsletter because you are a member of a FEIF Committee, licensedjudge or trainer, participant in a FEIF activity or member of the board of a memberassociation of FEIF. You can unsubscribe from receiving this newsletter at any time bycontacting the FEIF Office at