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Please find below aug 27

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse. More information can be found on our website: . For mobile users: . Clean Sport at World Championships Again our World Championships proved to be a clean sport event: no prohibited substances were found in the different random taken samples from sport and breeding horses. Toftinge regional in Toftinge gård (SE) no longer WorldRanking Event The event Toftinge regional in Toftinge gård (SE) will no longer be a WorldRanking event. The event is scheduled to take place 7-8 September 2013. Meeting with the new Agricultural Minister of Iceland During the World Championships the FEIF Board met with Sigriður Ingi Jóhannesson, Minister of Agriculture, Iceland, Kristinn Hugason, a senior adviser to the Ministry, Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson, the Icelandic Ambassador in Berlin, Auðunn Atlason, the Icelandic Ambassador in Vienna and other staff attached to the Embassy. Under discussion was the place of the Icelandic horse in the equestrian world in Europe, and finding new ways of promoting the Icelandic horse abroad. Details of the conversation included the development of the breed, new ways of thinking about sport, future strategies in marketing, education and tourism and future cooperation. The meeting was amicable, and set the cornerstone for closer contact between FEIF and the Icelandic authorities in their joint aim to strengthen the position of the Icelandic horse in Europe. More than 300 horses in the heart of Berlin Leading up to the opening of the World Championship more than 300 horses took part in the final part of the Relay Ride at Brandenburger Tor. It was a really impressive scene when the riders three by three came from the Siegessäule towards Brandenburger Tor to unfold and stand in a half circle in front of the Tor .... The Golden Medals: how many per country How are the Golden Medals (or better World Champion titles) divided between the countries? In the general (adult) class Iceland and Sweden received each 3 Golden Medals, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands each 1. In the Young Riders class Germany did receive 3 Golden Medals, Iceland and Norway each 2. Sweden and Switzerland did receive 1 Golden Medal each.
  2. 2. FEIF Events until 25 January 2014 06-Sep - 08-Sep FEIF Education Seminar 2013 Uppsala Sweden 03-Oct - 04-Oct Sport Judges Test Dahlenburg/Kronshof Germany 25-Oct - 27-Oct FEIF Committee Meetings 2013 Malmö Sweden 25-Oct - 27-Oct WorldFengur Work-Shop Malmö Sweden FEIF WorldRanking Events until 01 November 2013 29-Aug - 01-Sep Germany Roderath Landesmeisterschaft NRW & Osi Roderath 2013 30-Aug - 01-Sep Germany Kremmen LVM Berlin / Brandenburg - OSI Schleuener Hof 2013 31-Aug Sweden Norrköping Dyggur regional KM 05-Sep - 08-Sep Germany Wurz Bay. Meisterschaft 2013 06-Sep - 08-Sep Germany Ehndorf Lokka Mot 2013 13-Sep - 15-Sep Germany Isernhagen OSI Basselthof & Niedersachsenmeisterschaft 2013 20-Sep - 22-Sep Austria Strasswalchen Salzburger & Tiroler Meisterschaften 21-Sep Switzerland Grenchen Islandpferde Turnier 27-Sep - 29-Sep Germany Zachow Paßchampionat 2013 05-Oct - 06-Oct Switzerland Biel-Benken Islandpferde Turnier 12-Oct - 13-Oct Austria Semriach Steirische Landesmeisterschaften 18-Oct United States of America Santa Ynez CIA Fall World Ranking I 19-Oct United States of America Santa Ynez CIA Fall World Ranking II 20-Oct United States of America Santa Ynez CIA Fall World Ranking III FEIF International Breeding Shows until 01 November 2013
  3. 3. 29-Aug - 01-Sep Sweden Romme Travbana 03-Sep Germany FIZO Berlar-Herbst 06-Sep - 08-Sep Denmark Skive 06-Sep - 07-Sep Germany FIZO Aegidienberg 11-Sep - 12-Sep Germany FIZO Basselthof 25-Sep - 26-Sep Germany FIZO Zachow