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Feif News

  1. 1. Please find below the latest news from FEIF, the International Federation of IcelandicHorse Associations. FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandichorse. More information can be found on our website: www.feif.org . For mobile users:m.feif.org .Seminar and training for breeding show officialsA seminar and training for breeding show officials (show leader, ring stewards or responsible vets) isoffered by IPZV from February 11 - 12, 2013, at Kronshof (near Lüneburg), Germany. The seminar isopen to foreign participants and will be held in German and English. Lecturers will be Sigbjörn Björnsson,Barbara Frische, Marlise Grimm If you are interested to sign in, please contact Swantje Renken, IPZVGeschäftsstelle: s.renken@ipzv.de, for further information.WordListEver asked yourself what the word Hraðaukning means, or Kardätsche ? Some years ago anenthusiastic group of people published a small booklet with the translation of terms common in theIcelandic horse world in several languages. This booklet is now put on line, and at the same timeupdated, under the care of FEIF Youth Work. Type in any word in English, Icelandic, Danish, Dutch,German or Swedish and get the translation. Of course such a project needs active input and support. Sosend your comments, corrections or additions to wordlist@feif.org . World Championship trailer The organizers of the 2013 World Championships in Berlin have just released a trailer for this great event, including a 90-second sample of "Ga(i)tes to the Heart", the official song of WM 2013, produced by Sebastian Frisch and Henning Drath. All further information on tickets, the grand opening, discounted rates for accommodation and public transit is available at www.berlin2013.de - enjoy!Doping case at Mid European ChampionshipsThe case of the positive medication test from the Mid European Championships for an Austrian riderfinally gets moving: our German member association IPZV has taken the responsibility for the case inagreement with the Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung (FN). As reported by the IPZV website KlausBeuse, chair of the arbitration panel of IPZV, confirmed that the German arbitration panel was inDecember entrusted by IPZV with further handling of the case and is actively pushing the examination ofthe case. A rapid process following the rules of the German FN and IPZV and sanctions adequate to theseverity of the delict, in case the A-sample is confirmed, is the aim of IPZV. Any verdict in Germany willautomatically - based upon the FEIF rules - be valid for all 19 FEIF member countries.FEIF YouthCamp 2013 - Save the dateIn the end of July (week 30) NIHF and Stable Kjersem, stable SP and thelocal club Vestnes will host the FEIF YouthCamp 2013 (open foryoungsters 12-18 years) in the western part of Norway (between Ålseundand Molde). The lodging will be at the Stable Kjersem. The preliminaryprogramme includes: riding tours in the magnificent Norwegian mountains,hiking on one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway, a clinic on howto break in a horse from the beginning, one day visit to the WorldChampion Stian Pedersens stable, a bath in wood-fired hot tub,sightseeing and shopping in the city of Ålesund, riding training for a localcompetition, a visit to the Geiranger fjord, the jewel of the magnificent Norwegian fjords (since 1995 aUNESCO World Heritage site), barbeque evenings and so on! More detailed information will be handedout to the member associations at FEIF conference.
  2. 2. FEIF Conference 2013The FEIF Conference 2013 will take place in Strasbourg (F), February 8-10, 2013. The main themes areEthics, Rules and Leisure Riding. The conference includes the yearly Delegates Assembly - the highestauthority in FEIF - plus the department meetings for chairmen, breeding, sport, education, youth work andleisure riding. It is the intention that as many representatives as possible from each member country cantake part in specific and general discussions but also meet colleagues from other departments andthrough that contact get inspiration and benchmark from how things are done in other member countries.The conference is organised in cooperation between the French Icelandic Horse Association FFCI andFEIF and is open for all active members of FEIF member associations, members of FEIF committees andpeople otherwise connected to the work of FEIF.FEIF Events until 22 June 201308-Feb FEIF Delegates Assembly 2013 Strasbourg France08-Feb - 10- FEIF Conference 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Breeding Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Chairperson Meeting Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Education Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Sport Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb08-Feb - 10- Annual Youth Meeting 2013 Strasbourg FranceFeb10-Feb - 11- IceTest Next Generation Strasbourg FranceFeb Haarlem (nr23-Mar European Championships - Horses on Ice 2013 Netherlands Amsterdam)05-Apr - 06- FEIF Sport Judges Seminar (International Sport Berlin GermanyApr Judges)06-Apr World Championships Sport Judges Meeting Berlin Germany19-Apr - 21- Young Breeding Horse Trainer Seminar 2013 Skeidvellir IcelandApr