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Feif News

  1. 1. Chief Judge at World Championships 2013 in Berlin (D)The Board of FEIF has started the procedure to appoint the Chief Judge and Deputy Chief Judge for theWorld Championships 2013 in Berlin (D). Candidates may be proposed by member associations, theSport Committee, the Sport Judges Committee and the Board of FEIF. The Chief Judge and Deputy ChiefJudge will be appointed in September 2012. The judges for the World Championships 2013 will beappointed at a later moment.WorldRanking event in FranceFor the first time since 2008 France will host a WorldRanking event again, in Alsting, in the Moselledepartment in Lorraine in north-eastern France close to the German border. The open sport event willtake place August 18-19, 2012. France will also host the FEIF Conference, February 8-10, 2013, inStrassbourg.FEIF Hoof Study - next stepsSpecial shoeing practices are used in the Icelandic sport horses to enhance expressiveness andregularity of a gait. In order to establish a data base of the current shoeing situation among Icelandiccompetition horses the FEIF Delegates Assembly 2012 decided to randomly select a representativenumber of Icelandic sport and breeding horses for an in-depth hoof assessment at four different events in2012 (International Breeding Show in Herning (DK), Landsmót (IS), Nordic Championships in Eskilstuna(S), Mid European Championship in Wehrheim (D)). The aim of the study is hoof health and currentshoeing practices in Icelandic competition horses by measuring and x-raying the hooves of arepresentative number of animals. The data will allow an evaluation of the current FEIF rules regardingtrimming and shoeing for their ability to ensure hoof health and thus to guarantee horse welfare and faircompetition. At each of the mentioned events, the study delegation under the supervision of a member ofthe organising committee will randomly draw out 30 horses from the starting list. A certain horse will beexamined only once, also if it is drawn a second time by chance at another competition place. Completeassessment will take approximately 30 minutes and will, whenever possible, be carried out subsequentlyto shoe-check and trot-up. Identity and results of horses and riders will be handled anonymously andconfidentially. So far the studies performed in Denmark and Iceland went very well, the next two studieswill be performed in August in Germany and Sweden.Eva Maria Gerlach Award 2012Five participants of the FEIF Youth Cup 2012 in Verden (D) did receive the Eva Maria Gerlach Award2012, for being the most versatile riders (in alfabetical order): Carolin Nase (Cavallo Champions),Johanna Kirchmayr (Fast & Furious), Lisa Kroon (Hurricane Horse Riders), Seraina Stalder (CavalloChampions) and Vanja Roulin (Draumur). These riders did also receive a free entrance ticket for theWorld Championships 2013 in Berlin!FEIF Feather Prize 2012The judges at the FEIF Youth Cup 2012 awarded Snorri Egholm Þorsson (IS) with the FEIF Feather Prize2012. The aim of this prize is to encourage good riding and good horsemanship, a tribute to feather lightriding. The awarded rider sets an example to the Icelandic Horse World. Previously awarded riders areAnne Stine Haugen, Bo Cavens, Guðmundur Einarsson, Ástríður Magnúsdóttir, Lena Trappe, AndreaBalz, Stian Pedersen, Þorvaldur Árni Þorvaldsson, Frauke Schenzel and Stephanie Nielsen.Results FEIF Youth Cup 2012The complete results of the 10th FEIF Youth Cup, in Verden (D) from July 12-14, 2012, are available nowin the download section of the FEIF website (www.feif.org/download).FEIF Events until 12 January 201326-Oct - 28-Oct FEIF Committee Meetings 2012 Malmö SwedenFEIF WorldRanking Events until 19 October 2012
  2. 2. 15-Aug - 19- Iceland Hella SuðurlandsmótAug17-Aug - 19- Germany Hörpel IPZV-Nord VereinsmeisterschaftAug18-Aug - 19- France Alsting OSI Alsting 2012Aug23-Aug - 26- Mid European Wehrheim Mid European Championships 2012Aug Championships (D)30-Aug - 02- Sweden Everöd ISI Cup deltävling, MargaretehofSep31-Aug - 02- Germany Kaufungen HIM 2012Sep31-Aug - 02- Germany Kremmen OSI Schleuener Hof 2012Sep06-Sep - 09- Germany Wurz Bayr. Meisterschaft WurzSep07-Sep - 09- Niederösterreichische Austria StratzingSep Landesmeisterschaften08-Sep - 09- Germany Ehndorf Lokka Mot 2012Sep08-Sep - 09- Sweden Norrköping Regional DyggurSep14-Sep - 16- Germany Isernhagen OSI Basselthof & LVM HB 2011Sep20-Sep - 23- 1. Deutsche Gæðingakeppni- Germany AegidienbergSep Meisterschaft28-Sep - 30- Austria Gänserndorf Österreichische JugendmeisterschaftenSep05-Oct - 07- Denmark Hedehusene ISICUP FinaleOct06-Oct - 07- Switzerland Biel-Benken Islandpferde-TurnierOct12-Oct - 14- Austria Semriach Steirische LandesmeisterschaftenOctFEIF International Breeding Shows until 19 October 201220-Aug - 24-Aug Iceland Eyjafjörður20-Aug - 24-Aug Iceland Hella29-Aug - 02-Sep Sweden Strömsholm
  3. 3. 01-Sep - 02-Sep Finland Forssan ravirata/Kuuman Kartaro04-Sep Germany FIZO Berlar07-Sep - 09-Sep Denmark Herning12-Sep - 13-Sep Germany FIZO Basselthof15-Sep - 16-Sep Austria FIZO Oberösterreich19-Sep - 20-Sep Germany FIZO Aegidienberg20-Sep - 22-Sep Iceland Prufa LBM26-Sep - 27-Sep Germany FIZO Zachow28-Sep - 30-Sep Germany FIZO HeesbergYou receive this newsletter because you are a member of a FEIF Committee, licensed judge or trainer,participant in a FEIF activity or member of the board of a member association of FEIF. You canunsubscribe from receiving this newsletter at any time by contacting the FEIF Office at office@feif.org .This message was sent to you by an automated procedure using the FEIF mailing list.Go to www.feif.org/news to add other people to this free mailing list.The most up to date version (with daily updates) of the FEIF WorldRanking is always available onInternet: www.feif.org.Addresses of member associations, board, committees, licensed judges and trainers and other officialscan be found at www.feif.org as well. Or use our mobile website: m.feif.org .News, recent documents and events are also available as news feeds (RSS), ready to be added to yourown website. Read more about it at www.feif.org/rss.