Map Issues: Big challenge in planning and in REDD+ implementation


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This presentation by Iman Santoso from Conservation International given during the Forests Asia Summit in the discussion forum "Climate change: Low-emissions development and societal welfare – trade offs, risks and power struggles in forest and climate change policy arenas" explains the current consensus about REDD+ and the map challenges.

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  • 21 Million hectares of land were projected to be developed as agricultural and transmigration, and most of them were targeted at the Indonesian tropical dry land
  • Map Issues: Big challenge in planning and in REDD+ implementation

    1. 1. Map Issues: Big challenge in planning and in REDD+ implementation Iman Santoso
    2. 2. Forest Areas Allocation • No comprehensive spatial plan until 1980s • Competing land uses: transmigration, food and estate crops, forestry, etc. • A Consensus Forest Allocation Plan: claim first as mandated by Forestry Act 5/1967
    3. 3. Consensus • Protection forests and Conservation forest in Dutch Administration • Map analysis for steep terrain  additional Protection Forests • Existing Logging concession as Production Forest • Other forest suitable for other uses were allocated as Convertible Production Forest
    4. 4. Macro and indicative • Based on the best available data and techniques • Small scale of 1 : 500.000 • No preliminary field assessment • Not accurate but the best solution in the absent of spatial plan
    5. 5. Map Issues • Wrongly classified as Forest Area, while those that suitable were not included in the forest • Abundant and more accurate data from various imageries improve the quality of information and scale of maps; • On other hand, the up-dated information and different scales had created different interpretation (tradeoff);
    6. 6. Issues • Community’s land are not depicted and their rights is less appreciated • Mining is not included in the spatial plan • Debate and disputes over forest area boundary : district and central government – community and concession holder – among adjacent local governments (risk) • Need a protocol to reconsolidate
    7. 7. REDD+ Agency • to broker and bridge actors, • developing new schemes, framework and paradigm
    8. 8. REDD+ Performance Consensus on: • Measurment techniques • One Map to be used in all jurisdictions for measuring performance indicators of green development?
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