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IWOM Watch Compilation 2012

  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY IWOM WATCH the Social Business spotlight Progression is the only constant in China’s digital ecosystem and since 2006, CIC have maintained our position at the prow of this relentless forge forwards with monthly installments of IWOM Watch. Much has been said, predominantly but not exclusively by we CICers, about the unmatched dynamism and diversity of the digital and social landscape of the Middle Kingdom. It’s really put into perspective at this time of year though, as we compile the IWOM Watch greatest hits for our annual compilation. 2012 was certainly no exception, as the technologies, techniques and tastes of China’s digital consumer evolved to increasingly blur the boundaries between “online” and “offline”, and further propel social media towards social business. Naturally, it was another big year for CIC too; we’re now proud to be a Kantar Media company, having been welcomed into the wider WPP family, and concluded our “From Social Media to Social Business” white paper series. In last year’s compilation, the social business spotlight was shone squarely on the microblog medium. However, whereas that was underscored by the excitement and opportunity of a powerful platform in its adolescence, 2012 witnessed its relentless march towards maturity. This is actually reflected in the landmark white papers that have punctuated the past year; “Crisis Management in the Microblog Era”, which is now an annual collaboration between CIC and Ogilvy PR, and in partnership with Sina, an exploration of “Enterprise Weibo”. If we gave an award for best newcomer though, it would undoubtedly go to Tencent’s WeChat. The mobile based social network is enjoying amazing growth, typifying online/offline boundary blurring and reflecting the way consumers interact in an evolving communication ecosystem. 2012 offered countless exciting engagement examples that give marketers every reason to be excited by the opportunities presented by this rich environment. As ever, CIC are on hand to help you listen, know and participate.© IWOM WATCH 2012 CIC IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012
  3. 3. CONTENTS IWOM WATCH NET CULTURE WECHAT DEVELOPMENT PAGE. 6-7 PAGE. 24 Batman Vs Spiderman Tencent Developments “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富*)” Vs “Diao Si (屌丝*)” PAGE. 25 PAGE. 8-9 WeChat Developments All About Obama PAGE.26-28 PAGE. 10-11 Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private CCTV Steps into Social Media Social Network PAGE. 29-31 LBS & O2O Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O PAGE. 13-14 Buick Encore’s “City Hide and Seek” WEIBO DEVELOPMENT PAGE. 15-17 PAGE. 33-34 Expanding On O2O Sina Weibo Enterprise 2.0: A New Dimension in Weibo Marketing VIRAL VIDEO PAGE. 19-20 PAGE. 35-36 Youku and Tudou Merger What Weibo Tags Say About Me PAGE. 21-22 The Micro-Movie Effect© IWOM WATCH 2012 CIC IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012
  4. 4. CONTENTS IWOM WATCH CRISIS SOCIAL MARKETING PAGE. 38-39 PAGE. 50-51 Positivity After A Crisis “Gamification” Marketing PAGE. 52-53 E-COMMERCE Doomsday Marketing PAGE. 41-42 eCommerce and Customer Care PAGE. 54-55 Crowd Sourcing Creativity and an Enterprising Spirit PAGE. 43 eCommerce Development in the Last Year INTEGRATED MARKETING PAGE. 57-58 PAGE.44 eTao’s Comparison Feature and Brand Cooperation Netizen Response to Product Placement PAGE. 59-60 TECHNOLOGY Effectively Combining Online and Offline Engagement PAGE. 46-47 PAGE. 61-62 From SoLoMo to HyLoMo The Voice of China: Digital Engagement for Traditional Television PAGE. 48 Renren Update Mobile App - Introducing Public Pages© IWOM WATCH 2012 CIC IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012
  5. 5. PAGE. 6-7 Batman Vs Spiderman “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富*)” Vs “Diao Si (屌丝*)”NET CULTURE PAGE. 8-9 All About Obama PAGE. 10-11 CCTV Steps into Social Media Back To Main Menu
  6. 6. Batman Vs Spiderman. “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富*)” Vs “Diao Si (屌丝*)” Netizens Combine Current Trends with Established Net Culture 据说观众都反馈同时上映的蝙蝠侠好看,蜘蛛侠坑爹。 都说了,一个高帅富一个屌丝,差距立显。。。Link The audience thought Batman was better, Spiderman just wasn’t as good… just like the gap between rich, handsome men and losers. 强烈建议先看蝙蝠侠再看蜘蛛侠! 这样才能深刻的感受 到蜘蛛侠面对高帅富的蝙蝠侠时如此完美地演绎了吊丝 的逆袭. 尤其看到蜘蛛侠一针一线地缝装备时, 我的眼泪 都快要掉下来了. Link Recommend you watch “Batman” first, then “Spiderman”! Only in that way can you feel the perfect counterattack from “Spiderman”, the “Diao Si”, to “Batman”. It was really touching to watch Spiderman sewing his own uniform. It costs It costs $682,450,750 $215 to be 由于钢铁侠打不过绿巨人, 同理可证, 蝙蝠侠打不过蜘蛛 侠, 变异的屌丝男必胜高富帅 Link Since Ironman can’t to be Batman Spiderman beat Hulk, similarly, “Batman” must lose in fighting with “Spiderman”. The DiaoSi must prevail over “Gao Shuai Fu”. Summary With the near simultaneous release of “Batman - The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Amazing Spiderman”, netizens were naturally drawn to compare the movies. In doing so, they found an easy comparison, well established in China’s net culture; Batman is a “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富)”, which means tall, handsome and rich, particularly in reference to a recent meme that set out the cost of his equipment. Spiderman though, is a typical “Diao Si (屌丝)” – ordinary and poor, but full of ambition. Spoofing, which is a convention of Chinese youth’s online behavior, allows netizens to appropriate the latest trends and this comparison between Batman and Spiderman generated substantial interest. Note*: “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富)” means tall, rich, and handsome. “Diao Si (屌丝)” is a nickname originating on “Li Yi Ba (李毅吧)”, a forum in Baidu Tieba, which is used to describe guys who are ordinary, poor, or unsuccessful, but still passionate, ambitious and dignified in defeat. Each concept is established in China’s net culture. (Please click here to view more detailed information about “Diao Si”)IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 6
  7. 7. Batman Vs Spiderman. “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富*)” Vs “Diao Si (屌丝*)” Netizens Combine Current Trends with Established Net Culture The Definition of “Diao Si”: Guys who are ugly, short and poor. They were born into ordinary families and although they work hard, the odds are that their futures will be decidedly unspectacular. They mean nothing to their favorite girls. Even so, Diao Si still have a romantic outlook and passion for life. Always the underdog. Link Diao Si in the Eyes of Gao Shuai Fu Diao Si in the Eyes of the General Public Diao Si in the Eyes of Diao Si  Short, ugly and poor  Ordinary  Humorous  Envy the rich and handsome  Not hard-working  Young and cynical  Under qualified  Take things as they are  Self-made  Jokers  Speak more than they act  Possess an inner strength CIC View Although Batman is widely considered to be the better film, the negative cultural association of “Fu Er Dai (富二代)” (second generation of rich) means the “Diao Si” are always close to netizens’ hearts. Netizens want the underdog to triumph over the privileged. The movies are hot, and released so close to Valentine’s Day, they’re popular date movies. They also feature apparitional figures for young men. These factors combined to create a topic of greater cultural resonance than the movies themselves.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 7
  8. 8. All About Obama What Do Chinese Netizens See In Obama? Netizen Opinion Obama’s PR Image Netizen Spoofing Obama’s second term is not only being seen as a “Obama Style” <Link> personal victory, but a victory for the people of •Retweets:39,513 the United States. Forty years ago in America, •Comments:3,517 black people suffered various indignities and tensions between the races ran high. But today, Obama Skateboarding <Link> a black man has become President and won re- •Retweets:14,580 election, it’s great progress of a nation and •Comments:978 national consciousness. It’s not that America never makes mistakes, but she learns quickly Obama’s Pouty Photo <Link> after making them. Link •Retweets:401 •Comments:115 To Chinese netizens, Obama’s was a symbol of Obama’s sense of humor has most endeared him to grassroots victory, of freedom and fair Amiable, smart, funny… and cute. Chinese netizens, resonating with their taste for competition. creativity, contrast and approachability.CIC viewObama’s victory in the 2008 presidential election was regarded a symbol of youthful, grassroots’ success. However, rather than discussion ofDemocratic versus Republican party politics, Obama’s image was by far the most popular element in China’s online conversation. However,despite being seen as an idol of America’s young generation, the electoral campaign went beyond his personal politics, to an embodiment ofChina’s perception of the Americans’ dream. So, the election is an interesting balance between star power and wider ideology.The use of humor is an engaging juxtaposition with someone at the pinnacle of world politics; a juxtaposition that’s particularly pertinent to aChinese audience. However, humor has been a recurring feature of Obama’s campaign engagement, seen to be integral in shortening thedistance between himself and America’s voting public. The Obama brand is largely based on this approachability and many brands have beenbuilt in China in exactly the same way. Chinese net culture is well practiced with this type of engagement, embracing an opportunity to exercisecreativity in reimagining and amplifying marketing message. Brands in China, as ever, were quick to capitalize.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 8
  9. 9. All About Obama Brands Build On Election Buzz to Maximize Marketing Impact Durex Link Obama Wins MINI China Link Cadillac Link 2012.11.7 12:24 2012.11.7 13:00 2012.11.7 14:19 2012.11.7 14:41 • Durex are renowned for real-time, witty • Mini’s success was most impressive • Cadillac is firmly established as a appropriation of current trends via their These brands leveraged the in its simplicity; tactfully leveraging leader in the luxury car market and official Sina Weibo account. election to create topics that snapshots that inextricably link their an expression of the American spirit were timely, fitting and effective. brand to Obama and the feel-good • Durex leveraging the pictures of the wives to overseas. In essence, it was the simplicity aura around him. • Cadillac leveraged their physical and illustrate the “Difference between Obama of message and mechanism, • This clarity of expression is also a psychological proximity to Obama and Romney” with a cheeky irreverence in- while cleverly marrying brand recognizable feature of Mini’s and the Presidency in promotion of keeping with the brand’s persona in the cultures, that set these apart as personality. these core brand values. Chinese market. excellent examples of reactive • Retweets: 43; Comments: 14 • Retweets: 32,496; Comments: social media marketing. • Retweets: 61,687; Comments: 17,134 3,213 9IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012
  10. 10. CCTV Steps into Social Media CCTV’s Increased Interaction with Netizens CCTV Anchors Interact with Netizens Via “Micro-Interviews”(微访 Netizen Spoofing 谈) Netizens add dialogue to anchors’ pictures, suggesting they feel more accessible and approachable to viewers. Link 向 @央视新闻 提问: 请问《新闻联播》结束之后,你们会说些什么?经常看见你们会互相交 谈 Link Could you let me know what you talk about at the end of CCTV news?It seems to me that you often chat to each other. CCTV: 郎永淳:今天没播错,终于可以不紧张了…… Link Lang Yong Chun: I didn’t make a mistake today. What a relief, I can relax now.. Netizen Replied: 诶呀读错一个字扣好多钱·· · Ah, so you’ll be fined if you make mistakes in the broadcast. CCTV: 你猜,你继续猜,肯定不会说待会到哪儿吃饭 Link You guessed, you can keep guessing, but it’s definitely not “where will we have dinner later” Netizen Replied: 央视也卖萌,哈哈 CCTV also acts cute, haha Summary As the official TV network of China, CCTV’s standing and sheer scale traditionally kept their audience at a distance. One of the symptoms of this disassociation was a sense of mystery about what went on behind the scenes. When CCTV first opened its Sina Weibo account, the content did little to redress this distance, simply tweeting links to CCTV News videos and generating little engagement. However, the network has recently started drawing on social media as a source for news stories and public opinion, leveraging social platforms to actively engage with netizens. As new generations of Chinese media consumers elect to do so on their own terms, traditional media has to adapt to survive. CCTV’s decision to embrace social as a resource and reporting medium suggests a step towards their audience.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 10
  11. 11. CCTV Steps into Social Media CCTV’s Engagement via Sina Weibo Encourage Netizen Voting on Sina Weibo Turn Netizens into CCTV News Contributors Which anchor would you prefer to appear on CCTV’s 2013 wall CCTV’s annual special, “Move Through 2012” offers netizens a chance for their best tweets calendar? Link about CCTV’s 12 hottest topics to be broadcast on CCTV News. Link CIC view So far, netizens have viewed CCTV’s increasingly approachable repositioning as a success. By engaging more with grass-root level netizens, CCTV are effectively aligning themselves with a new, young audience who barely watch TV but are net savvy and essentially, better informed than the core CCTV audience that precedes them. CCTV, and other traditional media outlets, no longer the enjoy the aura of credibility inherent to their official standing as a resource for news and current events. Faced with the increasingly fast moving and peer populated information highway that is social media, netizens simply have faster access to more relevant news than the official channels themselves. In the race for breaking news, CCTV proves if you can’t beat them, join them.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 11
  12. 12. PAGE. 13-14 Buick Encore’s “City Hide and Seek”LBS & O2O PAGE. 15-17 Expanding On O2O Back To Main Menu
  13. 13. Buick Encore’s “City Hide and Seek” LBS and QR Integration Launch a fun, interactive app to attract netizens’ attention; encourage the young, tech savvy drivers who are at the core of your target consumer group to try it and embrace the concept of exploration. Seek the Use Camera Buick launched a new, fun mobile game app, Download the Virtual Encore to Virtually based on hide and seek of the ENCORE. Users App. on the Map. Spot It. start their journey by “seeking” a hidden Encore in the city map, then using the camera and Hide it When it’s When you augmented reality to spot it. Those who can see it, touch within 3 found, hide the car for the longest in one day go on the the screen. minutes. Game Over. record board and the final champion wins the right to drive a new Encore for 2 years. Clear instructions to join in the game. Campaign on Weibo, Video on Youku. Summary Buick seemingly referenced and learned from a successful Mini promotion in Sweden, which also leveraged an LBS feature, incorporated augmented reality, and aroused netizens’ interest with the promise of exploration and incentive. As a part of the Encore launch campaign in China, Buick created a similar game was launched to their target audience’s attention; young, urban white-collars, inspired by the thought of exploration, engaged by creative use of technology, and eager to show off their own sense of style. Naturally, free use of a new car for 2 months also proved to be an attractive incentive.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 13
  14. 14. Buick Encore’s “City Hide and Seek” Maintained Interaction, Sustained Engagement Buick launched this campaign via their official Weibo account, The game even attracted audience from other cities.Link which was mainly to introduce the campaign rules and 今天长途跋涉两个多小时,宁波奔去杭州玩了#ENCORE全城大搜 regulations, but also kept continuously updating the game 藏#,天气木牢牢好游戏捏个刺激~虽然成绩不是很理想,但还是玩 的很尽兴.下一站到阿拉宁波哉,全力以赴再接再厉!!!!赢辆免 progress and managing interaction with the players in real-time. 费的昂科拉开开,吼吼吼吼,想要免费昂科拉的,抓紧时间跟偶来 Via cooperation with Youku, The game was really challenging - but exciting! Link Buick continued to upload “live 这是昨天#ENCORE全城大搜藏#杭州站刚开始22分 钟之后的截图!看到屏幕上的那些小点点了么! show” videos, which broadcast 一个点就代表一个玩家啊!逆天了!我本来还以 the most interesting game 为凭我的速度和我的智慧一定能轻松拿到最终大 reports. Link 奖呢!现在看来我要好好制定一下战术了…… CIC View At the core of this campaign was a desire to attract an audience of young, technically engaged and theoretically adventurous, potential consumers to participate in an amazing journey of interaction with the Encore and the Buick brand overall. The “live show” videos were effective in evoking netizens’ emotional and competitive engagement, chiefly attracted by the interesting content. This was the overall technique of the campaign; attracting potential consumers to try, to explore, and to be converted by their experience. This was echoed by the prize; a two month trial.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 14
  15. 15. Expanding On O2O 7 Means of O2O Engagement “Online to Offline”, or O2O, is an engagement philosophy designed to connect online and offline services in a way that better reflects consumers’ lifestyle and commercial behavior, as presented and progressed by the ongoing developments in mobile connectivity. Buding Hotel Dianping Lashou Yidao Huodonghu Ducheme Shopplay i Sharing; Display; Online: Reserve Payment Engagement Gathering Location Comments; Coupon Point + + + + + + + Offline: Service Experience Execute Execute Activities Transformation Transformation O2O aims to deliver an improved service experience, meeting the varying demands of different types of consumer, with the fundamental principles of ease of engagement, incentive and execution paramount to each O2O platform.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 15
  16. 16. Expanding On O2O Different Users Demand a Different O2O Experience Creating different experiences for different users, tailored to their desired bridge of online and offline experience. Since WeChat launched their membership card, O2O High has been growing increasingly hot as a topic of conversation between enterprise and advertisers. Consumers stress online experience and offline Gathering Display; Reserve Sharing; consumption but seldom are the dividing lines so Point Comment; Offline Coupon clearly differentiated in such a digital savvy environment. Location Business implications of O2O seek not only to satisfy the offline consumer’s experience, but also maintain Engagement and magnify this experience via online channels, in Payment order to promote preferential prices, enjoyable Low Online High experiences and supportive customer service. In effect, consumption in the digital era cannot be  The horizontal axis shows the level of consumer online social activity; considered a solely Online or Offline experience.  The vertical axis shows the level of offline business promotion. Summary: As a bridge connecting of online and offline service, O2O also implicates the amplifying potential of social media channels. The characteristics of these O2O platforms, which are essentially based on social principles, overlap significantly with the user characteristics of social media platforms.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 16
  17. 17. Expanding On O2O Ensuring Interaction with 020 Shopplay shows how to turn online browsers into offline consumers. Technology: Accurate Audio Positioning Technology • Auto-LBS (auto check-in whenever the shopper walks through the door, earns the shopper “Peas”, which are a unit of currency specific to Shopplay, like a Q coin) • Comments (clear product display and integrated consumer comments/sharing) • Point (clicking shop info, signing in and scanning a QR code can earn Peas, which can be exchanged for gifts or discounts) Value for Business: • To attract consumers into your physical store location, where the atmosphere and salespeople can impact purchase decision. • To provide more opportunity for communication / recommendation, improving LBR and optimizing the customer’s emotional relationship. • To provide a specialized promotions pattern marketing tool for business, transforming consumers’ advertising acceptation from passive to initiative. Enhance the effect of promotion via product information and detailed experience, improving customer transaction rate. • To establish a lower cost marketing method, which meets the different needs of different shoppers at different phases of the consumer journey, facilitating flexible reward systems. • To improve frequency of the connection between shop and consumer, enhancing the brand impression, heightening loyalty and repeat custom rate. CIC View: Combine online and offline service to reduce customer turn-over rates, an evaluation index for marketing efficacy, via an holistic approach to engagement strategy that embraces updated technologies and more importantly, responds quickly to consumers’ uptake of this updated technology.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 17
  18. 18. PAGE. 19-20 Youku and Tudou MergerVIRAL VIDEO PAGE. 21-22 The Micro-Movie Effect Back To Main Menu
  19. 19. Youku and Tudou Merger Netizen Created Content – The “YouTudo” Model The news of Youku and Tudou’s Netizens made fun the news, creating the merger shook the market. YouTudo Model in social media. Sample Quote: 优酷深情的看了土豆一眼,于 是,我们又相信爱情了[link] Youku looked at Tudou soulfully, and we believe in love again. 优酷土豆合并了。新浪看了一 眼腾讯,360看了一眼QQ,苹 果看了一眼安卓,蒙牛看了一 眼伊利,方舟子看了一眼罗永 浩,韩寒看了一眼郭敬明,…… 欢迎接龙[link] Youku and Tudou merged, so that Sina took a look at Tencent, 360 glanced QQ, apple … solitaire welcome. Summary In March 2012, video sharing websites Youku and Tudou announced a merger, causing tremors throughout the market. It was pretty hard to believe that these two embattled enemies could actually be partners. Netizens took to weibo to creatively express sentiments around the central premise, “Youku and Tudou are married, nothing is impossible”. Netizens developed the “YouTudo Model”, which became quite popular across China’s social networks.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 19
  20. 20. Youku and Tudou Merger Impact on the Market According to EnfoDesk, Youku and Tudou were the top two in online video advertising in the last quarter. Their market shares are up to 21.8% and 13.7% respectively; Reduced content costs the merger will take them to more than a third share of Enriched content the domestic video market. resource, UGC added value Youku Increased user base (although there is an Leading overlap) Video YouTudou Market Share Tudou Potential for package media solutions for agencies and advertisers CIC View This merger is a must under the current circumstances of industry consolidation, as both were anxiously seeking a solution for the escalating competition. It is believed that this move will increase market concentration, but we’re still some way from a monopoly. YouTudou will share both user and video content, so the cost of content and bandwidth will be reduced. Advertisers will be eager to see if YouTudou will provide package media solutions that reduce the overall CPM across two sites.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 20
  21. 21. The Micro-Movie Effect Developing a Micro-Movie Rise of the Micro-Movie Micro-Movie Features and Advantages The micro-movie is one of Spread – Micro-movies can be broadly and efficiently delivered via interactive new media. the latest marketing mechanisms in new media. Cost – Micro-movies cost less in production, Generally, the most publication and transmission than conventional TVCs. successful combine humor Period – Micro-movies have a short production period with fashionable, trendy and condensed story arc. topics. Content – Micro-movies can offer a vivid and engaging medium for a brand’s story-telling. Micro-Movie Marketing in Social Media Everyone could make a JianLiBao tried to Casarte crowdsourced micro-movie in the early leverage netizens’ a micro-movie script stages, and few advertisers interest in micro-movies from Douban.com, with were actually taking to promote products via the help of a prize advantage. As such, most placement. This approach incentive. Participants micro-movies were solely was still pretty unique had creative freedom, focused on creative content and added to the overall as long as Casarte’s and audience appreciation. popularity of the micro- product featured. Link Link movie. Link Initial Show Ad Implantation Co-CreationIWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 21
  22. 22. The Micro-Movie Effect Micro-Movie Marketing IBM Micro-Movie : PingXingXiangJiao / Joined Parallel Feature of the Case 1. IBM promoted its collaboration product via micro-movie Summary placement, which impressively highlighted the features and The story describes two colleagues clearing up advantages from different angles. their misunderstanding through collaboration. IBM implanted its solution software to improve communication and collaboration between 2. IBM integrated its collaboration solution with the micro- colleagues, allowing them to realize the movie story, which evoked the resonance with netizens. importance of cooperation. 3. IBM involved its enterprise culture in the micro-movie, Spread effectively popularizing the brand image amongst netizens. This micro-movie was first promoted via Weibo, then transmitted to many other social platforms; video websites like Youku and 4. The micro-movie generated interest in IBM’s offline social Tudou; SNS websites like Kaixin, Renren and business forum - Business Gets Social, which was key to the Douban. Engaged, entertained netizens were integrated promotion of IBM business collaboration. active participants. CIC View 1. Spread – Micro-movie success is inherently linked to new media development, facilitating netizen participation. 2. Creation – Micro-movies are a quick and cost effective way to generate and express new, creative ideas. 3. Content – The micro-movie is a stylish and interesting approach to presenting brand image and product features. 4. Feedback – The brand can glean deep understanding of consumer interests through their feedback, for more effective marketing.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 22
  23. 23. PAGE. 24 Tencent Developments PAGE. 25 WECHAT WeChat Developments PAGE.26-28DEVELOPMENT Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private Social Network PAGE. 29-31 Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O Back To Main Menu
  24. 24. Tencent Developments QQ Circle and Other New Functions of Tencent QQ Circle Q-Zone Timeline “The same day last year” New Chat Function Tencent launched the new Q-zone function March 31, “PengYou” launch a new “Timeline”, allowing users to record their chat function, which was warmly “past”, ”present” and ”future” Q-Zones received. Tencent refute rumors that lives in a “facebook-esque” timeline. Clicking on any point of the timeline will let QQ Circle will replace “PengYou” with you read the stories going on at the time. this function. March 21, Tencent Experience Center launch "QQ Circle". The function helps users group their friends according to their real life relationships. The number next to each friend shows how many mutual friends that you have. Users can add friends directly, initiate a chat “The same day last year” recently launched or play session, and view the each in Tencent Weibo. This function tells you other’s personal information through what you were tweeting about on the same day last year. “QQ Circle” Summary Recently, the launch of “QQ Circle” initiated animated discussion by netizens; a search for “QQ Circle” in Sina Weibo returns 155,878 results. When talking about the service, QQ Circle users often referred to the functions that help you to group your connections, find people who aren’t in your immediate circle but know by association. “QQ Circle”, Tencent has also introduced a few other new functions, like Timeline, a new chat function and a “same day last year” function.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 24
  25. 25. WeChat Developments WeChat Upgrades Attract Over a Million Users in 433 days WeChat 1.0 WeChat 2.0 WeChat 3.0 WeChat 4.0 Sending and receiving Voice chatting Shake Photo and video exchange Messages QQ mailing LBS My Album Summary Between January 2011 and April 2012, Tencent’s WeiXin, or “WeChat” in its English language interface, has undergone frequent upgrades to make the communication platform more social. From text and voice messaging, to photos and multimedia messaging, to friend finding functions and social network style profiles, WeChat is rapidly becoming China’s cross-demographic, closed group social network. By “closed” social network, we mean one that limits profile access to friends and approved contacts. Renren has established itself as the dominant SNS platform in China, following the Facebook model. However, with a user demographic that’s predominantly drawn from university campuses, the cross-demographic quality of Facebook has not been effectively replicated in China. WeChat may be the platform to finally achieve this. This is being facilitated by upgrades that augment natural communication. The “My Album” function for example, allows users to share their personal photos to their friends, rather than broadcast to Weibo, who can then comment, like the popular smartphone application, “Path”. Central to WeChat though, and hugely significant to the wider evolution of social media, is that this is a mobile social platform. Psychologically and physically affirming it’s primary function as a communication aid and after all, isn’t that the defining characteristic of what we consider social?IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 25
  26. 26. Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private Social Network From 0 – 200 Million Users Summary At the Internet Society of China’s 2012 China Internet Conference, which was held in September, Tencent’s Ma Huateng announced that WeChat (Weixin 微信) had exceeded 200 million users. Initially launched in January 2011, alongside a host of other instant messaging clones following in the footsteps of applications like Talkbox, WeChat was a pure mobile messaging application touting the potential to replace SMS. Through various application upgrades, it’s starting to flex the muscles of its social networking functionality and has evolved to challenge some of the most popular social networks in China. 10th May 2011 23rd April 2012 2.0 launched, adding 4.0 launched, with Open for brand applications. voice messaging. upgrades that allow it to be regarded a legitimate 3rd August 2011 mobile social networking WeChat 1.0 LBS included. [Link] WeChat 3.0 tool. [Link] But what’s next for Weixin? 26th January 2011 1st October 2011 WeChat 2.0 – 2.5 WeChat 4.0 Launched for iOS as a simple instant 3.0 launched, users can now shake to meet WeChat 5.0 messaging application. strangers and send random messages “in a bottle”.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 26
  27. 27. Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private Social Network The Future and Commercial Application of WeChat WeChat for 2013 Tencent has lined up more social features for WeChat in 2013. Potentially, these features can be particularly significant in helping brands to expand WeChat and the Future of [According to Tencent] their social awareness through the mobile channel. Commercial Application • Instant discount information sent directly to users at 1 specific locations; LBS marketing at its real-world best. Multi-media content sharing • Mobile key opinion leaders; Blog posts, news articles and have local stars promote your music shared amongst peers. 2 brand, in the right place, at the right time. 3 Multi-media content sharing 4 • Fast consumer response unit; Product Recommendations Make these multi-media allowing brands to get content delivery mechanisms Retweets personal with consumers in Users can freely share product more robust. real time, with the support of information to friends and make User generated content can push notifications delivering targeted recommendations. be retweeted from social content to mobile devices. circle to social circle. The big question is how much can brands rely on WeChat to market their products via mobile, while maintaining consumers’ expected conversion rate?IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 27
  28. 28. Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private Social Network Current Methods of WeChat Marketing Current Applications Existing Brand Marketing Examples Via WeChat. WeChat is evolving all the According to marketing and planning representatives from Tencent, bespoke WeChat marketing products for time, so only time will tell brands will start to emerge on the market in late fourth quarter this year. Currently, it’s all still at an early stage, of it’s marketing where brands are left to open official accounts and attempt to engage with users organically. engagement efficacy, but Some of the more social media savvy brand have already got their feet wet, and here are how they have so far the future looks promising. promoted themselves through Weixin: Case 1: Case 2: Starbucks, Emoticons, Music and QR Codes China Merchants Bank Drift Bottle Messaging Being a messaging application, WeChat offers a Each time a consumer picks up on of WeChat’s wide range of emoticons, which are very handy “messages in a bottle” sent out by from China when a brand want to be more casual and Merchants Bank, the bank makes a donation personal with their consumers. Naturally to charity. though, this has to suit the brand. This is a new case where brands are uplifting Starbucks encouraged consumers send them their image through mobile channel, emoticons expressing their mood at that highlighting the implications of social media moment. In return, they received a song that engagement for corporate social responsibility. captured that mood. Whether or not this translated into selling cups In this case the brand is able to react to of coffee, we don’t know yet. consumer actions in real time.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 28
  29. 29. Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O WeChat promotes the mobile membership card How it works… WeChat’s membership card: Then, follow the And get members’ Customer scan a QR steps to get the discounts while Offers local discount code while in store. membership card… shopping. coupons that consumers can take advantage of whether shopping in-store or online WeChat is connecting brands with their customers to form an authentic, “acquaintance- like” social network, with the help of QR codes. Summary: In essence, the traditional membership card rewarded repeat custom with discounts that encouraged shoppers to come back to the store, feeling they were part of an elite band of preferential consumers. In reality though, a membership card can be inconvenient to remember, easy to lose and impersonal to use. Your phone though, is always with you and increasingly becoming a personal life tool, set up to serve as a pocket sized personal assistant. Of course, the mobile phone is an eminently more suitable interface for “Online to Offline” engagement, or O2O. Not only is it based in real-time experience and real-world impulse, it’s a tool for instant payment and social sharing of consumption habits that can inspire your peers.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 29
  30. 30. Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O Advanced, API fuelled functionality Several companies have already started using the new API ports to power some fairly advanced functionality... Advanced Shopping Recommendations Location-based personalized services Cross-reference of brand’s CRM system “Guang”- a public account guide that’s The "Ding Jiudian" ("Book Hotels") account focused on social shopping, responds to allows users to send their current location Another up and coming example of this user requests smartly with keyword data to the account through WeChat, for offline to online engagement is being based text. which they’ll receive a detailed list of explored by Ping An Auto Insurance. It will nearby hotel recommendations. allow users, those who are current clients CASE: A user asks for “Plants for the office”, of Ping An and therefore enrolled in their so Guang suggests CRM system, to file auto insurance claims suitable products. If directly through WeChat, incorporating the user’s not satisfied location based data to record the site of by this set of the accident, photo and video messaging recommendations, to record the details and extent of the they click “dislike”, and the system vehicle damage, and contact information generates alternatives. of all those involved. WeChat launched small-scale testing of “custom API function calls” for its public platform with a select group of partners. These new API ports will be used to connect to companies existing CRM systems, enabling businesses with public-facing accounts (including media organizations, celebrities, small businesses and app developers) to use these ports to provide their users with an ever more personalized set of services.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 30
  31. 31. Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O From Social Marketing to Social CRM How can brands use WeChat to connect with their target audience? Brands Target Audience Communication  Suited for service brands Membership Card Brand Fans  Cross-reference with existing CRM  One-to-one interaction exclusivity and Engagement Potential Customers real-time communication O2O & Existing Customers  Location-based services and marketing  Precisely targeted, more efficient marketing Integration API and sales communication Real Customers  Integrated with existing CRM system to enhance customer service and loyalty. CIC View: WeChat can provide a solution to both the challenge of maintaining a relationship with existing consumers and converting brand fans to actual customers via a tailored strategy of communication, engagement and integration. Thus, it is not only a marketing tool but a mechanism that offers improved efficacy in customer service via universal, 020 CRM. The new challenge is tailoring relevant user experience to provide authentic, effective engagement that augments an existing CRM system.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 31
  32. 32. PAGE. 33-34 WEIBO Sina Weibo Enterprise 2.0: A New Dimension in Weibo MarketingDEVELOPMENT PAGE. 35-36 What Weibo Tags Say About Me Back To Main Menu
  33. 33. Sina Weibo Enterprise 2.0: A New Dimension in Weibo Marketing New Additions to Customizable Display Ads Right: BMW’s showcase weibo Enterprise 2.0 account with alternate visual We are familiar with Sina Weibo Enterprise accounts display of BMW culture and created and maintained by brands as a communication products. channel between themselves and their consumers. Below: Audi’s dealer weibo These accounts are mostly communication tools that are account with pricing of the occasionally used to deliver specific messages during latest Audi models and links to promotional campaigns, special announcements and full specs of these cars. occasionally, respond to PR crises. These are examples of Now, with the new Enterprise 2.0 launching for all official customized Enterprise Sina brand accounts, Sina Weibo is about to become even Weibo accounts for auto. more functional. Enterprise 2.0 is not just a minor face lift but an update that is introducing a wide range of functionally customizable tools at brands’ disposal to help them truly engage their consumers more effectively. Left: Tmall.com’s eCommerce portal Weibo account. Links to actual deals in Tmall.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 33
  34. 34. Sina Weibo Enterprise 2.0: A New Dimension in Weibo Marketing Supporting Data Services Data Services CIC View An effective Weibo brand account needs performance tracking. With Sina Weibo Enterprise providing more and With the new Enterprise 2.0, Sina more sophisticated services, here’s some steps to is providing data to support more effective participation: performance tracking. 1. A more thoroughly customized account Included in the data package is management strategy. traffic data segmented into new and old visitors, normal and 2. Performance tracking for weibo promotions active followers, etc. that does not solely rely on the default data support, but deeper content analysis for a full Exposure rate of contents in the understanding of your brand’s performance. brand Weibo account (Below). 3. Fully leverage available customization options to deliver the most effective message in an authentic voice. For more insight on the new Enterprise 2.0, please download CIC’s latest Sina Weibo White Paper co- released with Sina.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 34
  35. 35. What Weibo Tags Say About Me What are Weibo Tags? Social Network Tags What Do Tags Do for Weibo Users? Within a social network, tags are useful for differentiating a community based on shared interests. Particularly in an open social network, where peer group may not reflect real-world Hair Styling relationships, your connections Enthusiast are based on the things you have in common. COMMON TAGS Tags make it easy to expand your Night Clubber social network based on the Fashion Guy interests and associations netizens use to define themselves. Summary To put it simply, “Tags” are the labels that netizens add to their social networking profile to let other members of the community know what they’re into. So, it’s fair to say this may be more aspirational than realistic, but essentially it’s the interests, activities, brands and characteristics that you choose to represent yourself. Space is limited, well the number of characters at your disposal are, so the attempting to sum up your “character” can be tricky. As Weibo is an open social network (unlike a Renren or Facebook) and a broadcast medium, netizens are essentially looking to attract fans by association.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 35
  36. 36. What Weibo Tags Say About Consumers Implication of Weibo Tags for Social Business Step 4. Step 1. Finding Understanding Related Tags Consumers’ Lifestyle Step 2. Collecting Step 3. Analyzing Sugus Habits Associated Relevant Data Tags Location Astrology 90S Personality Otaku Enthusiast Celebrity Movies &TV Summary Searching for netizens who have tagged their accounts with your brand name, associated category terms or related keywords allows you to easily pick out your target consumers. Of course, it also allows advertisers to uncover potentially unknown relevancies and associations in the eyes of their consumers. The more you know about their life style, the easier you can engage with them.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 36
  37. 37. PAGE. 38-39CRISIS Positivity After A Crisis Back To Main Menu
  38. 38. Positivity After A Crisis Brands and Individuals Seize an Opportunity for Positive PR Chen tweeted to Sina Weibo that for any of his followers who had their Japanese car smashed during rioting, he would replace it. Japanese cars were targeted during a spate of anti-Japan protests. FAW Toyota and Canton Steam Toyota were also quick to offer compensation packages to customers whose car was damaged. Summary In September, rioting against the Japanese governments purchase of the Diaoyu Islands erupted in many cities across China. Rioters in the streets soon turned their violent anti-Japan protests against Japanese car brands. Chen Guangbiao, who became Chinas most famous philanthropist with his high-profile contributions to Sichuan Earthquake victims in 2008, took to Sina Weibo on Sept. 18 th to promise a new car to each of his followers whose own Japanese car had been smashed. Toyota also published compensation schemes for the owners of attacked cars.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 38
  39. 39. Positivity After A Crisis From Crisis Comes Opportunity Case 1 Chen Guangbiao held a ceremony to hand over 43 new (Chinese) “Geely Emgrand” cars to replace smashed Japanese ones. “Geely Emgrand” grew significantly in the wider public’s awareness, generating a substantial volume of positive comments . Toyota’s “Zero Burden” Case 2 compensation plan was widely promoted on television and online. The activity had a significant and positive effect on Toyota’s brand image amongst Chinese netizens at a sensitive time for Japanese business in China. It established a sense among netizens that Toyota is a caring and supportive company. CIC View As we move through the “Web 2.0” era, crises and opportunities can be fleeting but eminently powerful. Seeking Opportunities: Although a brand may have no direct association with a hot topic or event, through ongoing monitoring clever positioning it can leverage this opportunity, as in Case 1, to bolster brand image and generate awareness. Respond to Crises: Negative events can befall even the best prepared brands. However, if a brand has the tools and training to recognize an emerging crisis take swift and positive action, as in Case 2, they can actually generate a positive image and establish their good reputation in the long term.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 39
  40. 40. PAGE. 41-42 eCommerce and Customer CareE-COMMERCE PAGE. 43 eCommerce Development in the Last Year PAGE.44 eTao’s Comparison Feature and Brand Cooperation Back To Main Menu
  41. 41. eCommerce and Customer Care Renren’s Rebate Service Reaps Rewards Summary Chinese social networking site Renren has recently collaborated with CHANet to launch an ecommerce platform that offers rebates on purchases from www.renrenfl.com (still under building). Renren has so far partnered over 200 e-commerce sites, including e-commerce giants Vancl.com, Newegg.com.cn, 360Buy.com and Mbaobao.com. Users can earn bonus points for shopping at partner sites and redeem them for Renren services or cash coupons. Renren users can also use their accounts to log in to hundreds of e-commerce sites for an even more convenient, and social, online shopping experience.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 41
  42. 42. eCommerce and Customer Care Renren’s Rebate Service Reaps Rewards More Improved potential SNS shopping customers Media experience Spread of Bonus Redeem discount Ecommerce Monitoring points from Renren points & Sites information partner Users cash sites coupons Lower Information costs Boost Profit growth interactivity about discounts CIC View Renren’s rebate service represents a landmark cooperation between SNS and e-commerce, which benefits both brands and consumers. By establishing a new marketing model, Renren have taken a big step in monetization of social media and increased community and user stickiness. Its ecommerce partners can use Renren’s platform to spread discount information and reach more potential customers. Users benefit from this integration with an improved shopping experience, including redeeming points for Renren services, cash coupons and bonuses on partner sites. Social media is imposing increasing influence on sales and all the while, developing a standard of measurement for social engagement efficacy.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 42
  43. 43. eCommerce Development in the Last Year Social Connection and Ecommerce Social Sharing •感觉杂了点 •希望别变成淘宝店长集中营[link] Social Purchasing •蘑菇街的东西好给力啊!!!!我还正愁着怎么在网上淘 Price Comparison 到特好看的东西呢!!!给力[link] Social Purchasing Price Comparison Social Sharing •一淘垂直比价太牛了,以后出差就方便了,刚与员工做好 交流,花了十分钟时间在一淘上搞定一家只花188元在上 海松江的四星豪华酒店[link] Boom in “Pinterest” drives a connection between social and ecommerce. Etao is far beyond this, it combined goods search and price comparison, making shopping more convenient. CIC View eCommerce is evolving to incorporate social sharing sites, like Huaban, to social purchasing sites, like Mogujie, then to price comparison websites like Etao. The development of ecommerce hinges on making purchasing ever more convenient. The process of finding the right product has two simple principles; suitable goods and a suitable price. Mogujie takes care of the first part and Etao looks after the second. If one ecommerce site had these two features, it would be a breakthrough.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 43
  44. 44. eTao’s Comparison Feature and Brand Cooperation Brand Could Cooperate with eTao to Tackle Netizens’ Concerns Positive: Cheap Price Negative: Fake Product Sample Quote: Sample Quote: 自从有了一淘网, 再也不用担心东西买贵了, 至于一淘,因为实在太淘宝,重复多,质 买东西用一淘比价, 那里便宜去哪里.[link] I 量不咋地,满意少[link] As for eTao, it was do not need to worry about high price products based on taobao.com, too many products anymore, because I could use eTao price seem alike, low quality, and really hard to comparison feature and buy any cheap satisfy customers. products I want. Sample Quote: Sample Quote: 一淘上怎么都是假货丫,还让不让人买了 其实一淘比价真的不错,可以比价,还有推 [link]Why there were so many fake products 荐,有聚划算…让网购更加便宜…[link] The on eTao? How could I shop on this website? price comparison feature was really good…it made online shopping more affordable… Brand Could… CIC View Netizens did like to shop on eTao thanks to the comparison feature and cheap price. However, some of them worried about fake products and quality problems. Brands could cooperate with eTao to launch campaigns, promotions of ensured products, and advertise themselves via the platform.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 44
  45. 45. PAGE. 46-47 From SoLoMo to HyLoMoTECHNOLOGY PAGE. 48 Renren Update Mobile App - Introducing Public Pages Back To Main Menu
  46. 46. From SoLoMo to HyLoMo Emergence of HyLoMo Here’s the scene… On you way home from work, you remember it’s your girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow and you decide to buy her a camera. There’s a digital shop 300m away. You say ‘camera’ to an app on your cell. Not only that, you can also see that your friend Wang has shopped there and given it a good review! So, you head straight there and This finds you the pick up the camera. closest result. You’re here! That’s not all though. Based on your interests and Well, why not?! You book location, the app two tickets and with your makes some other girlfriend’s present bought suggestions… As you’re considering it, your friend Tan’s dialog in record time, you head to box pops up: “Hey! My phone says you’re near Digital shop the stadium to meet Tan. the stadium! How about the football tonight?” Nearby, at the stadium, a football You’re here! match is starting at 19:00 tonight. Summary “HyLoMo” stands for “Hyper-Local Mobile” and for those still getting to grips with “SoLoMo” (Social, Local, Mobile), digital media waits for no-one. The concept is already being infused into smartphone apps but is set to take off in a big way next year. The core ethos is that we live locally; we tend to shop, eat and ultimately exist, between where we live and where we work.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 46
  47. 47. From SoLoMo to HyLoMo HyLoMo is Everywhere Everyone loves an app. Massive volumes of real-time data could make smartphone apps People start to spend more time on Apps considerably more useful to than web consumers, brands and advertisers. CIC view: The availability and ability to analyze such a quantity of earnest, real-life behavioral data could and should benefit everyone. Consumers’ access to information will increasingly reflect the ways that we live, as will the products and services we seek out, and the marketing activity that makes our preferred brands more accessible. Smartphones already know where we live, where we shop, where we eat and what information we look for in order to facilitate this ongoing process of consumption. The challenge and exciting opportunity for advertisers is in taking full advantage of this river of information, springing from an increasingly diverse variety of sources.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 47
  48. 48. Renren Update Mobile App - Introducing Public Pages Extra: Renren’s Mobile Update On the subject of Renren, let’s look at how Renren’s updated mobile app has enhanced brand engagement features… “Public Pages” in the Full content can be Filter with tabs to Participate in your updated Renren app accessed from the navigate through the consumers’ mobile offer one slide access brand Page, including content shared by the conversation with to Pages. videos and links to brand and it’s SNS like Renren. external content. followers.IWOM WATCH IWOM WATCH COMPILATION 2012 48
  49. 49. PAGE. 50-51 “Gamification” Marketing SOCIAL PAGE. 52-53 Doomsday MarketingMARKETING PAGE. 54-55 Crowd Sourcing Creativity and an Enterprising Spirit Back To Main Menu