IWOM watch 2012 compilation_net culture (Part 1)


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IWOM watch 2012 compilation_net culture (Part 1)

  2. 2. PAGE. 3-4 Batman Vs Spiderman “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富*)” Vs “Diao Si (屌丝*)”NET CULTURE PAGE. 5-6 All About Obama PAGE. 7-8 CCTV Steps into Social Media
  3. 3. Batman Vs Spiderman. “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富*)” Vs “Diao Si (屌丝*)” Netizens Combine Current Trends with Established Net Culture 据说观众都反馈同时上映的蝙蝠侠好看,蜘蛛侠坑爹。 都说了,一个高帅富一个屌丝,差距立显。。。Link The audience thought Batman was better, Spiderman just wasn’t as good… just like the gap between rich, handsome men and losers. 强烈建议先看蝙蝠侠再看蜘蛛侠! 这样才能深刻的感受 到蜘蛛侠面对高帅富的蝙蝠侠时如此完美地演绎了吊丝 的逆袭. 尤其看到蜘蛛侠一针一线地缝装备时, 我的眼泪 都快要掉下来了. Link Recommend you watch “Batman” first, then “Spiderman”! Only in that way can you feel the perfect counterattack from “Spiderman”, the “Diao Si”, to “Batman”. It was really touching to watch Spiderman sewing his own uniform. It costs It costs $682,450,750 $215 to be 由于钢铁侠打不过绿巨人, 同理可证, 蝙蝠侠打不过蜘蛛 侠, 变异的屌丝男必胜高富帅 Link Since Ironman can’t to be Batman Spiderman beat Hulk, similarly, “Batman” must lose in fighting with “Spiderman”. The DiaoSi must prevail over “Gao Shuai Fu”.SummaryWith the near simultaneous release of “Batman - The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Amazing Spiderman”, netizens were naturally drawn to compare the movies. Indoing so, they found an easy comparison, well established in China’s net culture; Batman is a “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富)”, which means tall, handsome and rich,particularly in reference to a recent meme that set out the cost of his equipment. Spiderman though, is a typical “Diao Si (屌丝)” – ordinary and poor, but full ofambition. Spoofing, which is a convention of Chinese youth’s online behavior, allows netizens to appropriate the latest trends and this comparison between Batmanand Spiderman generated substantial interest.Note*: “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富)” means tall, rich, and handsome. “Diao Si (屌丝)” is a nickname originating on “Li Yi Ba (李毅吧)”, a forum in Baidu Tieba, which is used to describeguys who are ordinary, poor, or unsuccessful, but still passionate, ambitious and dignified in defeat. Each concept is established in China’s net culture.(Please click here to view more detailed information about “Diao Si”) 3
  4. 4. Batman Vs Spiderman. “Gao Shuai Fu (高帅富*)” Vs “Diao Si (屌丝*)” Netizens Combine Current Trends with Established Net Culture The Definition of “Diao Si”: Guys who are ugly, short and poor. They were born into ordinary families and although they work hard, the odds are that their futures will be decidedly unspectacular. They mean nothing to their favorite girls. Even so, Diao Si still have a romantic outlook and passion for life. Always the underdog. Link Diao Si in the Eyes of Gao Shuai Fu Diao Si in the Eyes of the General Public Diao Si in the Eyes of Diao Si  Short, ugly and poor  Ordinary  Humorous  Envy the rich and handsome  Not hard-working  Young and cynical  Under qualified  Take things as they are  Self-made  Jokers  Speak more than they act  Possess an inner strengthCIC ViewAlthough Batman is widely considered to be the better film, the negative cultural association of “Fu Er Dai (富二代)” (second generationof rich) means the “Diao Si” are always close to netizens’ hearts. Netizens want the underdog to triumph over the privileged.The movies are hot, and released so close to Valentine’s Day, they’re popular date movies. They also feature apparitional figures foryoung men. These factors combined to create a topic of greater cultural resonance than the movies themselves. 4
  5. 5. All About Obama What Do Chinese Netizens See In Obama? Netizen Opinion Obama’s PR Image Netizen Spoofing Obama’s second term is not only being seen as a “Obama Style” <Link> personal victory, but a victory for the people of •Retweets:39,513 the United States. Forty years ago in America, •Comments:3,517 black people suffered various indignities and tensions between the races ran high. But today, Obama Skateboarding <Link> a black man has become President and won re- •Retweets:14,580 election, it’s great progress of a nation and •Comments:978 national consciousness. It’s not that America never makes mistakes, but she learns quickly Obama’s Pouty Photo <Link> after making them. Link •Retweets:401 •Comments:115 To Chinese netizens, Obama’s was a symbol of Obama’s sense of humor has most endeared him to grassroots victory, of freedom and fair Amiable, smart, funny… and cute. Chinese netizens, resonating with their taste for competition. creativity, contrast and approachability.CIC viewObama’s victory in the 2008 presidential election was regarded a symbol of youthful, grassroots’ success. However, rather than discussion ofDemocratic versus Republican party politics, Obama’s image was by far the most popular element in China’s online conversation. However,despite being seen as an idol of America’s young generation, the electoral campaign went beyond his personal politics, to an embodiment ofChina’s perception of the Americans’ dream. So, the election is an interesting balance between star power and wider ideology.The use of humor is an engaging juxtaposition with someone at the pinnacle of world politics; a juxtaposition that’s particularly pertinent to aChinese audience. However, humor has been a recurring feature of Obama’s campaign engagement, seen to be integral in shortening thedistance between himself and America’s voting public. The Obama brand is largely based on this approachability and many brands have beenbuilt in China in exactly the same way. Chinese net culture is well practiced with this type of engagement, embracing an opportunity to exercisecreativity in reimagining and amplifying marketing message. Brands in China, as ever, were quick to capitalize. 5
  6. 6. All About Obama Brands Build On Election Buzz to Maximize Marketing Impact Durex Link Obama Wins MINI China Link Cadillac Link 2012.11.7 12:24 2012.11.7 13:00 2012.11.7 14:19 2012.11.7 14:41• Durex are renowned for real-time, witty • Mini’s success was most impressive • Cadillac is firmly established as a appropriation of current trends via their These brands leveraged the in its simplicity; tactfully leveraging leader in the luxury car market and official Sina Weibo account. election to create topics that snapshots that inextricably link their an expression of the American spirit were timely, fitting and effective. brand to Obama and the feel-good• Durex leveraging the pictures of the wives to overseas. In essence, it was the simplicity aura around him. • Cadillac leveraged their physical and illustrate the “Difference between Obama of message and mechanism, • This clarity of expression is also a psychological proximity to Obama and Romney” with a cheeky irreverence in- while cleverly marrying brand recognizable feature of Mini’s and the Presidency in promotion of keeping with the brand’s persona in the cultures, that set these apart as personality. these core brand values. Chinese market. excellent examples of reactive • Retweets: 43; Comments: 14 • Retweets: 32,496; Comments: social media marketing.• Retweets: 61,687; Comments: 17,134 3,213 6
  7. 7. CCTV Steps into Social Media CCTV’s Increased Interaction with Netizens CCTV Anchors Interact with Netizens Via “Micro-Interviews”(微访 Netizen Spoofing 谈) Netizens add dialogue to anchors’ pictures, suggesting they feel more accessible and approachable to viewers. Link 向 @央视新闻 提问: 请问《新闻联播》结束之后,你们会说些什么?经常看见你们会互相交 谈 Link Could you let me know what you talk about at the end of CCTV news?It seems to me that you often chat to each other. CCTV: 郎永淳:今天没播错,终于可以不紧张了…… Link Lang Yong Chun: I didn’t make a mistake today. What a relief, I can relax now.. Netizen Replied: 诶呀读错一个字扣好多钱·· · Ah, so you’ll be fined if you make mistakes in the broadcast. CCTV: 你猜,你继续猜,肯定不会说待会到哪儿吃饭 Link You guessed, you can keep guessing, but it’s definitely not “where will we have dinner later” Netizen Replied: 央视也卖萌,哈哈 CCTV also acts cute, hahaSummaryAs the official TV network of China, CCTV’s standing and sheer scale traditionally kept their audience at a distance. One of the symptoms of thisdisassociation was a sense of mystery about what went on behind the scenes. When CCTV first opened its Sina Weibo account, the content didlittle to redress this distance, simply tweeting links to CCTV News videos and generating little engagement.However, the network has recently started drawing on social media as a source for news stories and public opinion, leveraging social platformsto actively engage with netizens. As new generations of Chinese media consumers elect to do so on their own terms, traditional media has toadapt to survive. CCTV’s decision to embrace social as a resource and reporting medium suggests a step towards their audience. 7
  8. 8. CCTV Steps into Social Media CCTV’s Engagement via Sina Weibo Encourage Netizen Voting on Sina Weibo Turn Netizens into CCTV News Contributors Which anchor would you prefer to appear on CCTV’s 2013 wall CCTV’s annual special, “Move Through 2012” offers netizens a chance for their best tweets calendar? Link about CCTV’s 12 hottest topics to be broadcast on CCTV News. LinkCIC viewSo far, netizens have viewed CCTV’s increasingly approachable repositioning as a success. By engaging more with grass-root level netizens, CCTVare effectively aligning themselves with a new, young audience who barely watch TV but are net savvy and essentially, better informed than thecore CCTV audience that precedes them.CCTV, and other traditional media outlets, no longer the enjoy the aura of credibility inherent to their official standing as a resource for news andcurrent events. Faced with the increasingly fast moving and peer populated information highway that is social media, netizens simply have fasteraccess to more relevant news than the official channels themselves. In the race for breaking news, CCTV proves if you can’t beat them, join them. 8
  9. 9. About CIC IWOM WATCH CIC is Chinas leading social business intelligence provider, enabling enterprise to fully leverage the power of social media and Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) intelligence across the organization. Since 2004, CIC has pioneered IWOMized technology, research and consulting. Firstly, by coining the term IWOM and then being the first to raise the concept of “social business” in China. As the industry thought leader, we have always been at the forefront of China’s internet and social business revolution. CIC is China’s largest integrated 3rd party provider of technical IWOM solutions, social media studies and social business intelligence. In order to help companies effectively leverage this social business intelligence, CIC provides customized research, consulting services, syndicated reports, and industry trend watches, rich in actionable insight. In addition to helping brands accomplish their social business aims, CIC is also monetizing the social business industry in China, creating an integrated social business support system (IWOMmaster), powered by our proprietary technical solutions and platforms. CIC utilizes its own patent pending technology to capture millions of online conversations and “makes sense of the buzz” by analyzing them to draw out insight that leads to more effective action. CIC gathers and mines over 100 million naturally occurring consumer comments every month, from a range of uniquely Chinese social media platforms including blogs, BBS, microblogs and social networking sites, then by applying our unique, China focused methodology, provide a comprehensive picture of the social media landscape and its implications for business. To date, CIC has archived almost 7 billion mentions of brands and products, from over 2 billion consumer comments. CIC has developed solid, long-term retainer relationships with leading multinational agencies and Fortune 500 companies. For over 8 years, CIC has persisted in analyzing the milestones of China’s social media landscape, sharing the most innovative concepts and practices in IWOM in white papers and trend watches of various industries. We’ve always been committed to providing an unbiased, third-party perspective, to enrich the whole industry and help enterprise grasp the revolutionary opportunities brought about by the development of social business. In early 2012, as China’s leading social business intelligence provider, CIC agreed to be acquired by WPP’s Kantar Media, the media research and insight division of Kantar, as a move to strengthen its position and with aim to expand its social offering across Asia Pacific. Kantar Media has over 5,000 employees around the world, is currently working with 22,000 companies, tracking 3 million brands across 50 countries. As the consumer insight arm of WPP, Kantar Media provides strategic advice and competitive intelligence to the world’s leading brands, publishers, agencies and industry bodies, helping them navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving media industry. (media release) CIC will continue to provide social business intelligence from an objective, third-party perspective, to the world’s leading brands and agencies.© 2012 CIC
  10. 10. About IWOM Watch IWOM WATCH What is IWOM Watch: A monthly digest of the hottest trends, creating the biggest buzz, reflecting China’s unique online culture. CIC’s exemplary case studies and detailed analysis of the month’s most significant online marketing campaigns allow you to listen, know, and participate in China’s unique digital community. As the industry’s thought leader and pioneer of Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) and social business in China, our finger is always on the pulse of the hottest online issues and influential IWOM. Since 2006, our monthly Watch reports have been distilling social business intelligence that not only keep our retainer clients on the leading edge of China’s IWOM, but also inform their strategic planning with insights into platform development, netizen behavior and social culture of the world’s largest, most dynamic and fragmented digital landscape. In this IWOM Watch compilation, we have collected and categorized a series of articles that bring 2012 into focus. For marketers, this is a year in the life of China’s social Internet. Copyright Statement The majority of the pictures and related quotes are from publicly available information. This report is copyrighted material owned by CIC. Any improper use of this document or its content will be considered a violation of CIC IP copyright and CIC has the right to take legal action.© 2012 CIC
  11. 11. CIC IWOM watch archive IWOM WATCH If you would like to find updated IWOM intelligence (CIC White paper, IWOM Watch and Social business eNewsletter) in one place, then apply for your IWOMmaster ID now. 2012: 2012 IWOM Watch Travel Special Edition | view 2009 IWOM watch Compilation 2011 | view IWOM watch 2nd half year review 2009 | view IWOM watch 1st half year review 2009 | view 2011: IWOM watch Special Edition: Microblog | view 2008 IWOM watch 2nd half year review 2008 | view 2010: IWOM watch 1st half year review 2008 | view IWOM watch Special Edition: LBS (Location-based service) | view IWOM watch May Special Edition (Sichuan Earthquake) 2008 | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 7) - How brands marketing under social media age | view 2007 IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 6) IWOM watch 2nd half year review 2007 | view - Interaction in virtual gaming world between brands and netizens | view IWOM watch 1st half year review 2007 | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 5) - The inspiration from “Shai”,“Show” culture for brand marketing | view 2006 IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 4) IWOM watch 2nd half year review 2006 | view - Spoof – Brand’s “ending” or “chances”? | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 3) - Viral videos storm come up with brands | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 2) - Brands Crisis upgrade to 2.0 | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 1) - New product promotion way through new media - Seckill & Group purchase | view View more on IWOM Backstory© 2012 CIC
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