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We are proud to be launching a new series of syndicated reports which cover industries, topics and provide invaluable insights into China’s social media as applied to brands and products. While a useful tool for any brand or industry operating in the Chinese market, these reports are a must-have for those contemplating a China market entry. Welcome to contact us for the full report and more details, email:

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SNS(Social Network Service) - CIC 2010 Syndicated Report Teaser

  1. 1. Vol. 2010<br />IWOMTOPIC OVERVIEW<br />2010年更新版<br />热议主题深度分析<br />SNS (Social Network Service) Report <br />An IWOM Topic Overview Report focused on SNS in China: Your guide to SNS consumer insight and digital intelligence from Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM)<br />© 2010 CIC<br />
  2. 2. Table of Contents<br />Introduction<br />Part One: China IWOM Introduction <br />Part Two: Current Status Overview of the SNS Industry<br /><ul><li>China’s fast-growing and unique SNS environment
  3. 3. Key players in China’s SNS world
  4. 4. SNS trend snapshot</li></ul>Part Three: What is the Connection Point between Brands and SNSs<br /><ul><li>Zhuantie reanimates viral marketing
  5. 5. Web gaming enhances brand engagement
  6. 6. Official brand property for dedicated netizens</li></ul>Part Four: Future Trends in the SNS Territory <br /><ul><li>Mobile phone-based SNS
  7. 7. The SNS concept goes universal</li></li></ul><li>6 AREAS OF IWOM INSIGHT<br />营销管理需要研究,分析,借鉴网络口碑和网络社区文化<br />Reshaping the Relationship between Brands and Consumers <br />激发营销创意<br />参与网络社区互动<br />Marketing team / advertising agency<br />Digital PR/ <br />Digital / Media agency<br />消费者研究与产品反馈<br />营销活动执行与反馈<br />Consumer insight /<br />Marketing research/R&D<br />Marketing dept./<br />Digital marketing agency<br />Business intelligence /<br />Strategy planning<br />PR / Brand team<br />品牌网络声誉评估<br />行业与竞争情报分析<br />
  8. 8. Where?<br />Complete overview of the most important SNS platforms<br /><ul><li>What are the platforms?
  9. 9. How sizeable are they?
  10. 10. How do they compete?
  11. 11. What sets them apart from each other?</li></li></ul><li>Key players in China’s SNS World<br />Top 10 SNS Buzz Volume Ranking Overview<br />July – December, 2009<br />Unit: post <br />Kaixin001<br />Renren<br />MySpace<br />Chinaren<br /><br />Ipart<br />Baidu Zone <br />Cyworld<br /><br />360quan<br />Base: Total SNS buzz volume: 326, 537 posts, Jul – Dec. 2009<br />
  12. 12. Who?<br />Clear-cut classification of China’s SNS users<br /><ul><li>Who spends time on SNS?
  13. 13. What draws them to SNS interaction?
  14. 14. What and who keeps them there?</li></li></ul><li>KAIXIN001 INTRODUCTION<br />Emerging in 2008 and growing at an incredible speed, Kaixin001 performed a miracle in the Chinese SNS field by targeting young white collars<br />Celebrities and Brands page<br />HotBBS Group Online<br />Social Game Applications<br />Virtual Gifts<br />Parking War<br />Key Features for Kaixin001:<br />Emerged in 2008, grew incredibly fast targeting young while collars. <br />There are so far over 70 million registered users on Kaixin001 and it’s still gaining momentum.<br />Easy and relaxing online gaming is what characterizes Kaixin, which attracts many brands looking to expose their logo to netizens on a daily basis. Many celebrities and brands started their own pages on Kaixin to take advantage of its disseminating effect. <br />
  15. 15. How?<br />Learn about the most successful SNS-based campaigns<br /><ul><li>Which brands have successfully tapped into China’s SNS potential?
  16. 16. How did they do it?
  17. 17. What can YOU learn from their success or failure?</li></li></ul><li>CASE STUDY - CHEVROLET CAR PARKING <br />- Chevrolet took advantage of the popularity of the Car-parking game for integrated marketing<br />Summary:<br />As a pioneer in terms of applying integrated marketing into SNS games, Chevrolet took advantage of the popularity of Transformers and successfully stepped onto SNSs to target the huge amount of consumers there. <br />Billboards in the Car-parking game were set, showcasing the impressive Chevrolet Transformer. In just 3 hours, over 2,000 netizens had made friends with Chevrolet. <br />Sample Quotes: <br />There is a car in the Car Parking game that can turn into a Transformer. Does anybody know which car it is? What’s the name of it? 校内网抢车位中有一辆汽车,是可以变成变形金刚的,麻烦问一下那辆车叫什么名字?Link<br />How can I buy the Chevrolet Camaro in the car-parking game? 抢车位中雪佛兰Chevrolet Camaro怎么买?Link<br />