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Cpa Egypt Fringe Fahim Shedid

Cpa Egypt Fringe Fahim Shedid






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    Cpa Egypt Fringe Fahim Shedid Cpa Egypt Fringe Fahim Shedid Presentation Transcript

    • Challenges and Accomplishments
      • Mr. Amr Fahim –Executive Director
      • Rania Shedid – NGOs Coordinator
      • Mr. Amr Fahim –Executive Director
      • Rania Shedid – International Relations and NGOs Coordinator
      • Educating consumers about their rights, empowering them to practice smart buying behavior
      • Ensuring that business comply with consumer laws, and improve customer relations
      • Helping consumers to resolve complaints
      • Cooperating with governmental enforcement authorities to ensure effective implementation of the Consumer Protection Law
      • Forming social partnerships with consumer organizations and building their capacities to play an important role in consumer protection
      • Consumer Education and Awareness
      • Earning credibility of the public ( both suppliers and consumers) through:
        • Ensuring fair trading at the market level.
        • Maintaining effective response in fighting illicit business and counterfeited and unsafe products.
        • Balancing and strengthening the link between consumers and the market.
      • Promoting, through the purchasing power of consumers, a ‘need oriented development ‘ that will ensure socio-economic justice and environmental quality of life for all
      • Coordinating with governmental enforcement bodies in resolving consumer complaints.
      • Establishing market surveillance systems in coordination with enforcement governmental authorities and consumer organizations.
      • Coordinating with International consumer organizations in regards to:
        • Capacity building
        • Learning and sharing best experiences and practices
        • Providing of financial support necessary for:
          • CPA operations
          • Development of consumer organizations
      • Development and empowerment of consumer organizations
      • Endorsement of Executive regulations
      • Finalizing of the organizational chart and hiring of more than 40 personnel in different areas
      • Finalizing internal regulations with all concerned ministries
      • Conduct awareness program on CPL three main obligations (Receipt, Return Policy, Labeling), through print ads and TV spots
      • Establishing CPA headquarters and finalizing renovations in an additional Cairo branch
      • Launch the pilot call center covering all greater Cairo
      • Launch project with the postal authority to avail FREE complaint forms for consumers all over Egypt
      • Handle 1800 complaints with up to 75% success rate
      • Launching of CPA website
      • Begin installation of an additional CPA branch in Egypt’s second largest city
      • In establishing strategic International relationships:
        • Government affiliate members at CI
        • Proceeding with partnership requirements with the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN)
        • Finalizing membership procedures with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
      • In regards to development of consumer organizations:
        • Conducting Consumer Protection and Consumer Organizations Seminar
        • Dividing consumer organizations in Egypt into five main geographical areas/sectors
        • Appointment of a coordinator to each sector, and representation in CPA board of directors.
        • Financing efficient consumer organizations to conduct market research studies
        • Financing the two first issues of a periodical produced by a consumer organization
        • Designing a capacity building plan that aims at developing consumer organizations both generic and technical abilities.
      • Consumer Education.
      • Receive, verify and handle consumers’ complaints.
      • Bring legal actions related to consumers’ interests.
      • Present consumer related information to the concerned governmental entities.
      • Assisting in establishing effective market surveillance systems.
      • Carry out market surveys and studies.
      • Establishing an information database.
      • Lobby for issues of common consumer interest.
      • The main deficiencies are as follows:
        • Existence of a big number of non-active consumer organizations.
        • Lack of unified work plans and ideology
        • Lack of effective network relationships.
        • Lack of trust and credibility of the public in regards to consumer organizations’ effectiveness and efficiency.
        • Diminished membership base.
        • Lack of the following essential resources:
          • Suitable work venues.
          • Internal governance procedures.
          • Training on consumer protection activities and techniques
          • Well trained, full time personnel.
          • Technical and financial resources necessary for basic daily consumer protection activities.
          • Lack of supporting infrastructure and databases.
      • Consumer organizations cannot receive donations from trade industries
      • Capacity building of consumer organizations
      • Launching of consumer organizations’ activities
      • Raising the institutional capacities of the consumer organizations- Internal governance, financial management, Advocacy and lobbying power
      • Technical consumer related training on consumer protection services and outreach- Technical assistance is vital given that consumer protection activities are new to Egypt in general and NGOs/ Consumer organizations in specific
      • IT/ Data base infrastructure development
      • Top Down Approach
        • Following the role model established by developed countries
        • Creating a strong and effective central consumer organization.
        • Delegating all consumer organizations activities to central organization.
        • In coordination with donor agencies, provide Central organization with:
        • - Technical assistance
        • - Financial assistance.
        • Required for the formulation, launching and execution of its work plans
      • Bottom Up Approach:
        • Establishing effective network relationships between central organization and local civil organizations all over Egypt
        • Development and Empowerment of supporting local organizations
        • Through a one year plan, providing local organizations with monthly financial allowances, for the execution of their basic activities.
      • Bottom Up Approach (cont’d):
        • To ensure proper guidance and execution, work plans and activities will be pre-determined by CPA in coordination with involved organizations, through abiding Service Level Agreements
      • IT/ Machinery and solutions
      • Information data base
      • Membership base expansion
      • Market researches and studies
      • Publishing of annual reports (company ratings)
      • Publishing of periodicals
      • Providing special services, such as legal services