Smart Camera Applications


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From Juha Laurila who has been leading Nokia Research Center (NRC) in Lausanne since its establishment in spring 2008. Juha joined Nokia Research Center in 2000 and previously played various roles related to wireless systems research. He received PhD from Vienna University of Technology in 2000 and MSc from Helsinki University of Technology in 1995.

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Smart Camera Applications

  1. 1. Mobile Monday in Switzerland Smart Camera Applications April 6th - 2009 Juha K. Laurila ( Nokia Research Center (Lausanne) 1 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  2. 2. Nokia, NRC and Smart Camera Applications Group Executive Board • Nokia – Devices and Services • Services • Biggest camera manufacturer Nokia Markets Siemens • Camera in 60% of manufactured devices - in Netw orks many of them two Devices • higher volume than overall (stand-alone) digital camera market Corporate Development Office Corporate Functions • Rich set of sensors in mobile devices – endless opportunities for context-aware Imagine a world where anything can be consideredinteractive … services and applications • Camera = sensor Weather • NRC – commercial impact from deep science Hotel Information Shopping Restaurant reviews & menus Calla taxi • Outline: • Mobile augmented reality (MARA) • Mirror world (Image Space) 2 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  3. 3. Mobile Augmented Reality • Sensors • GPS • compass • accelerometers • Camera • used to give context over which icons are overlaid 3 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  4. 4. Augmented Reality Based on Image Recognition System Overview GPS Server 4 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  5. 5. Nokia Point & Find: Press Release, April 1st - 2009 Nokia Introduces Nokia Point & Find, a new way to Connect With Information and Services on the go Apr 01, 2009 New platform enables businesses to engage with consumers in real time with relevant content San Francisco, CA, USA - Nokia introduces an innovative service concept that enables people on the move to access relevant information and services on the internet, simply by pointing their mobile phone camera at real-life objects. A beta version of Nokia Point & Find, focusing on movies, is now available in the UK and US. Capabilities will later expand into other services and countries. "Simply by pointing their camera phone at a poster for a new movie, people can watch the trailer, read reviews, and find the closest cinema where it is playing," said Philipp Schloter, General Manager, Nokia Point & Find. Nokia Point & Find is an open service platform on which other companies can build innovative customized experiences to drive better engagement with potential customers. Nokia is inviting businesses, content providers and agencies to discuss how the Nokia Point & Find service could help them with specific applications, campaigns or promotional activities. Unique experiences can be created through the self-service Nokia Point & Find Management Portal, or by working with the Nokia Point & Find professional service team. Nokia Point & Find uses advanced real time image processing and recognition technologies to link the user to digital content and services. It also recognizes bar codes, integrates GPS positioning technology, and supports category-specific text- entry search. When the phone is pointed at an object, Nokia Point & Find uses a variety of the phone's capabilities including the camera, internet connectivity, and GPS positioning to evaluate the object. Then, by rapidly searching through a database of virtually tagged items, the system identifies the object and returns a set of links to associated content and services. Companies interested in using Nokia Point & Find for their own campaigns can visit to request further information. Nokia Point & Find's beta release is available for download into select mobile devices in the UK and US at as well. 5 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  6. 6. Other Possible Use Cases Landmark-based navigation 6 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  7. 7. Nokia Image Space Experience places and merge digital and real world via mobile device Summary: A service which offers an easy to generate and intuitive to navigate image- based mirror world. Any type of media content can be placed to this world for exploring and experiencing via a web browser and mobile client. Strong community aspect. Overview Browser •Intuitive navigation and participation via •User takes photos, uploads the Flash based browser them to service and the system •Enjoy, create and share Scenes –photo automatically locates them and enabled narratives, supported by the sets the attitude (heading, yaw community content in the service and roll) •Unbroken, immediate chain from taking photos to enjoying them in enriched and contextualized way •Brings together people, places and content into an easy to Mobile Client grasp reference model •Records the camera pose when taking the •From dense network of photos photo the system creates a point- •Enables viewing digital information with cloud model and provides sensors in situ and a far enhanced navigation interface
  8. 8. Summary Some augmented reality and mirror world opportunities: • Content centric communities • With contextualization • Dynamic content – from users and commercial providers • Improve and simplify photowork and other media management • Navigation • Commercial use cases • Real estate agencies etc. • Blended realities – Why? • Main metaphor: magic lens - annotate view of real world • Access information visually, on location • Devices • hand-held camera phone NOW • data glasses FUTURE 8 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  9. 9. Thank you ! Acknowledgements to Mixed Reality research teams in NRC-Tampere, NRC-Palo Alto and NRC-Helsinki 9 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  10. 10. Background Material 10 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  11. 11. Nokia Research Center (NRC) • Global corporate research unit • Unique partner network Universities & Operators& research institutes service providers • Open innovation mode Open source Venture capital developers International companies Corporations organizations • Industrial value from deep science • Contribute to renewal and transition of the company Rich Context Modeling New User Interface • Research in four focus areas • Presence in Switzerland since 2008 High Performance Cognitive Radio 11 Mobile Platforms Mobile Monday – April ’09
  12. 12. Virtuality Continuum*) – Our Focus Face-to-face Single-player discussion games AUGMENTED AUGMENTED REALITY REALITY VIRTUALITY VIRTUAL REALITY MIXED REALITY SOCIALLY-DEFINED, DIGITALLY- INFORMATION OF THE PHYSICAL IS ENRICHED ENVIRONMENTS ENHANCING THE VIRTUAL WORLDS *) P. Milgram, et al., “Augmented Reality: A class of displays on the reality-virtuality continuum” 12 Mobile Monday – April ’09
  13. 13. Mixed Reality Components – Our Focus Mixed reality services with sophisticated contextual interfaces for experiencing and managing your digital life and your contextualized surroundings with the richest dynamic content Interface & interact with your contextualized Context-orchestrated rich content experiences environment in situ, MARA Platform AUGMENTATION and management, Experience Explorer … of people, objects and places INTERACTION PERSONAL INTERFACE & NETWORKS INTERACTION BETWEEN IN-PERSON ESENTATIONS AUGMENTED REALITY LIFELOGGING IN AND VIRTUAL REPRESEN INTERACTION EVERYWARE SENSORS & IDENTITY & EXTERN INTIMATE AL LARGE-SYSTEM MONITORING MIRROR VIRTUAL WORLDS WORLDS MODELS & IMMERSION SIMULATION Extension of self-creativity and avatar User-created mirror worlds as reflections of interaction outside games the physical world, Image Space