Mobile Contactless Payment “touch’n'pay”


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Alexander will give a presentation of “touch’n'pay”, a field test for self service shopping implemented by e24 and its partners. The “touch’n'pay” self shopping process supports access out of hours, automatic product recording and mobile payment.
Alexander Schümperli is the CEO of e24 AG. e24 has a strong focus on mobile services (mobile payment, mobile access, mobile ticketing). e24 enabled mobile parking with many partners and implemented a solution for mobile ticketing with the Pizolbahnen.

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Mobile Contactless Payment “touch’n'pay”

  1. 1. Mobile Contactless Payment MoMo #16 Near Field Communication Windisch, June 7, 2010 MOBILE PARKING - MOBILE PAYMENT - MOBILE BANKING - MOBILE ACCESS
  2. 2. The Swiss company was founded in 2007 and operates its own mobile payment platform. e24‘s mission is to enable people to enjoy the benefits of mobile payment at any time, at any location using any mobile device. We deliver production-ready payment solutions for GSM and 3G networks supporting voice, SMS and NFC data services for contactless payments. e24 Mobile Payment Solutions. About Us
  3. 3. Self Service Shopping Location: Mini-market, Uf-Stocken, Kilchberg Pilot start: 1.12.2009 No. of user: 80 consumers Type of devices: Nokia 6131 NFC/ Nokia 6212 Classic * Creation of a dynamic mobile wallet * Building a NFC value proposition for the ecosystem * NFC for end-user/ Expectations from end-user * Test User Interface * Prove of concept (Multi Payment Provider) GlobalPlatform recommendation on Contactless Registry Service activate/ deactivate applications by the user * Create added value services (i.e. 7/24 access) Objectives. TOUCH&PAY.
  4. 4. Partners
  5. 5. Use case Self Service Shopping Entrance Touch product tag Touch checkout tag Payment confirmation TOUCH&PAY makes self-service shopping as easy as possible. The customer's NFC-enabled phone provides access to the store, a virtual shopping basket, and the payment terminal.
  6. 6. User friendly wallet
  7. 7. Self Service Shopping Key figures, transactions records No trx.: < 1.000 transactions Avg. trx.: CHF 10.70 Tag description * Product-, Checkout-, Smart Poster and Access Tag Clearing partner: eAccount: pre-paid account [Registration/Reload] PostFinance Mobile Key findings after 6 months. TOUCH&PAY.
  8. 8. Self Service Shopping Use case: Self Service Shopping Personalization. Handling. Intuitiveness. Positive feedback from NFC payment pilots to date – fast, convenient and innovative. TOUCH feeling: Where, Angle, Distance, Mode, Dialog. -> match between user, phone and reader/tag -> small = precise positioning -> visual/ acoustic reader feedback Touch, Service, Interaction, Cost -> N-Mark -> Service charge to be explained -> End user communication via display Key findings after 6 months. TOUCH&PAY. Self Service Shopping
  9. 9. Self Service Shopping Installation. * J2ME MIDlet requires to be loaded * Device needs to have Data Enabled SIM Card * WAP Push needs user confirmation OK for download OK for certificate OK for start * Certificate (correct data input) * Adjusted Security settings (otherwise MIDlet ask to start data access, etc.) Key findings after 6 months. TOUCH&PAY.
  10. 10. Self Service Shopping Use case: Self Service Shopping Alternative Form Factors and API. * Launching an open mobile NFC application platform * Provide uniform API for commercial deployment * Deployment management (OTA) * Pre-installed categories and elements * Provide alternative form factors Future User Interface. TOUCH&PAY.
  11. 11. « Chicken : Egg »
  12. 12. MOBILE PARKING - MOBILE PAYMENT - MOBILE BANKING - MOBILE ACCESS e24 AG Schaffhauserstrasse 210 CH-8057 Zürich Tel. +41 44 315 51 00 Tailored NFC payment solutions For successful and secure payment processing.