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The islamization of mindanao and sulu

by Executive Chef at ChefVille on Jul 16, 2013





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  • awillingstudent Neslihan Yakut, Undergraduate Thanks a lot for your slide Su Choi.

    First of all, I would like to point the slide of 39-40 on account of the 12 strange things highlighted in the name of Islam. I not going to count all 12 odd so called ideologies but I'll at least snap out the given information about rule 10. Because I think it’s the funniest and oddest thing I have ever heard in my whole life as a Muslim. 

    Did you really assume to search if killing dogs is something mandatory between Muslims and is baseless or not? 12 made up rules u gave is baseless, groundless and away from the truth.

    I not ever implying that is your perception or comment on it, however these are just a common knowledge made up by those who have a strong dislike and animosity towards the notion of “Islam” or the notion of RELIGION. 12 things are totally including lots of strained and distorted information.

    I am asking you Does it make sense that Allah would create this wonderful animal only to be hated so intensely by the followers of His 'only true and prefect' religion? These are questions that would baffle non-Muslims. Allah makes a few mentions of dogs in the Quran, especially in Surah Kahf (The Cave, Surah 18). Quran 18:18:
    'You would think that they were awake, when they were in fact asleep. We turned them to the right side and the left side, while their dog stretched his arms in the entrance.'
    Here, Allah talks of a few people, who took refuse in a cave, because they were being forced by their opponents to pray to other Gods than Allah. And Allah saved them by giving refuge in a cave and keeping them asleep for 309 years. And Allah is saying: their dogs guarded the entrance of the cave over all those years.

    “…take not life, which God hath made sacred… 6:151.. Islam considers all life forms as sacred. However, the sanctity of human life is accorded a special place. The first and the foremost basic right of a human being is the right to live. The Qur'an equates the taking of even one human life unjustly, with killing all of humanity.

    It is really harder to crack prejudice than an atom as it is well said. People are prefer to have it from a hearsay rather than individually and freely get the chance chance of seeking the real sources of information given. Yes media and TV world can cook up stories but your will is important to judge after you listen to it. As a Muslim and person, I have never left destitute of loving the smallest creature like A mosquito even it bites me, I am aware of its creation and duty. The world is the exhibition Of Allah (God) and I am not passing by but deriving lessons from it. :)
    1 day ago
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The islamization of mindanao and sulu The islamization of mindanao and sulu Presentation Transcript