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Konstruowanie interfejsów tak, aby sprzedawały bywa nie lada wyzwaniem. W swojej prezentacji opowiem o kilku naprawdę prostych zasadach, dzięki którym konwersja serwisu www może znacznie wzrosnąć.

Dominik Oślizło – UX Designer & Project Manager w Interactive Solutions. Pracował nad projektami webowymi różnej skali i typu – microstite’y, serwisy korporacyjne, e-commerce, gry online, portale. Aktywny członek UX.SE.

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Make your design sell (CHI Poznań)

  1. 1. DESIGN WHICH SELLS a few words about Conversion Centered Design Dominik Oślizło czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  2. 2. UX IS INFLUENCED BY MANY FACTORS effectiveness selling neuroscience ECONOMY anthropology PSYCHOLOGY monetization conversion linguistics sociology philosophy strategy ethics UXD copywriting aesthetics ART design soul balance music czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 <coding> new tech limitations TECHNOLOGY AI research & infrastructure development
  3. 3. *CD WILDCARD CENTERED DESIGN is still user centered czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  4. 4. SO, WHAT IS CCD? UCD CCD = UCD + selling “twist” czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  6. 6. THE REASON BEHIND CCD Natural tendency: we do only what allows us to gain some value. applies to: ROI ROI Projects czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 Users
  7. 7. THE PRINCIPLES czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 7 OF CCD by Unbounce
  8. 8. A WORD ABOUT UNBOUNCE “Unbounce makes it easy for Marketers to create, publish and test landing pages. We developed Unbounce after experiencing first hand the frustration of trying to get effective landing pages launched for our own online marketing campaigns. It's important to get things done quickly in marketing, a task made more difficult when you have to rely upon IT resources who have their own priorities and processes.” Source: czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  9. 9. ENCAPSULATION There are many elements that are important in your design. Elements like contact form, what we do page, fancy 404 are of course important as well. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 BUT SOME ELEMENTS ARE MOST IMPORTANT and therefore you need to expose them. I want to see the next slide
  10. 10. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  11. 11. CONTRAST AND COLOR CONTRAST & COLOR They are talented sellers. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  12. 12. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  13. 13. WHITE SPACE. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  14. 14. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  15. 15. INSPIRATION John Cage (1912-1992): 4’33” “The material of music is sound and silence. Integrating these is composing. I have nothing to say, and I’m saying it.” czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  16. 16. DEPENDENCY White space, contrast and encapsulation need themselves to exist. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  17. 17. DIRECTIONAL CUES lead you FROM ONE POINT TO ANOTHER (down in the funnel) czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  18. 18. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  19. 19. NOT ONLY ARROWS Source: czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  20. 20. URGENCY & SCARCITY Order before August 15th, get free delivery The offer expires on midnight Free ebook with first thousand orders 5 on stock order soon Limited time offer czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 Early bidders get lower price Limited availability Only few items left
  21. 21. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  22. 22. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  23. 23. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  24. 24. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  25. 25. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Trial model Full experience within limited time. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 Combination Best of two worlds Freemium model Limited experience, unlimited time.
  26. 26. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  27. 27. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  28. 28. SOCIAL PROOF Testimonials perception by users is very good (too bad these are severely edited). Is good! Will do! Nice one! This applies even more to price comparison sites, auctioning sites, and opinion sites. Caution: Negative feedback seems to be more credible, and thus it affects conversion more. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  29. 29. USER ECONOMY MODEL czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  30. 30. USER ECONOMY expectations promises action value czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  31. 31. EXPECTATION = DESIRE + KNOWLEDGE I may be interested in your offer only if I need something like this and know your product will be good for me. Expectations: •are driven by various needs/desires •have strong foundation in media, social media, society and own research czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  32. 32. DIFFERENT EXPECTATIONS I want a phone with multitasking, hi-res screen, long battery life, and it would be perfect if it was red. I want a red phone. • • SPONTANEOUS czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 Different users have different needs. Different users have different need for knowledge to make a decision. PURPOSEFUL
  33. 33. CRUCIAL UXD DECISION... These two types of users* make it necessary to make crucial decision: Should designed user experiences be addressed to one of these groups (and which) or to both? *all demographics go in parallel czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  34. 34. ...AND A CRUCIAL FACT You cannot make a manager act like a teenager. You cannot make a teenager act like a manager. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  35. 35. ...AND A CRUCIAL FACT You cannot make a manager act like a teenager. You cannot make a teenager act like a manager. Yet, they know how to make both buy the same phone. Don’t they? czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  36. 36. ADDRESS BOTH GROUPS THE EASY WAY You can address both spontaneous and purposeful users in one design. The easiest way to do it is to start with a clean header and then skip to the descriptive sections (you can still use the same approach below). Show me example czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  37. 37. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  38. 38. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  39. 39. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  40. 40. PROMISES = ANSWERS BEFORE ASKING You need to answer before question because you cannot make user ask it. He has a lot of excuses not to ask: his knowledge is too low to know what to ask about there is a lot of substitutes (even better ones!) he’s got no time to waste he does not really care czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  41. 41. PROMISING PROPERLY The promise is a quite valuable and important thing, so you need to find best ways of presenting what you can offer, mostly by using proper words, structure and graphics. These are the fundamentals for Conversion Centered Design you need to think about every time you refer to this approach. Oh, by the way - when you finish reading this quite lenghty text, please raise one hand up (itc can be your right hand if you cannot decide which one). So, back to the topic. Finding best words is difficult, as overpromising is always on stake, but I’d bet you can find a good claim for every damned product that is at least “quite fine”. (Like the one on the next slide). czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  42. 42. STRONG PROMISE SELLS BETTER. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  43. 43. PROMISES = NEEDSETTERS Answering unasked need. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 PROMISE Crafting a brand new need.
  44. 44. FUNNELING USER ACTIONS Conversion point czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  45. 45. USE INVOLVEMENT TRAP Split processes like registration in multiple steps, wisely increasing difficulty on each of them. Simple A bit harder A bit harder Effort put in previous steps is potential loss for user, preventing him from dropping the process (to some extent). czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  46. 46. Oh, by the way... it is OK to decrease importance and sacrifice usability of some elements to gain better conversion. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  47. 47. AMAZON CHECKOUT (No visible way to cancel order at this stage.) czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  48. 48. LESS = MORE Giving users less options to click (sometimes even when these are products) converts better. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  49. 49. THE JAM EXPERIMENT 6 flavors 24 flavors vs 30% conversion 3% conversion Source: When Choice is Demotivating, prof. Sheena Iyengar, Columbia University czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  50. 50. EXCESS IS DISASTER Once you try (or are told) to highlight everything you will fail, because you lose encapsulation, contrast and whitespace, you don’t know where to point directional cues at, and your offers are too hard to be seen. Sorry. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  51. 51. GAINED VALUE The value gained by user is not the end of interaction. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  52. 52. USER EXPERIENCE DOES NOT END (an example for consumer products) Social media czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13 Own thoughts The system Delivery Product & packaging Support Social media
  53. 53. THE PROCESS czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  54. 54. USER ACTIONS are best for measuring analyzing triggering improvements czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  55. 55. MEASURE EARLY, IMPLEMENT SOON improvement improvement MVP Closed beta improvement Public beta Live You will end up with better product sooner and at lower costs. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  56. 56. MEASURE WHAT MATTERS Measure a lot, but depending on type of goal, analyze only what really reflects conversion. Set proper KPI’s at the beginning of the project. Use big analytical systems (GA, Webtrends, Facebook Insights...) but experiment with others. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  57. 57. IMPROVE, BUT NOT CONSTANTLY Don’t let the project be your obsession. Only improve until it is rational. (Since then, act on demand.) czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  58. 58. SWIFTLY & WITH STYLE Unstable and sluggish systems convert worse. Source: O’Reilly Radar, 2009 czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13
  59. 59. THANK YOU. czwartek, 8 sierpnia 13