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Media a2 film trailer newest 1

  1. 1. The genre of the film trailer that I will be filming, is Horror. I have chosen this genre as it is easy to depict the factors that scare the audience. If have been studying thriller trailers as well as horror to get a broad knowledge of the different techniques in which to engage the audience. The trailers that Ihave been studying in the process of creating my trailer are the Saw movies as these get a strong reaction from the audience.
  2. 2. Horror films are unsettling movies that strive to elicit the emotions of fear, disgust and horror from viewers. They often feature scenes that startle the viewer through the means of macabre and the supernatural, thus frequently overlapping with the fantasy and science fiction genres. Horrors also frequently overlap with the thriller genre.[citation needed]The term "horror movie" first appeared in the writings of critics and film industry commentators in response to the release of Universals Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (1931)[1], but has since been applied in retrospect to similar films from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Horror films deal with the viewers nightmares, hidden worst fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown. Although agood deal of it is about the supernatural, if some films contain a plot about morbidity, serial killers, a disease/virus outbreak and surrealism, they may be termed "horror." [2]Plots written within the horror genre often involve the intrusion of an evil force, event, or personage, commonly of supernatural origin, into the everyday world. Themes or elements often prevalent in typical horror films include ghosts, torture, gore, werewolves, ancient curses, satanism, demons, vicious animals, vampires, cannibals, haunted houses, zombies and serial killers. Conversely, stories of the supernatural are not necessarily always a horror movie as well. [3] Early horror movies are largely based on classic literature of the gothic/horror genre, such asDracula, Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. More recent horror films continue to exploit the monsters of literature.
  3. 3. The title sequence is never really shown for more than a few brief seconds, this is so not to take the importance off the moving images relaying the storyline.Helps to create tension, apprehension of next scene.
  4. 4. The blurred screen suggests a cut offpoint, or cliff hanger in which everyfilm trailer should have at the end inorder to leave the audience wantingmore. This is an effect I am very keen touse at the end of my film trailer as it tiesin with the use of a video camera withinthe storyline of my horror film trailer.
  5. 5. Night vision is another effect that I am keen touse. This is a typical Horror film trait. Thedarkness adds to the mystery, and makes thecharacter seem more vulnerable.In my own trailer, I would like to use the idea that theyare filming within the film. It makes it moredocumentary like, making it more believable.
  6. 6. The use of the close up shop, allows theaudience to see the subject of the cameraclearly, adding to the horror such as thispicture. It also allows the full effect of make-up, facial expression, allowing the audienceto work out if the subject is happy, sad,ECT.