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  1. 1. The Transformation of Offset Printing<br />HEIDELBERG<br />David Grubbs<br />April 21-22, 2010  San Antonio, TX<br />Follow us on twitter:<br />#cgxemerge<br />
  2. 2. future of print<br /><ul><li>What is the Future of Print?
  3. 3. Is it Dying?
  4. 4. Is it Changing?</li></li></ul><li>future of print<br /><ul><li>How Important Will Technology Be To Your Company’s Success?
  5. 5. It Will Be Necessary For You To Partner With Forward Thinking Marketing Services Providers Who Invest in the Latest Technology
  6. 6. Does Anyone Come to Mind????</li></li></ul><li>future of print<br /><ul><li>Will All Printers Survive?
  7. 7. What Will Differentiate One Printer From Another?
  8. 8. Is CGX The Right Printer For You?</li></li></ul><li>future of print technology<br /><ul><li>What Will Print Look Like in The Next Five Years From Heidelberg’s perspective?
  9. 9. Will There Be Hybrid Offset & Digital Machines In The Near Future???
  10. 10. UV, Specialty Printing, Different Substrates Like Foils, Plastics, Lenticulars, Hybrid Offset & Digital Technology combined In-Line
  11. 11. Everything To with Print Must Be “Green”</li></li></ul><li>future of print job submission<br /><ul><li>How Will Print Buyers Submit Jobs in The Future?
  12. 12. Remote File Submission – Print Buyers Will Have Their Own Websites
  13. 13. Immediate Notification that File Will Be Proofed, Content & Color Checked</li></li></ul><li>future job tracking<br /><ul><li>Where is my job right now?
  14. 14. Because Print Shop Will Be Digitally Integrated, Anyone In The Print Shop Can See “Real Time” Where Any Job Is in the Process.
  15. 15. Jobs Will Flow Faster, Manufacturing Costs Will Be Lowered, Last Minute Changes Will Occur Easily</li></li></ul><li>future printing technology<br /><ul><li>Offset or Digital? Does it Matter? CGX Has Made Major Investments In Both
  16. 16. Not To CGX, They Have Multiple Technical Means to Supply Your Job
  17. 17. They Will Advise You Which Technology Makes The Most Sense!</li></li></ul><li>remote proofing<br />You Can Proof A Job From Anywhere At Anytime!<br />Multiple Sites Collaborating Online at the Same Time, Faster OK turnaround<br />No Need For Future Press Checks<br />
  18. 18. future high definition soft proofing<br /><ul><li>Effective use of Soft-Proofing
  19. 19. Efficient: No more waiting for shipping
  20. 20. Delivery and Dispatch
  21. 21. Fast: Immediate feedback
  22. 22. Instant on-line collaboration
  23. 23. Consistent: Content and color approval
  24. 24. Saves time and money</li></li></ul><li>future integration workflow<br /><ul><li>Use of Color Standards Like G7 Color Standards, Complete Print Shop Connectivity
  25. 25. Integrated Workflows Will Allow CGX To Offer Faster Turnaround Times at the Highest Quality Levels</li></li></ul><li>future brand protection<br /><ul><li>Security Printing Technologies
  26. 26. Specialized printing techniques that effectively prevent fraud and product counterfeiting
  27. 27. Increase Brand protection using…
  28. 28. Hidden Images, 2-D Barcodes, Laser Sensitive Inks, Color Shifting Inks, Fluorescent inks and coatings, Holograms, RFID, etc.</li></li></ul><li>future in-line offset color measurement<br /><ul><li>Use of Spectral Measuring Systems
  29. 29. Color Is Read In-Line on Press
  30. 30. 90 % Waste Reduction Achieved Allows For “Green” Sustainability
  31. 31. Much Faster Manufacturing Process Allowing For Lower Cost & Higher Throughput</li></li></ul><li>future offset print technology, Anicolor<br />Speedmaster SM 52<br />Anicolor inking unit without ink zones<br />Speedmaster SM 52<br />Conventional inking unit with ink zones<br />
  32. 32. future offset print technology, Anicolor<br /><ul><li>Lower Costs Than Static Digital Print
  33. 33. Low to no Waste, “Green Machine”
  34. 34. More Cost Efficient on runs from 250 – 5,000
  35. 35. Will See on Larger Format Presses In The Future, 29” & 40”</li></li></ul><li>going “Green”<br />There Will Be No Lack of Performance For Printing “Green”, It Will Probably Be Better Than Today<br />There Will Be No Premium Price Associated With Going “Green”<br />If a Printer or Supplier Does Not Jump On The “Green” Bandwagon, He May As Well Close His Doors.<br />
  36. 36. The Transformation of Offset Printing<br />HEIDELBERG<br />David Grubbs<br />April 21-22, 2010  San Antonio, TX<br />