RTB gender strategy


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RTB gender strategy

  1. 1. CRP Roots, Tubers, and Bananas For Food Security and Income Gender Strategy June 15, 2012 Graham Thiele Director, CRP RTB
  2. 2. The program
  3. 3. A collaboration of:+ a wide spectrum research-for-development stakeholders & partners
  4. 4. Our cropsBanana Cassava Potato Sweetpotato Yam Other R&TPlantain
  5. 5. Roots, Tubers, and Bananas?• Major staples (among top 10)• Cheap sources of energy & nutrients (14-60% daily calories)• Locally produced/traded (less subject to global grain price fluctuations)• Backbone of food & income security for 180 million– especially poorest of poor & women
  6. 6. Roots, Tubers, and Bananas? RTBs shareGender research • Genetic complexity (> grains), marked Space for consumer preferences for particular varieties • Vegetative propagation, similar seed systems • Perishability, bulkiness and post harvest/value chain options Gender advocacy • High potential: > yields & impacts • Low profile: “women’s crops” • Under-investment (!)
  7. 7. Gender integral in RTB Proposaldevelopment
  8. 8. December 2011 – First draft
  9. 9. Gender strategy: mainstream gender Theme Gender 1. Conserving & accessing genetic resources Women as keepers of seed & knowledge 2. Accelerating varietal development (higher Participatory breeding; understanding trade- yields, added value) offs – gender dimensions 3. Managing pests and diseases Shifting roles; capacity strengthening; women as family health guardians 4. Seed systems (low cost/hi quality) Biophysical & SE framework for seed systems 5. Cropping systems (more productive, Understanding gender roles in cropping ecologically robust) systems 6. Postharvest technologies, value chains, and Market development with gender equity market opportunities 7. Enhancing impact (partnerships, Including women in networks; women as communications, capacity strengthening) transmitters of knowledge; M&E of gender
  10. 10. Strategy: mainstream gender• Engender targeting and priority-setting• Integrate gender-responsive approaches & methods across themes • focusing where gender needs special research or gender sensitivity enhances impact• Ensure gender-responsive partnerships
  11. 11. Strategy: mainstream gender• Strengthen communication and knowledge sharing around gender issues• Strengthen capacity in gender analysis and gender transformative methods and approaches• Design gender indicators and provide monitoring support in outcome and impact assessment
  12. 12. Reality•Centers limited capability for gender research•Key staff with gender skills committed to bilateral projects•Centers overstretched to meet simultaneous demands for gendersupport from multiple CRPs•Only 3 enthusiastic but overloaded center focal points designated(recently)•No gender research scientist•Gender weakly present in deliverables in product portfolio for 2012
  13. 13. Build on strengths• Where gender integrated in research: e.g., participatory selection• Success stories• Lessons learnt from those where gender not well integrated• Identification of gender-responsive indicators• Gender capacity strengthening for researchers
  14. 14. CRP Gender research action plan1.Invest in gender focal points and researcher• Assign additional resources for engaging gender focal points• Use coordination budget for part time CRP gender researcher to bring together center focal points• Hold gender focal point meeting to refine action plan• Include focal points and colleagues in 2013 Operational Plan2.Identify key geographic/thematic areas where gender lens has clearest pay off: • More inclusive commodity and food value chains • Seed system • Participatory plant breeding3.Bring gender lens to priority setting (now underway for all RTB crops)4.Identify success stories with gender research to leverage support in Centers and amongst partners5.Improve and resubmit RTB Gender strategy6. Engage with other CRPs and G&A research network
  15. 15. Thank you
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