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Cgf11 s wesley- finished web magazine

  1. 1. The Blueprint 1
  2. 2. The Blueprint My name is Synthia Wesley. I am a full time student at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, IL. Despite going ot two univeristies wfor two different majors, I have fi- Contents nally decided to take up my life long talent, aspiration, desire, and most importantly my PASSION.. “Creative Arts”. I am now, confidently, majoring in Communica- tions with a track of advertisment, minoring in Busi- End Sheets 2-3 ness. It is my ultimate goal to expand, improve, and “Who I Am” 4-5 perfect my business, “Inclusive Blueprints” where I Drawing with Lines 6-7 specialize in Event Planning/ Decor and Interior Decor/ Drawing with Shades 8-9 Paint. I also would like to work as a Marketing Creative Drawing with Lines 10 Director, specializing in Event Planning. In this Blue- Drawing with Numbers 11 Print, you will find a number of pieces I have created Drawing with Lines 12-15 rather it was for lesiure or for a class, all of which I took -Using Hues of Color 12-13 my time to deliever quality work. I HOPE YOU ENJOY. -Using Tints and Shades 14-15 Drawing with Shapes 16-31 Thank you, -Intro to Shapes 16-17 - Comparisons 18-23 Ms. Synthia Wesley - From Start to Finish 24-25 Ceo/Founder of -Variations 26-27 -Intro to Green 28-29 -”Let’s Go GREEN” 30-31 Pieces of Me 32-35 - Portrait 32-33 -Space Drawing 34-35 Living What I Love 36-53 End Sheets 54-55The Blueprint The Blueprint “The Artist Within“ 56 2 3
  3. 3. A Look Into My World The Impressions of a CreaterThe Blueprint 4 The Blueprint 5
  4. 4. Inside this Who HUGE brain of mine, I have an ample amount of I AM... IDEAS, in which I plan to make those ideas ACTIONS. I am a stylist, event plan- ner, event decorator, interi- or designer, friend, daughter, big sister, mentor, girlfriend and fashionista. I am an OVER ACHIEVER. I put my best foot for ward in EV- ERYTHING I do. I am finally on my way to making “My passion, my paycheck”.=)The Blueprint 6 The Blueprint 7 The Blueprint 7
  5. 5. Drawing With Picture of a largre Tea Cup Who would have know? are shown) with lines only. Certainly, not I?, That you can create complete draw- WAIT, There’s more!!! ings out of just lines. The We were only allowed Picture of a Juice Bottle pictures in surroundence to use, 100 lines...YES are of just that, LINES. As you read right, only apart of a Computer Graph- 100!!!! Don’t believe ics homework assignment, me, count for yourself. I successfully created five Picture of a tall Drinking Glass drawings, (three of whichThe Blueprint 8 The Blueprint The Blueprint 9 9
  6. 6. Drawing With Shades Picture of a Small Drinking Glass, and Coffee Up In contrast to the drawings from light to dark. I wanted I wanted the viewer on the previous page, these the viewer to see the depth of to see the different drawings were all created the object. To do this, I made shades and values of with VALUE in mind. With sure to include the top of the the three drawings. these three drawings, I re- object, in a oval type shape, ally focused on the viewer in which I used smudge Picture of a Wine Glass seeing the darkness and shading to darken certain lightness of each specific areas so they could see ex- object. To do this I used actly how deep I could see hand smudging, along with into the objects. Moreover, some overlaying of shades Picture of a Juice BottleThe Blueprint 10 The Blueprint The Blueprint 11 11
  7. 7. Drawing With Lines Drawing Adobe Illustrator drawn images created using numbers such as the number five, and the number two. Adobe Ilustrator Drawn Tea Pots, using lines only.The Blueprint 12 With Numbers The Blueprint 13
  8. 8. Drawing With Lines Using Hues of Color Craft: either going vertically or horizontally. Using my hand, a computer mouse, a For shading I used different hues of Mac Desk Top, and Adobe Illustrator green and red, to illustrate the areas I created different stages of the bowl that were dark and light on the origi- above. Using the Pin Tool, and the nal object. To get the images pub- Black Move area, I created styles of lished I took multiple screen shots lines, differentiating in depth, width, of my screen, and emailed them to thickness, and length. To create a myself. From there, I opened and Picture of a Wine Glass type of volume to this cup, I used saved them to my desktop, where different strokes of lines, some going I took the images from to upload to in circular motion while others where this blog.The Blueprint 14 The Blueprint 15
  9. 9. Drawing With Lines Using Tints and Shades With this Adobe Illustrator created see the depth and volume of the image, I really focused on the view- object. To do this, I carefully con- ers seeing the darkness and light- structed each line so that it could ness of this cup using tints, and form the shape of the object with- shades, better known as Grays, out creating a border line. In the blacks and whites. To do this I used areas that are darker, I also made the paint dropper tool along with sure to highlight them with a light some overlaying of shades, and hues color so that one could see exactly of gray. I also wanted the viewer to how deep the objects were.The Blueprint 16 The Blueprint 17
  10. 10. The Blueprint 18 The Blueprint 19
  11. 11. Drawing with Shapes What you are looking at to the left, is my first attempt at drawing with shapes. This was an in class as- signtment, that I didn’t get a chance to finish, but as you can see from my drawing and the original photograph, I was certain- ly on my way to depicting the shoe in a very much realistic wayThe Blueprint 20 The Blueprint 21 The Blueprint 21
  12. 12. Drawing with ShapesThe Blueprint 22 The Blueprint 23
  13. 13. Drawing with Shapes After much practice, and copy of the original photo- a couple of indecisive de- graph I decided to use for sions, I finally completed this project, which is above. my assignment. Below you will find, my realisticThe Blueprint 24 The Blueprint 25
  14. 14. Drawing with Shapes From Start T Finish o For the first draft of this For my second draft, I did As I did for the second draft, Finally, after reviewing many of project, I did a basic reco- some brief touch ups, of the I again, reviewed some of the the notes my peers suggested lition of my original phto- first draft. I took great notes points my peers made regard- I change and after much prac- graph. I was not trying to while participating in an in- ing my piece, and continued tice, I came up with something add too much detail, but I class critique, so I was able to to correct them. For instance, that was very much close to the infact did. change specific things that my on my first draft, the circles original photograph. Creating peers felt would strengthen my around the red pump were more sparkles on the phone, project, such as the backgor- very uneven, and not com- fixing the background color and und. pletely smooth. For my third texture along with fine tuning draft, I corrected this by using any lines all played apart in the Ellispe tool, to create small making this drawing what it is. circles and ovals. For most of my corrections and revisions I used the same tools with the exception of the Gradi- ent tool, and Texture tool.The Blueprint 26 The Blueprint 27
  15. 15. Drawing With SHAPES Variations FALL Into Fashion- Sketched Style FALL Into Fashion- Sketched FALL Into Fashion- Rugged StyledThe Blueprint The Blueprint FALL Into Fashion- Graffiti 28 29
  16. 16. Fashion CAmeraTheres nothing better thanwaking up, to a very FALLday, and putting on yourgreen. YES, I said GREEN.Every year there is a colorthat POPS for that seasonand this year it’s green.With the ample amount ofoptions you have to choosefrom, you can mix andmatch, wallets, cell phonecovers, and WAIT, evenkeys. All of which can matchyour most fasionable fash-ions, and be an accent. Hitthe scene with somethingbright, warm, noticable,justNATURAL...FALL IntoFashion, the GREEN WAYThe Blueprint 30 The Blueprint 31
  17. 17. Drawing With Shapes Presents... “Lets Go Green” Peer-Edition An artistic version of a running shoe placed in green, Another version of a running shoe placed in green, with outlined in black. Created by Roxy Wasiunec accents of different hues of the color. Created by Nico KrajeckiThe Blueprint 32 The Blueprint 33
  18. 18. Pieces Of ME..... “My Aspirations to CREATE” Art has always been my strong subject. It has always been something I loved to do. IT NEVER WAS A CAREER CHOICE. From the age of six, my art pieces have been displayed any where from, The Beverly Art Center” School Art Shows, Poster Boards, etc. Art has become My Life, My Passion. Art has become My Career. This is a drawing created using #2 lead pencils. I created this drawing from looking at a photogragh April 2011The Blueprint 34 The Blueprint 35
  19. 19. Pieces Of ME..... “My Aspirations to CREATE” The Piece to the side, is ac- tually a piece I created this semester in 2-D Design Drawing. This is also the drawing that was picked to be displayed in the Vi- sual Art Center’s Gallery “A Look Into Space: 2- D Design ARTThe Blueprint 36 The Blueprint The Blueprint 37
  20. 20. Living... What I Love “Interor Decor-Paint” Before and After Shots My Attic Room at my mother’s house, that I painted when I was 14 years old, another view My Attic Room at my Mothers house, that I painted when I was 14 years oldThe Blueprint 38 The Blueprint 39
  21. 21. Living... What I Love “Interior Decor-Paint” Before and After ShotsThe Blueprint 40 The Blueprint 41
  22. 22. Living... What I Love “Interior Decor-Paint” Before and After ShotsThe Blueprint 42 The Blueprint 43
  23. 23. Living... What I Love “Interior Decor-Paint” Before and After ShotsThe Blueprint 44 The Blueprint 45
  24. 24. Living... What I Love “Interior Decor-Paint” Before and After ShotsThe Blueprint 46 The Blueprint 47
  25. 25. Living... What I Love “Interior Decor-Paint” Before and After ShotsThe Blueprint 48 The Blueprint 49
  26. 26. Living... What I Love “Event Decorations”The Blueprint 50 The Blueprint 51
  27. 27. Living... What I Love “Event Decorations”The Blueprint 52 The Blueprint 53
  28. 28. Living... What I Love “Event Decorations”The Blueprint 54 The Blueprint 55
  29. 29. A Look Into My World The Impressions of a CreaterThe Blueprint 56 The Blueprint 57
  30. 30. The Artist Within By Synthia Wesley- 2011 I am a Creator I am an artist Creating art each day A Creator each day Finding different ways to In all that I do express myself In all that I say Without a Word to say That artist within In light comes dark Who hides alone Shadowing my brush Who stands on her feet To design what I please All on her own Pleasantly, no rush In the silence a voice I’m a loner, a poet So softly descends, A fashionista much more Bringing forth the artist From music to stories The artist within Nothing I do ever bores I am Heaven Synt Surrounded by angels Standing out in a crowd. Guiding my feet Silently making my debut To that place within Leaving a trail LOUD Where I shall meetThe Blueprint 58