2013 CGAP Photo Contest


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The 2013 CGAP Photo Contest is highlighting stand-out photography depicting financial inclusion. Share your photos through October 2 at www.cgap.org/photocontest

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2013 CGAP Photo Contest

  1. CGAP Photo Contest Summer 2013
  2. 2013 CGAP Photo Contest The 8th annual CGAP Photo Contest aims to highlight stand-out amateur and professional photography depicting financial inclusion around the world Highlighting Stand-out Photography 2
  3. How do you picture impact? 3
  4. 2013 CGAP Photo Contest Photos may represent a range of products, institutions, and methodologies, and may touch on a broad range of social, economic, developmental, and technological issues. Highlighting Stand-out Photography 4
  5. How do you picture innovation? 5
  6. 2013 CGAP Photo Contest By sharing your images that demonstrate the variety of ways poor people manage household finances, you’ll help us tell a story of innovation and ingenuity in the use of financial services to improve lives. Highlighting Stand-out Photography 6
  7. How do you picture inclusion? 7
  8. 2013 CGAP Photo Contest We encourage entries from all regions, in both rural and urban settings. Highlighting Stand-out Photography 8
  9. 2013 CGAP Photo Contest By entering, you’ll be eligible for several prizes: • $2,000 gift certificate for photography equipment • Photo display in New York City’s Times Square • A People’s Choice Award, determined by online voting • Excellent global exposure Highlighting Stand-out Photography 9
  10. Enter until October 2, 2013 at www.cgap.org/photocontest 10
  11. 2013 CGAP Photo Contest Submit your photos online until October 2 at www.cgap.org/photocontest. The 2012 contest was the most competitive to date, with 2,500 entries from 80 countries. Enter today at vote for your favorites. Full rules and requirements are available at: www.cgap.org/photocontest. Highlighting Stand-out Photography 11
  12. Photo Credits All images were winners in the 2012 CGAP Photo Contest 12 Credits: Slide 2: “Slivery Dreams,” Abdul Aziz Apu Slide 3: “Harvesting Seaweed,” Wim Opmeer Slide 4: “Dry Fish,” KM Asad Slide 5: “Chicken Barbeque,” Yavuz Sariyildiz Slide 6: “Siberian Fisherman,” Andrey Rudakov Slide 7: “Drying Paddy,” Mohammad Moniruzzaman Slide 8: “Life,” Reza Golchin Slide 10: “To Catch Fish,” Ngo Quang Phuc Slide 11: “Smoke of Charcoal,” Yavuz Sariyildiz All images in this presentation were finalists in the 2012 CGAP Photo Contest. A full gallery of the winning images is available here: http://cgap.org/photos-videos/2012-cgap-photo-contest
  13. Spread the Word 13 Our goal for the CGAP Photo Contest is to represent financial inclusion as completely as possible. To that end, please share this presentation as well as the contest itself with your networks. Download this badge and feel free to share it on Facebook and Twitter. You can even use it to promote your contest entries. Full contest descriptions are available in English, Spanish and French. Connect with us on Twitter (@CGAP) and Facebook for updates. Share your photos and vote for your favorites at www.cgap.org/photocontest.
  14. Advancing financial inclusion to improve the lives of the poor www.cgap.org 14