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Summary of benefits of HTML5 Theora standard

Summary of benefits of HTML5 Theora standard

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  • 1. Cindy F. Solomon, CPM/CPMM
    Certified Product Manager (CPM)
    Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM)
    *The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM)
    What is HTML5 Theora?
  • 2. No more plugins for videos
    Everyone is familiar with viewing and embedding videos on the web through sites like YouTube.
    Until now, virtually all of that video plays with the help of a third-party plug-in like Quicktime, RealPlayer, or Flash.
  • 3. HTML5
    a new, open web standard that
    lets you play videos directly in
    your browser.
  • 4. New, Open Web Standard
    For the first time,
    A defined standard
    To play video directly from the browser
    Without an external plug-in.
  • 5. Play Video Directly in Browser
    videos load faster using open web standards.
    opens the floodgates for tons of cool video applications that weren't possible before.
  • 6. Enter HTML5
    Two most popular video formats for HTML5:
    Theora (.ogg files) and
    H.264 (.mp4 files).
    Others include:
    MPEG-4 (e.g., XviD and DivX),
    Windows Media Video
    other lower-bitrate video compression schemes.
  • 7. Browser Compatibility Matrix
    Some browsers support only Theora, some only H.264, and some support both.
  • 8. Preferred Format: Theora
    HTML5 can deliver any video format,but
    Theora isthe preferred format because it is royalty-free.
    Content distributors don't have to pay to
    use the codec technology.
  • 9. Theora: Royalty Free
    Can be used to distribute film and video online and on disc without the licensing and royalty fees or vendor lock-in associated with other formats.
  • 10. Embed Theora
    The following HTML5 code fragment will embed
    the Theora video in a web page.
    <video src="movie.ogv" controls="controls">
    your browser does not support the video tag
  • 11. H.264 costs $ in 2011
    Starting in 2011, it will cost money to use the industry
    standard H.264 codec.
    This is hugely problematic for the expansion of video
    on the web—imagine if you had to pay for embedding
    images on your web site!
  • 12. Theora
    open lossy video compression format.
    Lossy method of compressing data and then decompressing it that retrieves data different from original, but close enough to be useful
    suited for internet content delivery
  • 13. Free
    completely free for commercial or noncommercial use.
    commercial developers may independently write Theora software which is compatible with the specification for no charge and without restrictions of any kind.
    Theora (and all associated technologies released by the Xiph.org Foundation) is released to the public via a BSD-style license.
  • 14. Suited for internet content delivery
    can be streamed easily
    from virtually any HTTP server
    easy to provide static streams
    well engineered for low-bitratestreaming
    perceived video quality usually degrades gracefully as bitrate decreases
  • 15. Cross Platform
    every major Linux distribution ships with support for Theora by default
    easy to install solutions for Windows and Mac OS
    authoring and consuming of Theora encoded content easy
  • 16. Reliable
    Public documentation specification available to everyone at any time without restrictions
    open source nature guarantees ongoing developer support
  • 17. Origins of Name
    Theora is named after TheoraJones, on the Max
    Headroom program (1987–1988), a short-lived, ground breaking American science fiction television series.
    Theora was Network 23's star controller and,
    working with the network's star reporter, Edison Carter.
    She often helped save the day for everyone.
  • 18. Theora
    Theora is well established as a video format
    in open source applications, and as the format
    used for Wikipedia's video content.
  • 19. Cindy F. Solomon, CPM/CPMM
    Certified Product Manager (CPM)
    Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM)
    *The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM)