Fin Cap2pager Brochure 09 11 2010


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Fincap Solutions Product Brochure

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Fin Cap2pager Brochure 09 11 2010

  1. 1. Business Solutions Technology Solutions Save Money Analyze Faster simplify your Business Website: www.finengines.comEmail: FinCap Solutions is a joint venture between Computech Corporation’s technology group for financial industry (Fin*Engines) and CapitalFusion Partners a comprehensive solution provider for the structured finance sector. Fin*Engines is a provider of Information technology solutions and services with offices and development center in USA, Canada and India. We design, implement & customize enterprise systems for security trading, portfolio management, risk management, asset securitization, e-Finance and Financial operations. We help clients to optimally manage all aspects of proprietary technology development including analysis, strategy, design, implementation, deployment and maintenance. About FinCap Solutions Girish Nair 248.640.7597 email: John Joshi 818.294.3381 email: Pradeep Gunda +91 998.908.6640 email: For details please contact: l l l lCharlotte lToronto lChennai lHyderabadDetroit Chicago New York joint venture of Computech Corporation and CapitalFusion Partners AnalyticsBuiltforTradersbyTraders FlexibleByDesign l strategies without disclosing your ideas to yourcompetition lAnalyze underlying deal / portfolio loan data in real-time to make the best buy/sell tradingdecisions lReviewing the performance of your portfolios under multiple scenarios, monitor trends or customize reports for trading,researchandrisk lFocus on trading strategies without the n e e d t o f o c u s o n t e c h n o l o g y implementation, back-office backlog and needtoupgradesystems lCustomizeyouranalysiswithouttheneedto write or develop new software, SQL statementsandothertools lHigh-performance analytics allows for advanced modeling & reporting of underlying deal collateral with over 100 customizablecollateralattributes lFinData™ Powered by MBSData™ maintains one of the most comprehensive structured finance data platforms. Each month, loan- level data is subjected to a rigorous validation process by a team of data specialist to ensure the continued integrity ofthedataset lAbility to do ad-hoc analysis for research, trading, risk and compliance with a user friendly interface designed for maximum flexibility lAbility to research monthly loan performance and loss metrics by collateral type, vintage, lien type, services, state, LTV andahundredmoreattributes Dynamically test and develop your trading RMBS/ABS Deals l98% Market Coverage Capital Structures lTranche Factors lCusip Reference Table lPool / Cusip mapping Collateral Segmentations lA Prime lAlt A lBC lHome Equity lS&D lOption ARM Performance Metrics lDeal & Loan Level lPrepayment History lDelinquency History lLoss History lDeal Rankings lLoan Modifications lAbility to analyze the performance of loans thatunderliethebondsinyourportfolio lSingle source for all your RMBS data needs with a tightly coupled front and back end that is used by hedge funds, advisory firms andratingagencies lOur tools are intuitive, with a powerful flexible interface that can help you monitor your RMBS deals and assist you in designing newtradingstrategies lFinData™ Powered by MBSData™ can be integrated to FinPricer™ for scalar / vector prepayment, default and loss rates, price / yield, sensitivity analysis, stress testing and otheradvanced analytics lOur team of experienced financial engineers is available to build custom macrosandreports lFlexible, robust, comprehensive and customizable interface backed by a team of highly specialized analyst with experience in trading, portfolio management, data, systemdevelopmentandbusinessanalysis lAs a client, you can contact our analysts, schedule face-to-face meetings and participateinclient-onlyevents lWe can assist with asset valuation, stress testing, portfolio risk analysis, integration of credit models and implementation and training lMultiple channels of customized delivery of the most comprehensive RMBS loan level analytics Customizable
  2. 2. Integrated Solutions at work for you Connecting your business to the technology resources you need An integrated desktop and network-based distributed processing scalable system that meets the needs of clients looking for a comprehensive solution for ABS and RMBS valuation and Portfolio Management. With FinPricer™ you can: • ValueRMBSsecuritiesinadistributednetwork • Perform sensitivity analysis by defining your credit and prepaymentramps • Stress-testdealsandstorescenarios • Definestressscenarios • Integrate to your models for prepayment and default analysis • IntegrateswithIntexcashflowmodels Designed by portfolio managers, traders, risk professionals for use by traders, fund managers, administrators, investors and originators to analyze individual RMBS deals and portfolios. FinData™ allows business users to dynamically analyze underlying loan level data for trend, prepayment, and loss and performance analysis. FinData™ also features a strong suite for report generation, data query and integration capabilities. FinData™ can be implemented as a stand-alone solution, or integrated with your existing systemstosupplementtheircapabilities. FinData™ includes functionality that: • Guarantees Timely monthly updates on the 1st of the month • Collateral analysis for all RMBS deals • User friendly interface designed by Traders and Portfolio Managers for Traders and Portfolio Managers • Allows the business user to create custom ad hoc analysis on underlying deal collateral for individual deals and portfolio of deals • Shortest time to data delivery and fastest query speeds available • Full scalability allows easy integration to existing systems and facilitates collaboration across the enterprise • Links to FinPricer™ for RMBS Valuation and Stress Analysis Are you trying to understand and make sense of a Universe of RMBS data underlying your investments? FinPricer™ Capabilities joint venture of Computech Corporation and CapitalFusion Partners FinData™ Powered by MBSData™ FinData™ is available as an ASP service as well as an integrated desktop and network-baseddistributedprocessingscalablesystem. Web Solutions FinCap Solutions brings a complete end-to-end solution for your deal and portfolio analysis Mortgage Backed Securities Data & Analytics MBSData