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Ten Things You Should Know About SlideShare
Ten Things You Should Know About SlideShare
Ten Things You Should Know About SlideShare
Ten Things You Should Know About SlideShare
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Ten Things You Should Know About SlideShare


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Learn some basics and a few lesser-known features of SlideShare from an expert whose works have been selected by SlideShare as featured articles on their home page, and viewed by over 25,000 viewers. …

Learn some basics and a few lesser-known features of SlideShare from an expert whose works have been selected by SlideShare as featured articles on their home page, and viewed by over 25,000 viewers. This brief article will help you incorporate the world's most popular free article marketing service into your marketing plan in just minutes.

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  • 1. SLIDESHARE, HOW DO I LOVET HE E ?TEN THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SLIDESHAREI recently discovered, a free online slide hosting service. It was love at service.first sight! I wrote an article and a series of blogs (or love letters if you prefer the rticle blogsromance theme) titled Twelve Things I Learned about SlideShare SlideShare.SlideShare returned my affections! They featured the article on their home page, quickly ideSharegathering over 3,500 views. The article is at and on CFOAmericas blog beginning at any true romance, my love for SlideShare has only grown stronger since we firstmet. Therefore, I decided to write a second article on new ways I have learned to usethis powerful tool to increase your Internet footprint. creaseLET ME COUNT THE WAYS (last time, I promise).1. SlideShare has over 100 million page views per month. It has 10,000 new uploads 0 every day. They are one of the top 200 websites in the world. According to web traffic monitor Alexa, users offer some attractive demographics. When compared to the general Internet population, 25 to 34 year olds and people with graduate graduat degrees are over-represented Their users are also disproportionately childless, represented. Hispanic and visit the site while at work. Approximately 63% live in North and South America, 21% in Europe and 14% in Asia.2. SlideShare is primarily for PowerPoint presentations and pdf documents. The presentations average presentation is 7.9 megabytes in size. The average document is 1.5 he megabytes. With the exception of PowerPoint presentations saved as pdf . documents, my files are all 300 kilobytes or less. They uploaded in seconds. While I have shared a 58 megabyte PowerPoint presentation, it took forever. I now save and . upload PowerPoint files as pdf documents.3. SlideShare reports that the median number of slides is between 10 and 30 per he presentation. Over 75% of presentati presentations are 30 slides or less. Only 8% exceed 50 nly slides. There are some apparent cultural differences in this area. English based
  • 2. presentations average only 19 slides, Spanish 21. The Japanese lead the pack with 42 slides. Presentations average 24 words per slide and 19 images per file. The most popular fonts are Helvetica, Arial and Times New Roman.4. SlideShare allows you to embed YouTube videos into slide presentations. Simply click the "Edit / Delete" button for the appropriate PowerPoint file on your "My Uploads" page. Next, click the "Insert YouTube Videos" tab at the top of the screen. Then paste the URL and select where in the slide sequence the video will appear. Finally, click the "Insert and Publish" button. You are finished! Repeat the process to insert additional videos into the presentation. If you change your mind, videos are removable. Although I have not experimented with the option, you can also add sound by inserting an MP3 file. Video and sound cannot be inserted into pdf documents.5. SlideShare is accessible by mobile devices at This allows travelers to search, view and download presentations and documents. Bookmark the site for faster access.6. Item #5 illustrates another endearing characteristic. By uploading Word documents as pdf files, I am using SlideShare as an article marketing service like EzineArticles. Although larger, EzineArticles has some complex rules about including URLs. I have failed their submission approval process on several occasions. The same is true of I have never encountered this issue with SlideShare. Furthermore, Twelve Things I Learned about SlideShare has received over 3,700 views on SlideShare compared to eight on EzineArticles and three on GoArticles during comparable timeframes. SlideShares marketing tag line should be, "No restrictions, just results!"7. While I have not seen any definitive statistics, most seem to indicate the average time a viewer spends on an Internet page is only two to three minutes. That has significant implications to the amount of content presented. The average American adult reads between 250 and 300 words per minute. SlideShare viewers average seven to eight minutes per visit. That suggests that users are more likely to read longer files in their entirety.8. Keyword tags help people quickly find information that interests them. SlideShare searches are keyword driven. They allow you to enter up to 20 tags per file. The top tags in 2010 were forecast, market, statistics, business, trends, industry, research, SWOT (an anachronism for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), report, company profiles, social media and marketing. Type and spell check your 20 tags in Word. Then paste them into SlideShare when you upload your file. 2
  • 3. 9. SlideShare provides truly excellent support through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. I have promoted several files through my LinkedIn groups. I have twice received emails saying, "XYZ file is being talked about on LinkedIn more than anything else on SlideShare right now. So weve put it on the homepage of (in the "Hot on LinkedIn" section)." In both cases, view counts increased dramatically, if briefly. Another benefit of tweeting SlideShare files is the potential of promoting your brand on a worldwide basis through It takes Twitter streams and extracts links to news stories and videos. It then determines which stories are relevant based on criteria the user establishes. It creates themed pages based on specific topics using hashtags. subscribers distribute their daily or weekly publication as a unique newspaper, written from a perspective of what is of interest on the Web that day. Every Twitter user is therefore a potential editor. Their followers (including CFO America on several occasions) serve as unpaid journalists. To view a sample of, read The CFO America Daily at Finally, the number one reason for my love affair with SlideShare is what I call the "60 minute Twitter boost" phenomena. To experience it for yourself, open your file on the "My Uploads" tab and click on the Twitter icon. The following tweet will appear, "Check out this SlideShare document: The Title of Your SlideShare Document" along with a shortened URL. Modify the tweet with a few appropriate hash tags. Without fail, the file experiences a marked increase in views and downloads for about an hour. In my experience, views have jumped up to 35 times their daily average. I have tweeted friends documents with identical results. The boost trails off quickly, and totally evaporates within 24 hours. However, it can be extended with multiple tweets over the course of a day. Use different hash tags for each tweet.In closing, I offer my apologies to Victorian era poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning for theshameless exploitation of her classic poem. Imagine how quickly it would have gone"viral" if only Ms. Browning had the same access to that you and I nowenjoy.Go forth and share! © 2011 by Dale R. Schmeltzle 3
  • 4. About the author: Dale R. Schmeltzle, CPA is a founding partner of CFO America, professionalconsultants dedicated to helping business owners define, implement and monitor the strategicand tactical elements necessary to achieve long-term financial and operational success. CFOAmerica provides fractional or part-time executive management expertise not available on anin-house basis.Dale has been a frequent author and speaker for numerous professional, civic and non-profitgroups. He wrote Highly Visible Marketing, 115 Low-cost Ways to avoid Market Obscurity. Hehas also taught college level accounting and financial courses to non-business audiences. Formore information, please visit or follow us on Facebook at Consulting CFOs & Executive Managers 4