Strictly Sales: Considering an EAP for your organization or business


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Information for employers considering EAP.

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Strictly Sales: Considering an EAP for your organization or business

  1. 1. Strictly Sales: Considering An EAP For Your Organization?Employee Assistance Program
  2. 2. Welcome  If you are reading this, you’re probably familiar with the idea of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) as an employee benefit to assist with personal and professional concerns through counseling. If not, the next slide is just for you!
  3. 3. What is EmployeeAssistance?  Employee Assistance evolved in the 1920’s and 1930’s as a way initially for employers and unions to connect employees to resources assisting with alcoholism and substance abuse. In subsequent years Employee Assistance Programs gained popularity across the nation as a low-cost way to ensure that employees received help for all sorts of personal and professional concerns through counseling and referral services.
  4. 4. What is EmployeeAssistance?  At times personal and work-related issues may be difficult to handle. Small problems may grow and begin to make it difficult to concentrate at work and/or home. Help is available through Employee Assistance. There are a variety of EAP providers available. Some only offer telephonic counseling or just referral counseling …and that can be very fast paced, quick, and sometimes impersonal.  CFLR, Inc. EAP provides in-person counseling appointments with trained caring professionals. There is an option for telephonic counseling if the employee would like that option.
  5. 5. Identify-Resolve-Improve Employee Assistance Programs…  Identify problems that may be interfering with an employee’s ability to do their job and with their personal life.  Resolve issues so employees can feel good about themselves.  Improve their ability to carry out their jobs, so they can be a happier, more productive person and employee.
  6. 6. How Does Itcontracts with an employer CFLR, Inc. EAP  Work? organization to provide EAP. EAP is provided to employees and their covered family members as a benefit of employment. There’s no cost to the employee to use EAP and it is free, voluntary, and confidential.  EAP counseling is generally short term interventions. Any problem requiring long term counseling will be referred out to a specialist in the community.  Management consultation is offered upon request, assisting managers in meeting the needs of their employees.
  7. 7. What Other Benefits AreIncluded? your money is Getting MORE for good! CFLR, Inc. EAP provides the following with all EAP contracts:  Employee training on work and life issues. For example-stress management, conflict resolution, team building, and assertive communications.  Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for workplace trauma (counselor on site).  24/7 answering service and on call counseling staff.  Promotionals including a newsletter, portal, and brochures. & much more!
  8. 8. Are You Looking For AChange?  Do you have an EAP already? Maybe you are considering a switch of EAP providers? However you landed here, at CFLR, Inc. EAP we’re glad you are considering a change. Change is not easy, and hopefully this presentation will assist you in making a decision regarding this important benefit for your employees.
  9. 9. The Big Three EmployerProblems CFLR, Inc. EAPAddresses  Management (or staff) need training, and there’s no budget for it! CFLR, Inc. EAP provides training included in EAP contracts that is fun, interactive, educational, and (best of all) customizable to your needs. No ‘canned presentations’ here!  A place for troubled employees and Employee Performance. CFLR, Inc. EAP offers supervisory referrals, or performance based referrals in which the EAP works with employees that have workplace performance problems to turn it around!  Absenteeism due to personal problems or personal issues popping up in the workplace. Those seeking out EAP are able to address personal problems that could otherwise impact the workplace, thus impacting their ability to be present and productive! & much more!
  10. 10. A Local Solution For YourOrganization  Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc. EAP or CFLR, Inc. EAP, is the leader in the provision of employee assistance program services, offering guidance to you and your family members when personal or work-related problems become difficult to manage alone.  CFLR, Inc. EAP is a local service and prides itself on offering a unique, personalized experience.
  11. 11. Let EAP Help You… EAP is staffed with master’s level degreed professionals who are{ trained to help with a range of problems such as but not limited to the following: Depression or anxiety, Addictions Grief and bereavement, Stress Problems with a supervisor and/or co-worker Family, Marriage, and other relationship issues
  12. 12. CFLR, Inc. EAP OffersThree Ways EmployeesAccess The EAP  Self Referral, call the EAP and set up appointment on your own.  Suggested Referral, informally suggest a co-worker utilize the EAP for troubles they may have.  Supervisory (Mandated) Referral, issued by Human Resources or management and helps to improve performance related concerns through counseling.
  13. 13. Why CFLR, Inc. EAP?  Because you value a local and personal approach.  Because you want the best local EAP option for your organization.  Because when you call an EAP you want to speak to someone from your area, not from across the country or far away.  Because you want to invest in your employees and reap the rewards.  Because you understand that caring professionals that are extensively qualified and trained to perform EAP counseling are the best option for your employees.  Because you want a service that cares about your satisfaction.  Because CFLR, Inc. EAP has a variety of ancillary services and preventative/clinical programs available through the parent agency of CFLR, Inc.-a non-profit that serves the Mohawk Valley area. More resources are helpful and saves clients time.  Because you need peace of mind.
  14. 14. Request Additional SalesInformation  Still not sure if CFLR, Inc. EAP is right for your organization? Are you ready to take the step and try EAP but you need to bring in a professional to meet with administration? Or maybe you’d like a quote? No problem, give the EAP Coordinator a call at 315-733- 1726 we can come to you or free feel to set up a time to tour our corporate main office in Utica, NY!
  15. 15. LM