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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
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  • 1. Sufia begum (4659) Centre No. 10508 Cfgssufiab.blogspot.com A One Man War
  • 2. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  • 3.
    • We used a range of technologies varying from different programmes and software which has helped us during the research, planning, construction and the evaluation process of our film, radio trailer and our film poster.
  • 4. Research
  • 5. BBC film network-
    • This website allowed me to review and evaluate short drama films. This was useful as I was able to see what type of film techniques and convention I could use for our film.
  • 6. Survey Monkey
    • Our group used survey monkey to create an audience survey, so that we can find out more about our target audience. The website allowed us to get feedback on how to make our film more appealing to our target audiences.
  • 7. Social networking sites
    • We posted the audience survey link on to various social networking site such as bebo and facebook. We also sent the link to our hotmail contact. This allowed a wide range of people to answer our survey.
  • 8. Google
    • I used Google many time to find out about other film institution and filming techniques. Using Google I was able to get access to a lot information which has helped me during the construction stage of our film.
  • 9. IMDb – internet movie database
    • I used this website to research films and film institutions. This allowed me to see what a drama film should contain.
  • 10. Slideshare
    • Slide share allowed me to upload all my work and publish it on to my blog. This website also allowed me to upload PowerPoint's and documents.
  • 11. Youtube
    • I went on to YouTube to look at videos which explains filming and camera techniques. I also uploaded some QuickTime videos on to YouTube, so that I can publish them on to my blog.
  • 12. Planning
  • 13. Microsoft word
    • Microsoft word was frequently used during the planning process of our film. We used word to write up our scripts for our film and Radio trailer.
  • 14. I movie
    • As a group we all had to contribute in creating our storyboard. I took individual pictures of our storyboard and uploaded them on to I movie. Using this software we were able to create our animatic. I was able to use many feature in I movie to enhance our animatic. For example i Movie allowed me to add music, texts, effects and transition. The link to our animatic -
    • http://cfgssufiab.blogspot.com/2010/12/animatic-one-man-war_16.html
  • 15. Facebook and Phone
    • We frequently used facebook and our phones to communicate with our group members. This allowed us to make sure that we were all prepared and ready for our filming.
  • 16. Microsoft excel
    • I used excel to make a shooting schedule. This made sure that everyone in our group knew which scene will be shot and the time and place of the filming. This helped our group to be well organised and prepared.
  • 17. Construction
  • 18. Camera
    • We used a professional video camera to shoot our film. The camera allowed us record high quality videos
    • We also used a digital camera to take pictures for our film poster.
  • 19. I Mac
    • I Mac has a full range of software which was really useful when we were constructing our film. It is far more advance then a normal computer and gave me more power as a producer to create high standard film.
  • 20. Flash and Livetype
    • The software live type and flash was used to produce our opening title for our film. I used flash to create a key going inside a lock. –
  • 21. Final Cut
    • We used final cut to edit our film. Final cut is an advance software that has made it easier and faster for our group to upload and edit our film.
  • 22. Logic studio
    • Logic studio was used to record our radio trailer and produce the music which was needed for our film.
  • 23. Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Photoshop was used to create our film poster. This programme allowed us to manipulate pictures and edits them.
  • 24. Vimeo
    • Vimeo is a website which has allowed me to upload my videos.
  • 25. Evaluation
  • 26. Blogspot. com
    • I created a blog to show the work I have produced while creating my film. I blogged many time during the research, planning, constructing and evaluating stages.
  • 27. Microsoft PowerPoint
    • I was able to transfer my audience survey result on to PowerPoint and evaluate my finding. It also made my work look presentable and neat.
  • 28. Phone videos and audio
    • We used our phones to record the responses for our audience feedback. This allowed us to replay the feedback and take into account what we should improve in our film. It also allowed us to see their reaction to our film.