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Question 4
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Question 4


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  • 1. How did you use the media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages? Detainee 238
  • 2. Research
    • Internet
    • In order to get hold of the props that were used in the film, we had to find out where we could get them from. The main prop/costume we needed to get hold of was the orange suits. Using the internet helped us locate which company kept hold of some of these suits. We then came to know that ‘Amnesty International’ which is a campaigning organisation had some of these suits and so we were able to contact them in order to ask for them.
  • 3. Research
    • SurveyMonkey
    • SurveyMonkey is a website which allows us to make questionnaires online through simple steps. This website is very easy and fast to use and therefore we used it to create our questionnaires. It allows us to get results rapidly and therefore it was a wise website to use.
  • 4. Research
    • Facebook:
    • Once our questionnaire was made in SurveyMonkey we was able to embed it onto social networking sites so that friends and family could carry out the questionnaire. I posted the link onto my facebook wall so that people could see it and take part in it.
  • 5. Research
    • YouTube
    • During the production stages of our film, it was important that we gained knowledge of the different camera shots and editing techniques in order to be efficient whilst shooting and editing. During this time I used YouTube several times to research on Montage Editing, Rule of Thirds, Camera angles etc.
    • I also used YouTube to research on other drama films and trailers so that I could identify which conventions we had used in our film.
  • 6. Planning
    • Hotmail
    • Using hotmail I was able to contact ‘Amnesty International’ to request the orange suits. I was also able to attach the ‘actor appeal’ poster onto an email and send it out to all of my friends and family so that people who were interested in taking the main role could contact me for further details. After finding an appropriate actor, I was able to keep contact with them through hotmail to arrange our shooting dates.
  • 7. Planning
    • Phone
    • Mobile phones allowed me to keep contact with all members of my group as well as the actors. This use of communication was more efficient when it came to arranging shooting dates and meeting up as it was much more reliable in the way that if we needed to have an urgent meeting, calls would reach the receiver faster than an email would. Not everyone may have internet on their phones to be able to access their hotmail on the go.
  • 8. Planning
    • Microsoft Word
    • Before we would go out to shoot, it was important to carry out health and safety checks. I used Microsoft Word to create a table of all the possible dangers in each location to make sure that all the locations were safe for us to use.
  • 9. Construction
    • Windows Movie Maker & Cameras:
    • To create our animatic, pictures were needed to be taken of the storyboard. This was done using digital cameras and then was uploaded onto Windows Movie Maker where the animatic was made.
  • 10. Construction
    • Final Cut Pro
    • We used Final Cut to edit our film and cut the length down to a maximum of 5minutes. It was a great software to use as it had all the tools we needed for our film and it also was a very enjoyable software to use.
  • 11. Construction
    • QuickTime Player:
    • The storyboard, animatic and film was changed into QuickTime so that it could be uploaded onto Youtube to be shared with the audience.
  • 12. Construction
    • External Hard drives and iMac
    • External hard drives were used to store all our work and iMacs assisted us from research up until the evaluation of our product as we used these computers throughout the whole course.
  • 13. Evaluation
    • Blogspot and Microsoft Powerpoint
    • I evaluated my media product on my blog at by uploading a presentation that was made on Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • 14.