IT Automation With CFEngine - Business Value and Basic Concepts


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Automation has been central to infrastructure management and more recently to the continuous delivery of applications, DevOps. What has changed is the scale at which these are conducted. CFEngine delivers IT automation at Web-Scale. Scale in this context includes speed and agility along with size. So, smaller organizations can also benefit from IT automation for their infrastructure and continuous delivery needs.

In this webinar we discussed the business value of Web-Scale IT Automation as well as CFEngine's capabilities through a demonstration of its key features. Based on sound principles of Promise Theory CFEngine is a highly scalable, very secure, model-based approach to infrastructure management and continuous delivery.

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  • Scale breaks hardware, Speed breaks software, speed at scale breaks everything Adrian Cockroft, NetflixCompetitor differentiation – faster, more secure, scale
  • Delivering a Platform As A Service, Locaweb – one of the largest Cloud providers in South America – leverages CFEngine to automate several of their services to their end customersApplication Release – Deutsche Telekom, a $50B worldwide telecommunications company, is using CFEngine to automate 400 applications in production.Creating an Infrastructure As A Service Platform, LinkedIn, one of the top 15 most visited websites in the world, is using CFEngine to automate 30K serversServer Automation at Scale – JPMorgan Chase is using CFEngine to automate tens of thousands of production servers.
  • Gartner states that CFEngine provides a highly scalable infrastructure automation solution with a pull-based, distributed architecture
  • With LinkedIn, or example, 6 people were managing a few hundred machines.
  • IT Automation With CFEngine - Business Value and Basic Concepts

    1. 1. IT Automation with CFEngine Business Value and Basic Concepts
    2. 2. The Dematerialization of the datacenter Connected Devices Mobile Cloud Internet/Intranet Client Server Mainframe
    3. 3. ‘IT’ is About Continuous Delivery of Applications Continuous Delivery Develop Test Stage Monitoring and Feedback Loop Improved Productivity Error Reduction Visibility Deploy
    4. 4. Application Delivery – Lots of Players and Moving Parts Input People, Process Source Code Build Automation Repository – war, jar, rb, ear, dll, aspx, N-Tier Application Load Balancer web Configuration Parameters app db web app db web Infrastructure Automation Continuous Delivery & Continuous Operations db web CFEngine app app db Middleware Release Automation Flow Dev Infrastructure Automation Requirements Test Stage Prod
    5. 5. A Different Approach to Automation is Called For Continuous delivery requires continuous automation ... not power-assisted intervention
    6. 6. Architected for speed, security and Web Scale 1. Define Desired State 2. Ensure Defined State Design Center PolicyServer CFDB 3. Verify Actual State CFE Agents Knowledge Center
    7. 7. CFEngine – IT Automation at Web-Scale History Technology Validation • • • • • • • • • 1993: Open Source project 2001: CFEngine version 2 2004: Promise Theory 2009: CFEngine version 3 2014: CFEngine version 3.6 Infrastructure Automation, Continuous Delivery Distributed, Lean, Secure architecture IT Automation at Web-Scale (size, agility) Community (Open source), Enterprise edition Market Validation Customer Validation • • • • >10 million servers 10,000 companies 100 countries Tens of thousands of servers (individual customer deployments)
    8. 8. JPMorgan Chase 2013 Hall of Innovation Winner CFEngine’s innovative technology has enabled JPMC to achieve global consistency of their dynamic JPMC Award 1.JPG configuration environment, resulting in cost savings, risk mitigation, efficiency and product differentiation and faster time to market. As the most strategic and scalable automation platform, CFEngine has made standardization easier to achieve, allowing systems to manage themselves and converge to their desired state Mike Ashworth, Chief Information Officer for J.P.Morgan Chase
    9. 9. Examples of CFEngine implementations Delivering a PaaS Solution • Provide completed automation from bare metal to the application layer • Delivering email-as-a-service, backup-as-a-service and managed services to more than 200k end customers • Expanding to application-release-as-a-service Application Release • 400 applications in production, each associated with CFEngine policy • Each application group handles its own application logic and dependencies (processes, config files, ..) • Integrates with homegrown “click and deploy” solution Creating an IaaS Platform • Highly automated with every change in CFEngine and version control • Achieve high SLA by implementing SW load balancing with CFE • > 1,000 servers per admin Server Automation at Scale • Tens of thousands of production servers running CFEngine ensuring desired state for heterogeneous environments • 500:1 server to admin ratio in tier 2, and 10,000:1 in tier 3
    10. 10. Supported Platforms
    11. 11. Infrastructure Automation at Web-scale CFEngine offers a programmatic approach to configuring infrastructure, which is different from most commercial configuration products. It offers a highly scalable approach, with a pull-based, distributed architecture. Laurie F. Wurster, Ronni J. Colville, Gartner Research Market Trends: ARA, DevOps and Mobile Device Management Ignite Configuration Management, 11/27/2013
    12. 12. Defining Next Generation Lean IT Operations “With CFEngine, I can define a new Software Defined Datacenter and offer IaaS and PaaS to my customers within 10 minutes” Mike Svoboda Lead Automation Engineer, LinkedIn
    13. 13. How LinkedIn Uses CFEngine Functions we have automated: • • • • • • • • Hardware failure detection Account administration Privilege escalation Software deployment O/S configuration management Process / service management Software deployment System monitoring “You never need to log into a machine to manage it”
    14. 14. Summary – CFEngine at LinkedIn Metric Before implementation of CFEngine at LinkedIn After implementation of CFEngine at LinkedIn Headcount 6 people supporting a few hundred machines 6 people supporting tens of thousands of machines Time spent Hours to build a single machine Build complete datacenters in minutes Productivity Hours spent collecting data before change, change itself causing outages Can focus on building infrastructure, team became proactive to fix future problems, not reactive / firefighting Ease of scaling server deployment Incredibly difficult to respond to change, low visibility into production Superior administration, rapid response to changing needs, complete system visibility
    15. 15. Demonstration Creating an IaaS Platform to enable self-service for application development teams Create multi-tier infrastructure with VMware vCloud • Load balancer • Web servers • Cache servers • Deploy a multi-tier application to the infrastructure
    16. 16. Demonstration File Integrity Monitoring and Reporting File Integrity Monitoring of Unix User Account Files • Create dynamic groups of servers based on the environment • Define files to monitor • Generate compliance reports on changes • Filter, export and schedule reports
    17. 17. Summary CFEngine Enterprise delivers IT Automation at Web-Scale Infrastructure Automation, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Operations using a model based approach that is secure, scalable, and agile and provides enterprise-wide visibility, while ensuring service levels and compliance.
    18. 18. Next Steps • Download and Try CFEngine Enterprise Today • Attend the follow-on Webinar – Getting Started with CFEngine Tuesday, Feb-18, 10am PST • Join the conversation on our community help forum!forum/help-cfengine